> Conversations with My Higher Self

Conversations with My Higher Self

Conversations with My Higher Self

Higher Dimensional or Nonphysical Beings view our reality in a purer and more accurate way. They see the essence of reality with a “Vibrational” perspective of it.

Nonphysical Beings see our physical universe “directly” at vibrational level of reality (seeing the code of the matrix).

“Observed reality” is just a vibrational interpretation based on our current mass belief. But Nonphysical Beings see a purer description of reality based on their level of perception. That is why their description is different from our “observed reality”.

“Imagine a one–way mirror. We can, from our non–corporeal and broader awareness, perceive you accurately and experience through you vibrationally, but you naturally have a harder time seeing us as we truly are.”
– Conversations with My Higher Self (A book channeling the same entity known as “Abraham Hicks”)

The whole world needs to read these descriptions of reality by Higher Dimensional Beings. We would all be able to see reality as it REALLY IS.

This is a wonderful book! Ken MacLean channels a group of beings that are eventually identified as the same entities that are channeled through Esther Hicks as “Abraham.”

Published in 2002, Dialogues – Conversations With My Higher Self is already being hailed as one of the great metaphysical classics.

Ken has agreed to have his book made freely available on Mind Reality for the benefit of readers across the globe.

Table of Contents

1. Definitions of Some Jargon Words

2. Introduction

3. Time and Higher dimensions

4. More on Time

5. More on Time, Part II

6. Science

7. Consciousness

8. The ‘Earth Plane’

9. The Law of Attraction vs. The Laws of Matter

10. More on The Law Of Attraction vs The Laws of Matter

11. Earth, the ‘Armpit of the Universe?’

12. Memory

13. Manifestation

14. Current Affairs in the U.S. (at the time of this writing, June 2002)

15. Resistance

16. Higher Self and Illness

17. The Black Plague (Transmission of Disease)

18. Altering Matter and Energy

19. Accessing a Stream of Thought

20. ‘Polar Shift’

21. The Nature of Reality

22. Universal Consciousness & Physically Focused Consciousness

23. Feeling Blue

24. The Operation of Universal Laws

25. The Nature of Consciousness

26. The Value and Purpose of Contrast

27. The Human Body

28. Objects

29. Manifestation

30. What Causes Manifestation?

31. The Creation of Consciousness? Or, The Ultimate Answer

32. Incarnation and Death

33. More on Memory

34. Beyond Awareness

35. Coming Into Awareness

36. How Can Thought Create the Universe?

37. Earth History Part II

38. The Leading Edge of Thought

39. The Design of Bodies

40. The Benefit of Difference

41. Astrology

42. Sex

43. One Consciousness

44. Playing Around (A Mischievous Dialogue)

45. Metaphysical Conclusions, so far, from the Dialogue

In 2005, he created a second volume of Dialogues which included more questions and answers that he had received since writing the first book.

Visit Ken’s website to get the “Conversations With My Higher Self” Full Ebook:
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Get the Physical Book of “Conversations with My Higher Self” at Amazon.com:
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I Highly Recommend that you get the Full Version either the Ebook or Physical Book, after reading PART 1 online for free. I purchased the full version myself!

“We see you for the magnificent being you truly are! What you see and sense are so real to you that it is not possible to perceive from a broader perspective you see! That’s the whole point of being physical –– you are completely and utterly immersed in your world. We tell you, however, that it is all just an interpretation from your orientation as a human being.”
– Conversations with My Higher Self (A book channeling the same entity known as “Abraham Hicks”)

“Dialogues – Conversations With My Higher Self” is copyrighted by Kenneth James Michael MacLean and is reproduced here with permission.