> The Black Plague (Transmission of Disease)

The Black Plague (Transmission of Disease)

The Black Plague (Transmission of Disease)

Session 61

I want to talk more about the transmission of disease. I have recently read two books set in the time of the Black Plague, a horrible disease that was spread from bacteria contained in the fleas of infected rats, and by airborne droplets from the mouths and lungs of infected persons. Any who were infected died an inexorable, excruciating and swift death. You have said that all disease comes from the blocking of life force energy, and you also remarked that the flu was just a strongly agreed upon thought stream; but this makes no sense when we are talking about a virulent disease like the Plague, which literally destroyed entire towns, indiscriminately killing all inhabitants. How does the ‘all disease is thought’ explanation fit in with a clearly biological transmission such as plague?

We see you are very concerned that all of our explanations have been completely wrong, but we assert again that the Plague, like the flu we talked about earlier, was a very strongly held stream of thought which became active within all of the populations who were affected.

No way. There was a physical disease transmitted by infected fleas, and thought had nothing to do with it. You are saying that somehow there was a mass hallucination and people just died of that hallucination.

Yes, essentially this is what we are saying!

That’s nutty! How????

Actually, the disease you call plague was better explained by those who claimed it was caused by demons or spirits! All things are caused by conscious intent. Depending upon the thought stream of the disease, it finds appropriate physical vehicles for its manifestation. Yes of course there were obvious physical cause and effect relationships, but the true cause of the physical manifestations was a very powerful and virulent stream of thought.

Despite the explanations of science that illness is CAUSED by viruses, or germs, or some physical cellular conglomeration, the cause is the thought stream associated with the virus or the germ which directs the physical, cellular growth pattern of the virus or germ or intruder. Then when everyone agrees that the disease is manifested in a particular way there is more thought attached to it, which amplifies further the consciousness or thought stream associated with the disease, which causes it to be more powerful within the consciousness of those affected or about to be affected, etc. Eventually the disease runs its course when humans decide that they have had enough of it!

Disease starts from a feeling of unworthiness. We assure you, a confident population is a healthy population!

A virus is nothing more than a thought stream to which much attention has been given; it has been honed and clarified and agreement reached upon it. Then that thought stream is launched, as it were, out into the broader world where it is broadly agreed upon, amplified, and further clarified; the consciousness within the biology of the invader, being interrelated with the consciousness of the human, responds accordingly and so disease and illness manifests within the body. As per our discussion above, the vibrational pattern of the thought stream is mirrored in the cellular structure of the virus or disease or whatever is the active agent of the illness. The mistake that is made is to assign cause to the biological manifestation, rather than to the thought stream which molds or directs the biology. We tell you without reservation that if you truly understood the power of your thought, you never would suffer unwillingly, ever again!!

In the worldwide flu pandemic of 1918–1919, between 20 and 40 million died, more than in the Great War. People who walked down the street would contract the disease and die within a matter of hours. This pandemic was a pandemic of thought and it spread with the speed of thought. At the end of WW I the thought stream of many millions was one of despair and shock that so many had died in the conflict. Upon this carrier wave the thought stream of ‘flu’ was able to piggyback.

Your message is certainly consistent!

Postscript and Comment

This session ended by my feeling very confident of their answer, but when I read it over, I am not so sure. All I will say about assertions of this kind is that THEY are very confident of their answers!

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