> Altering Matter and Energy

Altering Matter and Energy

Altering Matter and Energy

Session 15

Apropos of our discussion of consciousness being able to affect matter and energy: there’s a guy named Uri Geller who used to bend spoons.

Even though I know that a conscious being should be able to do this, I cannot. What makes Geller so special? How does one alter the physical laws in a local area of space/time?

It is not that difficult to explain, but much, much harder to do. The person you are talking about has convinced himself without the slightest counter–intention that it is possible to ‘bend’ the spoon. From our point of view, matter and energy is vibrational in nature, but to your physical senses it seems very solid. It is possible to alter the vibrational patterns of energy that compose the spoon, even from your physical vantage point, but it requires a fundamental vibrational shift of perception.

So the idea is that there must be a pure vibrational intent before this can happen.

That is correct. You see, most humans simply do not believe it is possible for them, and so it cannot happen for them.

Would it be possible for me to learn how to levitate the chair in my office?

It is quite possible.

OK then what would I have to do?

It’s not so much a matter of doing as it is a matter of believing! A belief is a thought or pattern of thought that is continually offered. It is a vibrational signal that is responded to by other energies in the environment around you. If you are able to offer that pattern of energies clearly, purely, and match the vibration of the thing you are trying to shift, you will then be able to ‘ask’ those energies to shift.

When the energies shift, the object is perceived in a new way. In essence, the vibrational pattern of the object is altered so that it is perceived in a new way.

How do I do that?

There would be much learning involved, but it might be fun for you. We can tell you that you cannot accomplish it by ‘mental effort.’ It must be done in a relaxed state, a state of complete knowing and clear intent. There can be no doubts or counter–intention in the vibrational signal.

It cannot be ‘serious’ work! It must be done in a relaxed, lighthearted manner. Essentially you are getting the energies that form the object to ‘relax’ and then molding them differently, somewhat similar to the glass blower who first softens the glass, then re-works it. We cannot tell you any more than that! If you want to do this, you will have to figure out the rest for yourself.

OK, but is there any more difficulty with a small object than a larger one?

The difficulty will lie in your thoughts and beliefs concerning it. If you believe that a larger object will be more difficult, then it will. Also you must take into account the thought forms which have attached themselves to the object. These play a part in the unlocking of the energy signature of the object. All we can say is, have fun!

You will be bucking a very big current of thought upon your planet that says it is impossible, so you must clear out a very clear ‘thought space’ in the vicinity of the object. That is our only hint.

We do not think such a thing is of vital importance, however, as you may feel our lack of enthusiasm for the undertaking of such a project. It might be good for a parlor trick, but there are probably better ways, for you, of connecting to your source energy.

Yes, I feel that. It isn’t big deal, I was just curious. Wait, one more question. How was the Great Pyramid at Giza constructed? Not by thousands of slaves dragging 100 ton blocks across the desert, machining them to fine tolerances, and stacking them 480 feet high. We could not, today, construct that object with our technology (or only with great difficulty), and certainly our ancestors, with their primitive technology, could not.

The alteration of the physical matter of an object is something that was understood more fully by cultures that came before you. Your history is written in a box that says ‘all previous civilizations must have been like this one,’ but of course nothing could be further from the truth. All major civilizations that have ever existed upon your planet have been different, and will always be different. Variety is the spice of life!

Consciousness may affect matter and energy and the physical ‘laws’ which guide their behavior. Essentially there is a template of thought for each object that guides the formation of the object. When the object is formed from the potential, it is not separated from the potential, but manifests itself according to the thought template that surrounds it. In fact, the object itself IS thought. You cannot distinguish the object from the thoughts that compose it –– the object itself and the senses of the body that see and feel the object –– are both patterns of thought, interfacing with each other.

Perception itself is thought interfacing with compatible thought. This is obvious to us, because we see the vibrational nature of all things. The potential, the space of the object, and the object itself –– an interpreted stream of energy –– are all interconnected and interrelated. When scientists understand how this works they will have discovered the unified theory of matter and energy they all are looking for. But of course, this theory will, like any theory, be subject to change or modification depending upon the intent of conscious beings.

OK, thanks! I can tell you guys are getting bored…

Not our favorite subject! We prefer to talk about the exciting nature of living, creating, and experiencing in the physical platform. That is what you intended when you came here. The laws of matter are mutable, that is all that you need to know. With understanding of the Law of Attraction, no matter what the environment you may find joy and create a wonderful life for yourself!


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