> Occult Secrets of Justice, Retribution and Self Defence under Natural Law




Occult Secrets of Justice, Retribution and Self Defence under Natural Law

Occult Secrets of Justice, Retribution and Self Defence under Natural Law

When people have been wrongfully attacked or harmed, they naturally feel the need to revenge, to avenge, to punish, to get back at the other side.

This feeling is natural and right. Punishment is causing harm, suffering, pain and misery to the other side to make them experience pain, suffering and misery in return for the harm, suffering, pain and misery that they caused. This is for karmic balance, justice and fairness. It is a rebalancing of energetic imbalances.

The problem is that society has been wrongfully taught by government, religion and majority of corrupted spiritual paths that it is wrong to revenge, to get back, to return harm. And yet they have been taught by the very same groups of influence that it is right to do so through another party such as “Authority”, “Legal System”, “God”, “Karma”, “The Universe”, etc, and under another terminology such as “Justice”, “Legal Punishment”, “Divine Punishment”, “Karmic Retribution”.

This is why society exists in an extremely hypocritical state. They say it is wrong to do the very thing that is right to do, and then they do it in a different way that is unnatural and calling it different names that are misleading. A society that is based on truth will call something to be what it is and do it the way it is meant to.

The reason why people naturally feel the need to revenge, to avenge, to get back, to fight back, to return harm is because it is an action to protect oneself from psychological harm and trauma by reversing the action done upon them back to sender. It is an action that says to the perpetrator “I am returning this shit to you, you eat your own shit, you taste your own medicine, you get to feel how you made me feel until you are able to empathize not to cause this feeling to me.”

People have been wrongfully taught to think that revenging and avenging creates a cycle that is never-ending because it can keep going back and forth. But that is not true because it ends where it starts. Who started the harm is what matters, in fact it is all that matters. The root cause is what people should focus upon. The reaction, the retaliation, the chain reaction is all caused by the original harm being done and investigation into that should be the focal point of everything.

When the culprit retaliates against the retaliation, then the attacks and counter attacks can go back and forth which is completely natural and necessary until it all balances out with the wrongs being made right in order for the cycle to rightfully come to a resolution and ending. This is for karmic balance and equilibrium.
Insufficient retaliation against evil would naturally make one feel like continuing to counterattack until karmic balance is achieved.
Excessive retaliation would lead to new harm being done which will naturally provoke the other side to rightfully counterattack until karmic balance is achieved.

This is how all fights, quarrels, arguments, conflicts, debates, disagreements are meant to happen and should not be suppressed by government, religion, false light spirituality and nosy people who have no right to judge when they do not understand the situation because they are not naturally involved or informed.

Retaliation can be done through different means such as legal, religious, spiritual or magical, physical.

Legal retaliation is in the form of prosecution or litigation.
Religious retaliation is in the form of imprecatory prayer or calling down divine judgment.
Spiritual retaliation is in the form of believing in karma and therefore creating karmic retribution with the mind.
Magical retaliation is in the form of black magic, sending curses, psychic attacks, negative thoughtforms and negative energy.
Physical retaliation is in the form of using verbal attacks, swearing at the other, using physical force through physical means.

All forms of retaliation are acceptable depending on the situation and it is completely acceptable to use one form of retaliation to retaliate against a different form of harm. For example, a person who is being heavily abused by another person and is unable to retaliate sufficiently through verbal means because they are mute or have difficulty speaking may retaliate by physically pushing the other person away or even punching them out of distress. This is completely natural.

A person who does not want to use legal means of retaliation because the process is too slow, too vexing, too troublesome, and are also unwilling to use religious means of retaliation because they have realized that system of belief to be deceptive, may retaliate by using black magic, sending curses, using psychic attacks because this is a more natural way in using the power of consciousness to reestablish karmic equilibrium against those causing harm to them.

When a person is able to fulfil their need for retaliation through one of the means, they do not have to do it through the other means.
What happens when a person is unable to fulfil their natural need for retaliation when suffering from undeserved harm and wrongdoing is that they end up feeling powerless, feeling like victim, and they either consciously or subconsciously go around victimizing and abusing others, or they suicide just like people who have been unjustly bullied suicide because it is a natural impulse to refuse living in a state of existence that is without dignity and justice to oneself.

The ability to defend oneself from psychological harm and trauma by returning harm and bullying back those who bullied first, is power, justice, fairness, balance.

Natural feelings, natural reactions, natural responses, natural impulses come from Natural Law, also known as Moral Law, Cosmic Law, Universal Law, Nature.

Natural Law is the most occulted of all occult laws in the universe by the dark occult controllers who seek to enslave our world. If the world learns Natural Law, it will be the solution to all problems, it will cause rapid spiritual evolution and ascension, it will bring true enlightenment and illumination, it will bring life and liberty.