> Higher Self and Illness

Higher Self and Illness

Higher Self and Illness

Session 14

You have spoken about the physical and the non–physical –– that part of Self that is not focused in the body, but which has a broader awareness. The problem for physical beings is that we are so immersed in the physical that it isn’t immediately obvious what the ‘Higher Self’ is, and how to tap into it. Does the ‘Higher Self’ have the same personality as we do? Or are we a completely independent physical expression?

The ‘higher self’ IS you –– it is just the you that is not recognizable when you are not fully conscious. How can you tell when you are fully conscious? By how you feel! When you feel wonderful, you are experiencing more of yourself. The better you feel, the more conscious of YOU you are!

Compare a beam of sunlight to the light surrounding it –– it is the same light! The water that has evaporated from the ocean and now resides in the clouds, and will eventually touch the ocean again – it is all the same thing.

OK, that answer was pretty useless! I want to know what the difference is between me, now, that I am aware of, and this so-called ‘higher self’ or ‘non-physical’ aspect of me that is somehow connected purely to source energy.

There is no difference. Whenever you condemn, criticize, or otherwise resist life experience you cut off the flow of life force energy, and your awareness and feeling of this ‘other’ part of you.

It is possible for a physical human to become completely aware of the Higher Self, but it requires a complete releasing of resistant thought. That is what the human known as the Buddha accomplished.

We assure you, the only difference between experiencing in physical and in non–physical is that in physical you hold onto vibrations that are incompatible and in disharmony with the awareness of the fullness of Self. (Did you get that? That was very good!)

Then you feel the rotten vibrations (that you are creating and holding within yourself in every moment) and you say: ‘Oh, isn’t life tough’! And we say, ‘boy, it sure is!’

Just look at all the work you are doing, creating and holding

on to vibrations that you do not like! You place some over here in your energy field, some over there, some in front of your solar plexus, some around different areas of the body, blocking off the flow of life force energy to that part, then you say ‘Oh! I am sick! How did that happen! It must have been that cold going around’ and we say, there is no source of cold virus going around. You are simply placing in your energy field, and holding onto vibrations that have frequencies much different than the frequencies you feel when you feel good.

Hmmm, there is no source of cold, eh? I can guarantee you that if someone injected you with the Ebola virus, you’d die pretty quickly. And I’ll bet there are injections you can get that will cause the body to demonstrate the symptoms of cold. If there is no flu virus, for example, then why do so many people get it?

Well, ask yourself, how come you went 7 years without any sickness? There is flu and cold all around you, why did you not catch anything?

OK, but that doesn’t change the fact that there IS a source of flu and cold virus out there; it just means I am not a vibrational match to them anymore. You seem to be saying there is no actual physical cause for any disease, and I think that is just ridiculous.

Does it matter, really, whether there is a source of disease if you have the choice whether to experience it or not? Here is our answer: There is no SOURCE of disease, the disease is a symptom of the blocking off of life force energy. When you get the ‘flu’ you do not receive germs or viruses into the body, you go into agreement with the VERY powerful thought stream in mass consciousness of the flu. There is an incredibly complex and powerful template of thought associated with this illness: when the ‘flu virus’ hits, there is widespread agreement that certain manifestations will result, and those manifestations are well documented and very alive in the stream of thought connected with ‘flu.’

You are saying that ‘flu’ is simply the result of going with a thought stream? Are you joking?

We are not joking! This thought stream (especially the one connected with ‘flu’) is more powerful than you can imagine.

Consciousness, as you point out in your essays, created the universe and can modify what is in it. When the ‘flu’ goes around everyone seems to get it, and then when flu season is over, the incidence of it goes down dramatically.

Yes, but I remember the time I got the flu in the middle of summer. How could my body become infected unless there was a source of it floating around somewhere?

This ‘flu’ you received was a disconnect from source energy. If you recall what was in your experience at that time, you will remember there were many self–critical thoughts, among them, an unworthy feeling connected with money and work. The ‘flu’ was the dominant thought stream in your consciousness regarding illness at the time, and so the ‘flu’ manifested that way in the cells of your body because it was a match to how you were feeling and thinking at the time. You will recall that your symptoms were mild and did not last long, because the activated vibration was not so powerful.

Well I don’t remember that, I’ll take your word on it. But I don’t accept that there is no such thing as a virus. They magnify them in microscopes and when they are injected into lab animals, all sorts of horrible effects occur.

We are not saying that that there is no such thing as the cellular mass which manifests and is called ‘virus.’ But the manifestation of that virus is brought about solely by the consciousness directing the cellular mass of the virus, and the thought stream of all of those exposed to the virus. The harmful effects caused by the virus are a perfect match to the thought stream of the virus and to the thoughts of those who are vibrationally resonating to the virus.

Look at what happens in those cases. First, the predominant vibration within the consciousness of the experimenter is concerned with disease or illness. Then the lab animal volunteers to be a part of the experiment, in a co–creative fashion. All concerned are agreeing that there is going to be sickness present in the lab animal. This knowing is very powerful because it has been offered over and over again so many times that there is complete certainty that something bad will result. Tissue from an ‘infected’ animal or from a culture is injected with results corresponding to the co–creation of all concerned.

So you’re saying that if the harmful virus was injected into the animal with the intention of all concerned that beneficial results would occur, that nothing bad would happen?

You are forgetting that the cells of the virus are also conscious. If the cells of the injected material were to change consciousness form one of ‘I am a killer’ to one of ‘I am a healer’ and if the experimenter and animal were both in agreement with that, then yes, different results would be obtained.

OK, this is getting too weird for me. I am feeling uncomfortable with this. How is the consciousness of the virus going to change? The virus IS what it is, you have said, because of its consciousness, which determines its cellular structure and its function when it enters the body.

Now you are beginning to see. The virus is manifested because of the thought stream of all concerned, do you see? When the thought stream is changed, then the cellular structure changes.

The virus mutates into something unharmful because the thought stream changes from one of sickness and disease to one of well–being. This is simply a manifestation of the effect of consciousness on matter and energy, which you like so much to point out in your essays. There have been many documented cases in your medical profession of tumors and illness simply transforming and full health restored to the patient. That is how it happens. You see, that is how disease manifests in the body and that is how release–from–disease occurs and that is how health occurs: it’s all about the allowance or dis-allowance of life force energy, and vibrational matching.

Holy moly. I sort of see it. I don’t know how you do it, but you manage to ‘spin’ all attempts at logical reasoning into something positive, every time.

(Laughs) Well, as always happens in these conversations, we just point out the inherently positive nature of the universe, consciousness, and life!

In your essays you are on the right track, but we do not think you really believe in everything you say. We think you still have some underlying thought and belief that pull you away from your own well–being.

OK, we/I got off the subject, I’m glad you brought me back around to it. We were talking about the ‘higher self’ and how physical beings can connect with it.

The best way to do this is think happy thoughts, reach for good feelings and focus upon what is wanted. Remember, you are creating and holding all unwanted vibrations within your field of consciousness. These block you off from feeling the pure positive energy of your full self. You do not have to DO anything to feel the energy of your higher self, it is there all of the time.

Wow. I guess I am satisfied for now, but I am going to read over this because it just seems to good to be true, or something… I don’t know…

We love you! We are done for now.

(Wow, that’s it I guess. I got a big surge of love energy and then like the Cheshire Cat, whose smile lingered on after it disappeared, I still feel a fuzzy good feeling within my entire being…)

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