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Session 13

Your energy and your replies are uniformly positive. You refuse utterly to have anything to do with a negative thought. I keep waiting for you to explain why things are so bad and you always say, in so many words, that the inherent nature of the universe is positive and joyful. This seems a little biased and one–sided to me.

(Laughs) Of course! We never go where you like to go, into disconnection. We are, as humans like to say, ‘there for you.’ We are always here in our vibration of joy and well–being, for in that way we can hold the higher vibrations for you to access. The universe is positive and benign (smiles); there is nowhere in the universe a source of negativity. You may choose to believe and feel as negative as you please but we will never go there with you!

OK, so you don’t go there because that is not the nature of reality.

Well, reality is whatever you create for yourself! But we choose not to create for ourselves a place of bad feeling. We always choose love, beauty, excitement, joy, anything that feels good, because feeling good is the inherent, natural state for any native state entity.

I’m starting to get it. It is possible to create for ourselves a life of joy, or of pain. It’s up to us.

Yes! It is easy to create a life of joy and a lot of hard work to create a life of misery. That is because pain and misery is a resistance to the natural flow of life force energy (do you feel it? yes!) and in order to create pain and misery continuously, you must continually resist. In other words, you create the vibration (feeling) of pain and misery in every moment, in opposition to the natural flow of benign source energy. We understand why you do this! There are so many things in the world that you would not in a million years wish to experience; and so, in an attempt to ensure that none of it comes into your experience, you begin to fight against it.

The ‘War on Poverty,’ the ‘War on Drugs,’ and the ‘War on Terrorism’ are just a few examples of the attempt to change something by resisting it; but what always happens is that the more you resist something not wanted, the more attention you give to it, and the more it comes into your experience; this is the Law of Attraction at work.

To feel wonderful, all you have to do is receive! Just open up, allow, and receive bliss! In order to experience pain and misery you must at every moment set up a vibration in opposition to that which is not wanted, cutting off the flow of life force energy. And it is a lot of work! Just think about it for a moment.

For every bad feeling you place a resistant vibration towards some life experience. If you have 10 things you worry about, you are consciously creating at least 10 vibrations in opposition to something in your life. That is the only way bad feelings are ever created! You are doing it –– there is no outside evil force imposing itself into your experience. This is sometimes hard to accept because no one wants to hear that he or she is fully empowered and has decided to feel rotten anyway. Each blessed one knows he or she would never want that!

Why do you do this? Because you believe you have to!

Because you believe that in order to feel good it is first necessary to struggle and suffer. If it is too easy, you say it is not worthwhile! While it certainly does feel wonderful when your battle is over and you can relax again, but it is not necessary to experience pain in order to achieve joy. The two are opposite vibrations!

The more you focus on things that make you feel bad, the worse you will feel. The more you focus on things that make you feel good, the better and better you will feel. It is really simple! You are always in control of your vibration and your life experience. If you ponder this for a while and actually start to apply it in your life, you will find out how empowering it is. You will become more and more the person you know, deep down inside, that you really want to be.

But why would anyone want to do that (resist the positive)?

(Laughing). Ask yourself! You have been pretty good at it, haven’t you? You called yourself a noted authority upon the subject! It is only very recently that you have been able to let go of your resistance and experience more joyfully.

It is hard to feel bad, it is easy to feel good. That’s all you have to remember.

It takes action in opposition to the inherent nature of the universe to feel bad; all that is necessary to feel good is to let it in!

OK, it takes me a while but I’m getting it. There is never any need to feel bad about anything.

Worrying about something activates that in your vibration; the universe, by the law of ‘like attracts like’ immediately begins responding, so if you want more of what you are worrying about to manifest, keep on worrying!

What you pay attention to will eventually come to you. That is just a basic law of the universe.

OK. thanks!

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