> Current Affairs in the U.S. (at the time of this writing, June 2002)

Current Affairs in the U.S. (at the time of this writing, June 2002)

Current Affairs in the U.S. (at the time of this writing, June 2002)

Session 12

What happens if the current political climate in the United States takes a turn for the worse? By that I mean, what if those in power who are determined to impose their will somehow manage to set up a police state, or a dictatorship? It seems to me that we are leaning in that direction.

Now let’s say I, in my positive la–la–land, envision myself in a world of freedom surrounded by wealth and abundance, prosperity and happiness; in short, a world which is just the opposite, and which seems more and more to be the agreement of the majority of people in this country.

My question is, how can my world coexist with that other world?

As long as you allow these things into your vibration, then they have a chance of manifesting for you. It is just that simple.

OK I know that, you know I know that, but you also know that the situation I have described above is very possible. You don’t disagree with that, do you?

We see that there are many on your planet creating different scenarios, in complete accordance with free will. There are some who are more disconnected than others. There is no battle of good and evil, however, as you seem to suggest.

Yes, but what can we do about those who are advancing their negative agendas?

Well, we ask you, what can you do to ‘stop’ this scenario from coming about? Can you go out with guns and resist the ‘oppressors?’ You know what happens then: what you resist persists. If you want to guarantee more energy to those whom you call the ‘global elite,’ or the ‘authorities,’ keep on thinking and acting in this manner!

You see, the only way you can guarantee what you want for yourself is to keep your vibration purely on what it is you want. When you finally understand that you will be free. What appears in your life experience is solely and only a function of your thoughts and beliefs. Otherwise, others could create in your experience and that simply cannot happen. Others creating in your experience is a violation of universal law. The universe is set up so that each and every one may receive what is wanted no matter what the others are doing.

OK, but what if society falls apart, like it did during the Great Depression in the 1930’s? Unlike you, we live in the physical universe, and in order to receive something, other humans must interact and be a part of the process. Objects don’t just materialize out of thin air. In order for there to be food in the stores, for example, humans must plant the seeds and other humans must work hard to grow the food and harvest it and other humans must transport it and other humans must build stores and other humans must place the food in the stores, etc., you get what I mean. All of this doesn’t just happen by magic!!! So if the masses of humanity in my country choose and manifest a negative society, and I am, by virtue of my being in a physical body and therefore necessarily interfacing with the common reality, how am I supposed to manifest my vision of my reality when it conflicts with the mass reality?

You have asked a good question, but we respond to you by identifying those vibrations and feelings within you that are focusing on the unwanted reality you have described to us. Those feelings, thoughts and beliefs are what will tie you to the ‘mass reality,’ as you call it! That, and only that, would be the reason you found yourself in a reality not to your liking.

Wow. You guys are sure stubborn! You continue to insist on ‘you create your own reality’ even when it flies in the face of reason.

Well, the reason, as you call it, which describes the inevitability of the dark society you are afraid of is what the universe will respond to in your vibration. We assure you that there are many more like you in the world than you have any idea of. There are millions upon millions who do not believe in darkness, and the ones who do believe are simply disconnected. Their disconnection does not give them power; your attention to them grants them power! The natural condition for any being is connection to source energy. Source energy is positive, abundant and joyful. So those ‘black’ people, as you call them, are bucking a very strong current, the current of the energy of the universe!

There is no source of evil! That is what we have been saying to you for years. Life is a win–win situation. People receive what they are focused upon. Your thoughts and beliefs precisely establish the content of your vibration, to which all things in the universe respond. Those who choose to focus in a disconnected way will live lives of disconnection. Those who are focused in a positive way will live lives in a positive condition, connected to the flow of universal energy. The parameters of your existence may change if others change; but it will still be a positive existence IF you keep your focus on what you want! It is simply up to you what you choose; the universe has the capacity to respond. You may live exactly as you choose to live. That’s the wonderful thing about this universe –– the desires of everyone may be satisfied.

When you truly understand this you will never again worry about what others are doing. You are the molder, the inviter, of your own experience..

Wow. OK, I am getting a positive, utterly confident flow of energy from you again. So it doesn’t matter how much garbage is out there, we are truly free to live exactly the way we choose, even if 99% of humankind choose to live totally opposite? You see, that’s the part I still don’t get. If 5.999 billion decide to live cut off from source energy, how can I live the life I have told you about, a life where I am free to go anywhere and be prosperous and abundant? The nature of physical existence forces me to interface with all of the others.

Your scenario is an imbalanced one! There will never be a scenario in which 5.999 billion, or any number close to that, experience this darkness you speak of. The universe, and consciousness itself, is based on well–being. For every desire for abundance and connection there is a matching desire. The universe is in balance, and has always been in balance. That is why it is so well–ordered and why it has continued to exist in a stable form.

Everywhere in the universe there is matching of desire. For those who wish chaos and disconnection there is matching desire, and persons who want to play that way. And for you, there is matching desire for connection. We want to say to you that you cannot lose, you are always and will always receive a precise vibrational match to your desires no matter whether you are a physically focused consciousness in a body, or whether you are completely in ‘non–physical.’ Whatever you choose as your place of vibration (thought, belief, and feeling) you will have a matching experience. That is just the way it is! If you choose abundance and prosperity you can experience it, in whatever form you envision.

Even if the disconnected ones start WWIII and drop hydrogen bombs everywhere? I don’t care where you are on the planet’s surface or how much abundance and prosperity you are claiming, that radiation is going to kill you.

Yes, and so it might. Then you will transition back to source energy!

Yes, and what you have said about experiencing prosperity and abundance in the physical format is so much horse manure!

You will only experience WWIII if it is somewhere within your vibration! We assure you that you would never experience WWIII if you chose otherwise! Do you see? Because you have focused on WWIII you are creating the possibility of it and the potential of it for yourself, and activating the vibration of that possibility for others to pick up on. You become a broadcasting tower for your worst fears, and enable them! And so does every human who focuses there. All humans are creating their own experience, both individually and collectively. If you do not wish to experience WWIII, you will not experience it, as long as your vibration is pure. If it is not, if you admit the possibility of it, then there is a chance to experience it. That is true for every one of your fellow creators. The same principle applies to anything you do not desire, whether it is very large or very small.

As we have said over and over, you are the molder of your own experiences! You are in charge, you are the writer and director of your own life.

Our message is 100% empowering because that is the way the universe is set up. You are focused consciousness, an aspect or extension of universal consciousness, which created and designed the universe.

We want you to know that the set–up for all life experience is a win–win. There is no lose; unless, of course, you want to experience that way.

You see, God is not somewhere up there in the sky with a blackboard marking down whether you are doing good or bad. There is no ‘superior force’ that has it all down, who knows everything and who can tell you just what is the best thing to think, feel, or do. We, as collective consciousness, are writing our script as we go along. The whole ‘play’ is set up so that you can experience anything you would like. If you happen to get so disconnected that you ‘die’ (there is no death) then you simply unfocus from the body and transition back to your broader awareness.

OK I get it. I keep saying that, then I keep asking the same negative questions, and you keep responding with the same answers. I don’t know why I keep going back into that negative stuff, just a habit of mine, I guess!

So, we are creating our life experience and nothing can happen to us unless we have chosen to resonate with it.

Yes! Lighten up! Life is not supposed to be ‘serious,’ at least that was not what you intended before you came here. As you lighten up and relax into your connection you will find (as you have found) that life becomes simpler and more joyful and more exciting!

Whew! Thank you.

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