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Session 11

Let’s look at the glass sitting on my desk. Does the glass have an independent existence, so that anyone in any dimension could perceive it as a glass, or is it just something we can see from our own physical human perspective?

Is there a gradient of energy that gets denser and denser until the object manifests? By that I mean, if objects are vibrational in nature, then there may be an inherent ‘fuzziness,’ or zone of chaos, at the borders of the object, somewhat like magnifying a sharply defined letter on a piece of paper and discovering that it is not so sharply defined after all. Or is the glass only just what we see, a clearly defined object that precisely occupies the space it’s in?

Well, you have asked many questions again. The glass that you ‘see’ in front of you is based upon your interpretation of an energy stream. This energy stream has been summoned by you out of the potential and you interpret it in a precisely defined way, so that if any of you turn your eyes toward this collection of energy, you see a ‘glass.’

The glass has an independent existence only if you mean that every human who turns eyes toward it sees a glass.

The vibrational fuzziness you speak of is again dependent on the sensors of the perceiver. When you magnify a fractal there are self–similar patterns that repeat themselves no matter how far you take the process. However, do you claim that the 10x magnification is the true reality? Or the 100x magnification? Or the billionth magnification? Reality is determined by perception and perception is a vibrational interpretation.

So what we perceive around us is just an interpretation of a … what? Deeper reality?

An energy soup of vibrational content, containing a potentially infinite number of vibrations.

Is this ‘energy soup’ virtual, or does it have mass?

All virtual means is that you cannot perceive it! You say, ‘the potential must be virtual, because I am not aware of all of the thought, all of the vibrational energy of everything in the universe.’ Or ‘this thing I know has mass, and therefore reality, because I can perceive it, feel it, touch it.’

What is ‘real’ depends upon the consciousness and the vibrational sensors of the perceiver. It is not possible to say that something exists for everyone, or does not exist! It is all a matter of interpretation, and conscious intent. You may draw anything out of the potential you would like and perceive it in any way you would like. Of course, being in human form there are limitations to what you are going to be able to perceive. Therefore, you invent terms like virtual and real to describe things that you cannot perceive and things you can perceive.

The glass that sits before you looks like a glass when you turn your eyes toward it, but to another consciousness whose sensors are tuned to a different vibratory frequencies, the stream of energy that forms the glass may be something entirely different.

We are telling you what is ‘real’ to us from our vantage point, which is more extensive than yours.

You have said before that on earth we are on the ‘leading edge’ of thought. What does that mean?

By this we mean that your perception is narrowed to a place where there are only a very few patterns (bandwidth of vibrations) of the all–that–is perceivable to your senses. You have the ability to open up to source energy, of course, and feel as wonderful as any other conscious being at any level; even more so, because of how intensely you experience here. Earth is on the leading edge of thought because here there is less awareness of all-that-is. New avenues of thought are considered, because all of you are so uniquely individual and consciously separated from each other.

OK, but there must be lots of other intelligent, physical life forms out there in the universe. There is nothing special about earth as opposed to any other planet, is there?

On Earth there are certain physical laws and behavior patterns that have been brought forth out of the potential as a result of the species mass consciousness. For the past several thousands of years, after the destruction of the last major great civilization upon your planet, there has been a greater feeling of separation and conflict among the human species which has led to the development of a civilization based upon the concepts of scarcity and lack. The reasons for this are too complicated to go into right now.

The earth environment has gradually evolved following the intentions of all species that have lived here (the consciousness of the dinosaur species, for example has moved on, as well as many others). As we said before, consciousness has the ability to modify matter and energy and even the physical laws in a local area of space/time. Other planets or sectors of the universe have different cultures and abilities, depending upon the individual and group consciousness of the physical beings there. Let us say that there is more diversity and contrast upon your little world than upon any other we know.

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