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Session 10

What are memories?

Memories are the accumulated recordings of your resistance to experience.

Huh? You mean the only recordings we have are of things we have resisted?

Yes. When you are totally enjoying an experience there is no recording of anything in your energy field.There is a saying you have : ‘what you resist, persists.’ It does not persist unless you resist it!

Whoa there. So you are saying that there is no remembrance of anything that is not negative? That’s absurd!

We are saying that there is a consciousness of the experiences one has had, on a very minute level indeed. But there is no storage of the experience in your energy field unless there is resistance. Do you see what we are getting at?

A conscious memory of everything that has ever happened to you is available to you at any time. But the recording is only of resistant thought or vibration.

So a memory is a recording of resistance to an experience, but there is no memory of a non-resistant experience? How does one recall non– resistant experiences?

The non–resisted experience is one of pure joy. It immediately enters into universal knowledge as a vibrational impression upon the consciousness.

However, all discomfort contains vibrations that are incompatible with the very high vibrations of consciousness. You just drag this stuff around with you, like the encumbered ghost in the Christmas movie with his chains and weights. You may release any and all of this stuff by simply letting go of the resistance to it, in the now moment. In other words, negative emotion is never recorded! It is a phantom, an illusion, even though you feel it very strongly sometimes! When you return to native state you discard these patterns of resistance like a sweaty runner diving into a crystal clear lake.

Yes but you just said there is no negative energy. So what happens to all of this junk when you transition? It just hangs around! So there IS negative energy!

When you transition, you merge again with the energy of source. When this happens, all resistance to ANYTHING disappears. So to does any ‘negative energy.’ That is because there is no source of negativity, only a resistance to the light.

Do you understand?

I’m beginning to. You are saying that the accumulated recording of ‘negative vibration’ throughout the life is automatically erased upon transition out of the body?

What we are saying is that ‘negative energy’ is simply a continued resistance to something. When that resistance is gone, there is no more ‘negative energy.’

What about the trapped energy in karmic incidents? And in traumatic incidents? If you add all of that up, that’s a lot of negative energy!

OK, let us say it this way: All experiences that you perceive negatively are vibrations that you hold activated within you, right now, in the present. In other words, the negative feelings are your own energy of resistance to the experience. When you transition, you simply release all of that resistance! Therefore, all of the ‘negative energy’ vanishes, because it was being created by you and held there by you while you were incarnated in the body, in every moment of your now. We assure you that once you re–member the feeling of source (indescribable feelings of joy), you throw that excess and unwanted baggage quickly away. In other words, you no longer feel the need to hold onto old grudges, pains, or judgments about yourself and others. The energy of source is indescribably delicious! When exposed to it there is a complete and utter feeling of joy and well–being!!

After transitioning there is a complete imprint of the life experience, from beginning to end, but without any of the ‘negativity.’ Therefore, there is no continuation of negative energy. There is no karma. All of the experiences of the life are resolved instantly upon transition back to source energy. It is impossible for a being in Native State to carry karma, bad vibes, sickness, or anything negative from life to life. The two are utterly incompatible. When the light shines, it automatically eliminates the darkness.

Wow! That really makes sense! So an astral plane where trapped beings exist in negative circumstances is a myth?

It is a result of human disconnection, that is all. When you feel connected to source, is there even a hint of negativity or bad feeling within you?

No, I have to say you are right. When I feel connected I just feel wonderful, period.

Yes! Now multiply that by a million and you know what it feels like where we are!!

Well then, that brings up the same old question: why would anyone in his right mind come here knowing that the probability for disconnection is about 99.999%? There must be some sort of ‘save the universe’ scenario going on, otherwise it is pointless to come to earth and suffer. Why not just spend all your time in bliss?

Well, you are trying to separate the consciousness while in physical and the broader, universal consciousness. A fellow human by the name of Neale Donald Walsch said it wonderfully in one of his books. He said that all lives are being led now because all incarnated physical beings are aspects of the universal consciousness of God. Even though each has a focused identity and personality, each knows and feels and IS the whole. So there is really no separation.

Why do you/we/us come to earth? To experience intensely! That is the long and the short of it. Yes, it feels wonderful in native state, but we assure you that there is nothing like the physical experience. It is just different in an amazing and wonderful way.

Part of the requirements for incarnation is a limiting of perception. We refer to this as focusing, as a magnifying glass concentrates the light into a point. Or perhaps, an amoeba as it extends a polyp toward a tiny organism.

While in physical you perceive from a very tiny, intensely focused point of consciousness. You give up a broader awareness and knowledge of all–that–is, and in return you have the opportunity to experience the joy of re-discovery as you remember your connection to source. This is supposed to be a joyful unfolding, but many of you have made it traumatic. That is all right, when you make your transition back to native state you come back to your natural place of complete bliss and understanding of self.


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