> Earth, the ‘Armpit of the Universe?’

Earth, the ‘Armpit of the Universe?’

Earth, the ‘Armpit of the Universe?’

Session 9

It has been said that earth is the ‘armpit of the universe;’ that all of the negativity from everywhere in the universe has been deposited here. Any truth in that?

Of course not. There is no ‘negative energy,’ only an absence of light. Resistance to the source energy of the universe results in a feeling of negativity, anger, depression, etc cetera, in other words, negative emotion. You cannot ‘bag up’ some ‘negative energy’ and cart it off, just like you cannot bag up darkness and throw it away. The darkness is just an absence of light. We know there are many who continue to insist upon a source of negative energy, and go through all sorts of rituals to try and get rid of it! That is OK, but it is unnecessary. Just do not resist the light and you will never have to worry about negativity.

The ‘armpit of the universe’ and ideas like it come about in order to explain resistance. When there is resistance to source energy, there are pockets of disease and lack of well–being. A source of evil or darkness or negativeness is then brought forth to explain these conditions, because no one in his or her right mind would wish that upon themselves.

Let’s say the doctor has found a weakness in the heart. You now have two choices. You can attribute this condition to a disease asserting itself, willy-nilly, into the heart. If you do so, and continue to worry and place your attention upon the unwanted condition, you will contribute powerfully to the vibration of it. The alternative is to believe strongly in one’s inherent well–being regardless of the diagnosis and begin to create health in the heart; thinking thoughts of well–being and taking actions that support the creation of health rather than fighting against illness. In the first case, one’s resistance to the natural state of health causes continued blockage of life force to the affected areas, and more illness results.

The belief in the inevitability of a negative result is a self– fulfilling prophecy. Both positive and negative conditions result from the choices that are made by conscious beings in every moment. In every moment the potential exists to completely change from a negative to a positive stream of thought, and therefore, to manifest the wanted condition. The default condition is always one of well being, not discomfort.


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