> More on The Law Of Attraction vs The Laws of Matter

More on The Law Of Attraction vs The Laws of Matter

More on The Law Of Attraction vs The Laws of Matter

Session 8

I would like a clearer explanation of why opposite charges attract in the microcosmic world of matter and energy, but the law of ‘like attracts like’ seems to apply in the area of human relationships. If both consciousness and matter are ultimately composed of thought, then there should be no contradiction. And a law can’t be universal if it works one way with electrons and protons and another way in life.

Look at the structure of your societies and your popular beliefs. Would you say that the dominating concept was one of harmony, love and abundance, or one of scarcity and conflict? The primary activated themes in your species mass consciousness –– the combined thought forms of all humans –– could be categorized as one of opposition and conflict (our favorite human scientific device is the ‘atom–smasher’). These concepts are simply reflected in the physical laws of matter in the area around your planet. In other words, what you draw forth from the potential and observe as physical laws regarding the interaction of matter and energy is a direct reflection of your consciousness, which is primarily one of opposing, not cooperating. If you were to walk down the street and tell everyone you loved them, what do you think would happen to you? You’d probably get socked!

These ideas of conflict and opposition in the human consciousness are reflected in the physical laws of matter that you observe. When your ideas change about these things, you will see a change in the way the physical laws of matter and energy are responding to you.

OK, I get the idea. I just find it hard to believe that we could actually alter the behavior of matter and energy and change the physical laws of nature by simply thinking a certain way.

Yes, we see that! In your case there is a stubborn vibration within you that says: ‘it cannot be right unless scientists agree with it. Scientists are smarter than I am and smarter than 99% of people on the planet, so if the consensus of science does not support an assertion, it cannot be true.’

What you fail to realize is that scientists are operating within the same universal laws as everyone else, and that most scientists are not aware of them. As we said before, the mindset of a scientist is usually, ‘it is not valid unless it is observed,’ which fails to realize that attention to something immediately biases the experiment energetically. Since this energy stream cannot be measured or observed, it is assumed that nothing is happening. But this is far from the truth. We gave an analogy earlier about the water coming through the garden hose. If what is postulated to be ‘true’ is not observed within a ‘reasonable’ length of time, or is not observed at all with the instruments presently available to science, it is said then not to exist or be demonstrable, therefore invalid. But the entire universe is designed so that the ‘stuff’ of the universe is responsive to consciousness! Therefore, continued focus on whatever is postulated will eventually bring it into existence. The ‘truth’ is not what is observed, but what is thought, felt, and believed by conscious beings, because conscious beings affect the conditions around them. That is the whole point of being in physical form! If the universe were merely running down according to some prearranged plan, and the function of beings was simply to observe and record, there would be no point to existence! Why design a universe and then not be able to alter the conditions in it? When you write a book you need to be able to edit and improve it before it is released. It would be maddening to have your first draft on a read–only document, would it not? In your nonphysical state you wanted to come to earth and experience the joy of creation in the physical universe, to use your creative ability to manifest, and to have fun!

OK I finally get it. I guess it really isn’t so hard to understand that physical laws can be changed merely by a consciousness shift. It was just drummed into me in science classes that the laws of matter and energy are fundamental and unbreakable.

That is understandable! But we want you to lighten up and have more fun. Individual humans can manifest what they want from the potential and together humans as a whole can completely change the conditions in which they live, if it is so desired. The universe is set up that way! The universe has been designed to respond to your desires. When this is truly realized you will then begin to live the way you intended to, before you incarnated into a physical body.

(smiles and a feeling of love here).

OK, enough on the science thing. I never thought I could gain clarity on that, but I believe I have now, at least the Big Picture view.

Any more questions?

Not tonight. Thanks!!!

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