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Incarnation and Death

Incarnation and Death

Session 27

You have said before that the same consciousness may focus into more than one physical body How does that work? ‘Personalities’ in non-physical must therefore be ‘greater’ than personalities in physical. You gave the analogy of an amoeba extending itself to absorb a particle, bit I didn’t really understand that. Does a non-physical being divide itself into ‘pieces’ or is it that just a part of itself focuses into each body?

Imagine that on a foggy morning you leave your windows open. When you return from work, the entire house is filled with a fine mist. You may say that the kitchen contains ‘kitchen mist’ and that the living room has ‘living room mist’ and the bedrooms have ‘bedroom mist,’ but it is all the same ‘stuff!’ At the same time, the mist IS experiencing a different environment depending upon where it is situated. Or perhaps you might imagine a pool of water. Now imagine some of the water in the pool flowing in separate streams into smaller basins. Is the water in the pool different from the water in the basins?

OK, I see. It’s just a flowing of consciousness from one place to the other.

Not even so much as that, as simply an extension of that which flowed. The extensions now get to experience completely differently, then when they unfocus from the body and return, there is a fuller, more expansive being as a result of the new experiences.

Ok, so the purpose of the extending is to experience from more and more different viewpoints. Is that how personalities develop?

Personalities develop by deciding to BE in a certain way. These different decisions to BE create a unique vibration, which is, of course, changing in every moment as new thought and new decisions come forth. As a being has new experiences, it makes new conclusions or preferences. The difference between personalities, both here and on earth, can be stated by asking the question, ‘What does [___] like?’ The process of changing being–ness and thought occurs both in physical and in non– physical personalities.

Non–physical personalities extend into physical bodies and experience further. The whole process is a continual expansion, new decisions about how to be and experience are made all the time, so there is constant changing, constant excitement! Oh, we in non-physical are eager to communicate with others and to experience for ourselves how they are changing, growing, and expanding! It is so much fun and sometimes we just overflow with zest, like the child who knows he is going to get a new bike and he sees something wrapped up in the garage and knows it is for him and he can’t wait to get in there and rip off the packaging! He is just BURSTING with anticipation and enthusiasm! That is how it feels like in non-physical.

Wow! I can feel that! I still don’t get what’s so special about earth. For most of us, our time here is spent in disconnection, or in boredom, or in just trying to ‘survive.’ Granted there are many who are creating in wonderful ways, but it seems that so many of us are leading lives of uninteresting monotony.

Oh, you have no idea how it is! Those who are living the furthest from their desires are asking, in the most powerful way, that things get better. Remember the beach ball in the swimming pool last summer. You held it underneath the water and then let it go, whereupon it exploded out of the water with a big splash. These intense bursts of desire impinge very strongly within the species consciousness, and are felt throughout the universe! Those who you pity as being stuck are in fact the most powerful creators of change.

That’s great for you guys in native state, but I feel sorry for the poor guy in that situation! Granted he is desiring very strongly that things should be better, but at the same time he is not in a position to allow it to come to him. Sounds to me like a lot of sacrificing and suffering of the individual to benefit the whole.

No, it is not like that at all…

Gotta disagree with you there — we are here in the frying pan and you are out there watching in comfort. We are directly experiencing, whereas you are only focusing into our lives when you desire.

Your point of view is similar to a social worker who goes into the life of someone having a bad time, then gets to leave at the end of the day to her nice house in the suburbs.

I can assure you, its no fun being the guy who is experiencing all of that, rockets of desire or no! There is something about the physical experience that you can never understand unless you are actually living it.

We understand what you are saying, but we want to tell you that you would not miss that experience for anything! This is something we really want you to get –– there is no such thing as losing –– you come to earth from a place of joy and you return to a place of joy and in between you have the opportunity to experience powerfully and deliciously while in your physical bodies. What you experience is up to you, but when you return (‘die’), you will experience the most intense, incredible, powerful, magnificent feeling that you have ever felt, all because of the fact that you were focused so intensely and resisting so strongly.

And we have to tell you, there are some who come to earth solely for the experience of returning to native state! The feeling is so delicious, you see! The more disconnected you are on earth, the more powerful the release. And when that release happens –– it is indescribable. It is –– powerfully awesome (words inadequate to express the feeling)! So there is no losing and that is why we celebrate with you when you are most disconnected –– because we know that every one of those powerful yucky experiences not only make the good times that much better, but also will make your transition so much more powerfully positive! Do you see what we are getting at?

Damn, Yes I get it. Every time I think I have you guys cold you come up with some twist to make it positive! I have to admit I can feel what you just said — your energy was so powerful there, I can’t wait almost to make my own transition!

Well not so fast there –– you still want to accomplish some things.

Right! But from our conversations about death I am feeling such a powerful positive energy I can never fear it.

Death is something to look forward to, and we mean that very sincerely.



After reviewing this session, I feel somehow that they ducked my question! What good does it do the guy who suffers to feel pain so that others may benefit?

The answer is that a person experiences and manifests precisely according to his or her choices. That is the long and the short of it. To humans it might seem brutal and unfair, but we assure you that free will and the law of ‘like attracts like’ operate everywhere in the universe, and apply to physical and non–physical beings alike!

Thank you. Seems pretty brutal.

It is NOT brutal! It is totally fair. Your choices have meaning and determine your experiences. This is the only way to make the playing field equal for ALL beings!

OK, I think I understand.

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