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Session 28

You said previously that ‘the non-resistant experience is an ‘impression’ upon the consciousness.’ How does consciousness store an impression of its experiences?

Consider the pool of water. When a stone is dropped in to the pool, it makes ‘ripples’ upon the surface of the water, which interact with each other. The deepness of the experience is expressed by the power of the ripples. When the ripples reflect back off the shore, they return and interface again with the ripples going out, creating a very complex pattern of vibration.

Yes but how is the experience stored so it can be remembered?

Obviously, once the ripples disappear, there is no way to retrieve that particular pattern so it can’t ever be remembered again.

You are assuming there is ‘storage’ when there is not. You see, you conceive of a static recording or database which can be reactivated upon request, by another signal. Remember our discussion on awareness –– there is no ‘time,’ or start point, or end point. Once the circle is completed, there is simply awareness forever and no conception of a ‘time’ where there was no awareness. The experience simply IS, ‘forever’ as consciousness reflects back on itself!

This is hard to conceive, since something which IS, like a memory, must occupy space in/on consciousness itself — how does one distinguish between different experiences?

We don’t know how to say it without saying that the experience just IS, forever!

We assure you that every experience you have ever had is, and you may be that experience again and again. We may say it is like having a perfect ‘observer’ within each one of you, who ‘remembers’ everything in full sensory detail, but it is not like that at all, unless we say that consciousness itself (you) is the observer!

It is simply that the being IS the experience, and every experience is in this way re-experienceable. We gave you the picture of the stone dropping upon the perfectly still water. In the instant of its merging with the water there is a vibration created, but also a sharp ‘feeling’ that something has occurred. From perfect stillness, then to an ‘instant’ of sharp recognition– of–difference that something has/is happening, then the resonance with the experience.

Everything that is experienced is perceived poignantly, as the stone that strikes the perfectly still water, yet one cannot describe it in terms of ‘time’ because time is linear, and this ‘process’ is happening all–at–once, in every ‘moment’ of experience. There is simultaneity and also knowledge of the identity of each new perception. It is magnificent!!!!

Just get the idea of the instant (the moment of NOW) when the stone hits the perfectly still water, and you get the idea that each experience is sharply distinct within itself and instantly recognizable to consciousness. Each experience being differentiated from the last, but each experience being not separated from all of the others, because there can be no separation. Of course this sounds contradictory, because in a physical universe there must be a separate space and time for each event, but you can get the feeling from the pictures and ideas we are sending you a little bit of what it is all about.

Every experience affects and interfaces with and resonates with and enhances every other experience! It is this feeling of enhancement that is so fulfilling to a conscious being, the feeling of becoming more, of expanding in new and exciting ways. Everything that has ever been experienced is available and is being made more by every other experience. It is a wonderful feeling. It is the feeling of aliveness. It is awareness itself.

Hmm…maybe I am not receiving you properly. How can one access a memory using this system?

We will try again with some physical analogies! Every experience is distinct, therefore every impression is distinct. When consciousness wishes to retrieve an experience, it inputs the feeling of it, and the ‘system’ (as you call it) responds with the complex vibrational pattern of the experience, which is then re–interpreted, NOW, exactly the way it was originally experienced in THAT NOW. All experience occurs NOW!

The stone is dropped into the perfectly still pond, creating a series of vibrations. The vibrational pattern is dependent upon the shape and weight of the stone, the height, angle and speed with which it is dropped. Every time the stone is dropped in PRECISELY the same way, the same pattern is generated. The full recall of an experience occurs when consciousness inputs the feeling it had during the experience.

Recall the grooves on a phonograph record. An entire symphony can be recorded in one groove of the record. When the needle tracks the vibration, the sound of every instrument is recreated. The vibrations of the instruments combine, or are superposed, into one vibration.

We will try again. In a holographic image, an object is bathed in a beam of laser light, and the reflection off the object meets another beam of light that interacts with it, producing an interference zone that is then recorded. The resulting image can be recreated by shining the light upon the recording in precisely the same way as during the recording. Every piece of the recorded image contains all of the information of the whole. Now imagine a non–physical medium that can ‘store’ an infinite number of vibrational impressions. See? It is simple!!! (joke).

These are physical analogies and do not really convey the true nature of memory and recall. We have probably confused you and your readers. You will have to wait until your return for complete knowledge!

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