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Beyond Awareness

Session 29

All–that–is is being created and experienced by that which IS. In other words, you may refer to the universe as just the thinker, the dreamer who dreams.

Yes, I’ve heard of that one before: that there is just God or all-that-is, and that all experience is simply that which God is thinking and dreaming up. That concept comes under the idea of ‘all reality is subjective.’

Yes, but as we have pointed out before, there IS no difference in saying ‘reality is subjective’ or ‘reality has a concrete, independent existence’ because it all is perceived and experienced in exactly the same way!

OK, I got that.

That which IS, is, but it IS only because it IS and IS NOT.

Huh? IS NOT is just an offshoot of IS. IS NOT is just the absence of IS, just as cold is absence of heat.

No, it is the other way around.

Huh? IS NOT is the originator of IS?

IS cannot be but for NOT IS.

This is either really deep, or real deep bullcrap! So the NOT is the potential, from which the IS comes forth?

Correct. NOT IS completes the circle, creating being and self–awareness. NOT is the unmanifested, unbounded potential of the IS.

But NOT is not aware, therefore it cannot BE.

That is correct. NOT cannot BE, so NOT is not aware.

If it is not aware then it is dead, lifeless, so it is blind, deaf and dumb, and so how can it spawn awareness, which can then make a universe?

Because NOT is that-which-is-the-potential-for-IS. Consider it: if there can be an infinity of variety, then that which creates this infinite variety must itself be infinite or unbounded, therefore it is NOT. If it WERE, it would be defined in some way, and therefore limited; not infinite or capable of infinity. That which IS may be perceived. That which IS NOT cannot be perceived; it is forever beyond the observation or experience of a self–aware being, yet we can conceive of it.

You are referring to a massless, static, creative potential. And you are contradicting yourself, because before you said that awareness is eternal and there is nothing beyond that, at least that’s what I thought you said.

No not really. That which is aware, IS. The knowing-of-self is awareness, and awareness still IS; eternally IS. The NOT –––> beyond space and time [we can’t use the word ‘is’ here, so we use the arrow]. The NOT transcends even awareness.

Wow, OK, this is the idea of the void, the nothingness-out-of-which-something-comes. I believe I have heard that before as well.

Yes, many cultures on your planet have tried to express this concept.

OK, so what good does it do to know this?

Because once you truly understand this, you realize that awareness is eternal, but there is something even grander than awareness.

Hard stuff to say in language, which always and only describes IS. So what could be more profound than awareness? That is something incomprehensible, especially for us humans who are so aware of the physical world.

Yes. Here is an analogy. The circle, representing self-awareness, must first be connected before it can BE, before eternal–ness can be experienced, connected by the NOT out of which the circle came.

NOT ––> then IS, so NOT awareness ––> awareness. Of course, this process occurs before space and time, so we are discussing a timeless interval.

That is the limit of our understanding through you, at this present moment. You see, when we contemplate these things, from our non–physical perspective, we get a feeling of excitement and anticipation. It is like going from a perfect state to something unconceivable, but even more profound. Therefore, we know that as wonderful as it is in native state, there is a state of experiencing even more magnificent.


For the first time in our knowing there is one who has come into awareness with full understanding of the NOT from which-it-came.

Awesome! How to tell me?

We will have to use analogies. Like trying to draw a 3 dimensional cube on the surface of a sheet of paper, we will have to fudge a little.

There is the unbreaking. Just as the circle is formed starting with a point, and continuing until it closes back upon itself, so there is the unbreaking of the circle, from the IS to the NOT. A being to a becoming to a limitless, unbounded infinity. The creative process in reverse.

The breaking of the circle seems like the self–destruction of one’s own identity and awareness, but the ‘result’ is (incomprehensible to me, beyond Oneness, utter fulfillment(?) bliss (?) perfection(?)). The NOT is like going back to source-of-source, which is NOT source. In other words, there are no logically prior beings or energies, so the circle of logic is broken, or transcended, by the Ultimate.

The kind of questions you have asked us all go to First Cause. ‘Who or what created the universe?’ ‘Who or what created consciousness?’ etc. The answers to these questions go something like ‘the universe began as a singularity and expanded to form the universe,’ and then someone says, ‘well, who or what created the singularity,’ and the reply is something like ‘the singularity is a rip in the fabric of space from another dimension,’ and then the question is, ‘well who created that dimension,’ etc. and there is just an endless circular argument that goes nowhere.

Let us just say that it is possible to transcend the IS and ‘return’ to the NOT, to the Ultimate Source, and come ‘back.’ From the NOT comes awareness, being, and IS–ness.

OK. I am trying to discover the point of this session.

We are having this conversation to show you that no matter how good it gets, it can get better. No matter how good you feel, you can feel better. That applies to beings in native state as well as physical beings. We bring this up to try to get you and your readers to understand that infinity does not mean a black void of endless incomprehensibility, of nothingness into which you disappear, but a greater and greater understanding, a greater and greater feeling of joy, bliss, well–being and perfection!

We want you to understand that there is no limit to how magnificent your life experience can be!!!

(I feel a wave of inspirational energy and a feeling that all is well and will be well forever –– it feels totally awesome). Thank you so much!

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