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Coming Into Awareness

Coming Into Awareness

Session 57

How does consciousness become self–aware? In other words, how does the circle become closed and therefore, eternal?

(laughs) OK, we will say this as well as you can understand it at this time. Consciousness becomes self–aware by the impulse you may call the Prime Directive.

What is the Prime Directive?

Prime Directive is the impulse: know yourself. This is the prime motivation for all who become self–aware.

You’re beating around the bush again.

The Prime Directive is an impulse. Not a thought, an underlying impulse or motivation.

OK, this is going nowhere fast. Who is thinking the Prime Directive?

You are not listening! Prime Directive is not a thought!

What the heck IS it then?

It isn’t!

OK, back to our earlier conversation about the NOT.

Yes, we have been over this. The NOT is the Creative Potential, capable of knowing itself.

I don’t understand.

And neither do we. We can only say that self–awareness is an impetus, or an impulse, that comes from deep within. We do not know how or why. It is what you would call a mystery. But it is not something we lose any sleep over, as you say.

So the question is unanswerable then.


It seems strange that an eternal being would have no clue as to its own origin.

We do not originate. We have always been. Once self– awareness has been attained, there is eternal–ness. Clearly, one cannot conceive of a time before one was aware. Even you can see that this is an intellectual impossibility.

OK. So coming into awareness is unexplainable.

It is glorious! But the exact moment of self–awareness cannot be pinpointed. However, we consider (and feel) ourselves to be unlimited. This brings up an interesting point!

The important quality of unlimitedness is the ability to limit itself! Do you see? Only that which is unlimited may limit itself. If it could not limit itself, it would be limited in nature! Without limits there is no existence and without existence there is no experience. Experience is the only reason for the creation of a universe.

So now we have something that is unlimited, yet, by that very unlimitedness, is limited; it is both limited and not limited. This is the paradox of defining something that is eternal and infinite in nature. It is reflexive, circular, it folds back in upon itself. The answer to the question is the question itself.

Or perhaps we should say, the answer to the question is the questioner. Both question and answer come forth from the consciousness/awareness of the questioner. The answer can be anything, for the questioner has the ability to be both unlimited and limited, and the number of ways in which the questioner can limit itself, in the answer to the question, is unlimited!!!

Are you getting this a little bit?

Yes, this is cool. So my questions about the origin of consciousness is like saying, ‘How does the questioner limit itself in the answering of the question?’

That is good! There are as many replies to the question as there are ideas in the consciousness of the questioner. ALL OF THE ANSWERS ARE CORRECT!!

That is what trips humans up. Humans want to have systems of thought in which there are defined limits upon the correct answers, and then to say that any thought outside these boundaries is incorrect. And, within the limitations of that system of thought, this is correct!! On your planet there are many religions and philosophies that embrace this concept of ‘limited correctness.’ But of course, the limiting of thought is valuable because it brings comfort and stability in all of the diversity and contrast.

But beyond the limitations of a particular religion, philosophy or political belief, any answers that are considered wrong by any system of thought are also correct, because there may be a being who does not wish to limit himself in quite this way.

Therefore, there is no right or wrong! This is something that will disgust moralists and those concerned with ethics, but in an infinite universe of eternal beings, all thought and action is celebrated, for there can be no harm inflicted; only another way of experiencing and of knowing self.

In other words, all questions, answers and experience are correct, because they all proceed or are part of the eternal intelligence which brings it forth.

Holy moly, I’m getting it. That was awesome, gang. You nutted it that time, really nailed it.

(beaming) Yes we did, did we not? We are quite proud of ourselves. And of course, of you too, who allowed in such a way as to be able for us to express in such a way that we have taken thought where it has never been before.

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