> How Can Thought Create the Universe?

How Can Thought Create the Universe?

How Can Thought Create the Universe?

Session 54

How can thought combine to form such a massive universe as we see around us? It would have taken an infinity of time for all of the matter in the universe to be created, so it doesn’t seem logical that the universe could be created out of something so ephemeral as thought. What do you say about this?

(laughs) We say, as usual you are getting complicated! And we also say, there are no deadlines where we are! We have all the ‘time’ we could ever need, and there is no rush to do anything. And the speed of thought is so fast that thought in combination with other thought may proceed far more rapidly than you can conceive.

So you say that the universe IS composed of thought?

We say you may conclude whatever you like, but when you really begin to understand the nature of matter, energy, and consciousness itself, you will find that this idea quite nicely explains everything in your experience. So from your perspective it is a good theory.

We say, feel the energy that is coming through from us!! There is knowing, there is the thought which comes from knowing, there are the creations based upon those thoughts. That is the way we see it. All large enterprises begin small and grow gradually, attracting more and more interest which is naturally reflected in the physical structure. As above, so below, as you like to say.

(Total certainty is coming through from them again). I’m sure the readers are bored with my continual rantings about the reason for everything, but I guess I just can’t help it!

We enjoy these conversations, we admire your tenacity in attempting to figure everything out from such a limited perspective. If you will just contemplate the idea that what you are observing is an interpretation of an energy stream, that this stream of energy can be interpreted differently, that it is possible to experience differently based upon your knowing of yourself and your thoughts, and therefore, that the universe you see around you is not all there is, that there is always more being created in every moment, that you are part of this wonderful creation we call existence, that you are helping to expand the universe with your desires, that you are a multidimensional being, an aspect of which is temporarily focused in this body, that your connection to the Whole is always and forever, that what you experience now is benefiting the Whole, and that from your broader perspective you are reveling in your experience and in the experience of all others, that this experiencing of all is what you have called universal consciousness, that universal consciousness and you as an aspect of it know that all is well; not only well, but exciting, exhilarating, joyful, wonderful, magnificent, delicious, abundant, and awesome!! (to say just of the few of the positive things we experience), then you will no longer need to ask these sorts of questions, for you will be immersed in the blissful energy of who-you-are/who-we-are, and you will experience from an orientation of wanting to play in every moment; wanting to enjoy, wanting to explore, enjoying the infinite vastness of what–is and eagerly yourself creating and anticipating the creation of more by all aspects of consciousness, and just reveling in existence and your part in it!

That is what we want to send to you.

(whew. I think I got some of that, anyway!)

Well, one benefit of asking the same questions over and over is that you guys send me communications like this! I want to feel like that all the time.

And you may, as long as you approach life from the orientation that all is well and perfect.


Postscript and Comment

From their perspective my questions seem interesting but unnecessary, yet at the same time they are eagerly participating in the discussion.

Maybe it just makes them feel good to be all-knowing gurus. I’m going to ask them about their motivations for participating in these discussions.

OK, I asked them: Why do you guys participate in these discussions with me? Do you like being all–knowing gurus?

Because it is fun. To communicate with a physically focused being is delicious. You have no idea of the quality of communication that you send to us. It has…a vibrational flavor that cannot be described, but which we find delicious. We come because you ask, and it is fun to participate with one such as yourself with such a strongly focused and unique point of view. We simply enjoy interacting with you, and that is the most profound reason to do anything!

Its always so simple when you explain it! Thank you.

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