> Earth History Part II

Earth History Part II

Earth History Part II

Session 30

I started writing a book 2 years ago, but decided that it was too big. Now I am going back to it. It is a book about earth history and the galactic interaction that has taken place upon the planet to create human DNA. There are 5 or 6 extra-terrestrial races mentioned, most of this data I read from books or articles by others. I find it impossible to believe that earth is alone in this vast universe, and that there has never been interaction between the people of earth and the rest of the galaxy. I would like to get a course in earth history from you guys, your version of the story, as it were, to help me write my book.

Well, we are not big fans of rehashing the past, but we will be indulgent for a little while (smiles). Where would you like us to start?

Firstly, I have it that earth was a specially created planet, a water planet, and that it came from another star system. It doesn’t seem that earth could have evolved in this solar system, given the dry, barren inner planets and the outer gas giants. Was earth a specially created planet?

How does any planet evolve? From the intention of consciousness. Just as a tomato seed contains within it the blueprint for a tomato plant, so too does a planet have its own set of instructions. In the case of earth, it was to be a lush planet of great beauty, great contrast and diversity, right from the very beginning.

Did the planet evolve in this solar system or was it moved from somewhere else?

The planet earth evolved here, in your solar system.

All right, I guess in my story it doesn’t matter. Why does the earth have so much water?

It was designed that way. You see, originally there were the beasts of the sea. Life came from the sea onto land and evolved from there.

Did we really need that much water?

The idea was a vast ocean of water that could support oxygen-based life.

Why oxygen based life?

Because that particular atmospheric environment creates a milieu of potential volatility, change, and short life spans.

OK, so the cosmological idea of gradual evolution, where life slowly evolved over billions of years is true? The earth was just not created in one fell swoop?

Of course not! Just as a seed takes time to grow into a plant, so too does it takes time for the infinitely more complex, numerous and diverse patterns of life to grow and evolve an entire planet and its biosphere and ecosystem. Your planet’s ecosystems are especially complex, and have taken eons to reach their present state.

Very good. But the time idea doesn’t make sense. If matter and energy is composed of thought as you say, then it shouldn’t take a lot of time to manufacture a planet! The size of the manifestation shouldn’t matter, as you have said before.

Yes, but it takes ‘time’ for the evolution of thought! Evolution is a chance for consciousness to experience within the changing life forms of a planetary environment. We do not WANT it all to happen at once! Consider the abundance of life forms that have had experience on your planet since life began here –– the diversity has been tremendous. Your planet and your species, as well as other species, are in a constant state of evolvement, which is just another way of saying, always having different experiences. The impetus for physical evolution always follows the evolution of thought and the desire to experience in different ways.

So the universe is a creation, a continuing creation?

Yes! That is what we have been saying over and over. As thought itself becomes more sophisticated and complex, so too does the evolution of the universe. Thought is a creation of consciousness, and so thought and consciousness evolve together, and with it the product of thought and consciousness, the universe itself.

Time is subjective. When we/you evolved thought to the sophistication of planetary creation, we couldn’t tell you how much ‘time’ it took! It was just a magnificent, ever-evolving creation. Humans say that it took 15 billion years from the ‘Big Bang,’ and from the point of view of physical humans, it seems to be accurate. However, the human conception of a singularity from which all–that–is came forth is not correct.

Not correct?

An infinity of matter and energy cannot exist in an infinitely small space. Apropos of our previous discussion, a ‘singularity’ is more properly thought of as a causative non–physical potential.

In other words, infinite means beyond space and time. Space and time are appropriately limiting conditions, and result in perception, communication, and experience; this is the definition of a universe. A universe is, by definition, not infinite. Consciousness is infinite, for it transcends space and time; it is the creator of space and time.

That’s good! Now, the reason for the creation of earth. In the first place, is the earth a special planet, created for a special purpose?

Of course! And so is every other planet in creation! Do you think the creation of an entire planet and all life forms upon it or in it is arbitrary?

I guess I never thought about it in any coherent fashion. Makes sense though. OK, was the planet earth created for some universal ‘Great Experiment?’ That’s what I have in my book.

Well, we see this universe as a free will universe. We see from what has manifested from the potential regarding earth that there were decisions around the intention to create a planet of great beauty and contrast. The design of physical bodies was to be so that physical beings could experience this contrast sharply. And so the human form grew to be vulnerable to the elements and the temperature differential and everything else.

So there was not any grand decision of universal consciousness to design the earth along some line or other.

Well, you are misunderstanding the nature of universal consciousness. There is so much diversity among the focus of universe–wide consciousness, just as there is on earth! There is no ‘spiritual hierarchy’ deciding on things for all of the universe, or even a portion of it. Beings have carte blanche to do whatever they would like. We are making it up as we go along, you see!!

Right! You said that before.

There is no evolving to ‘become worthy’ in the eyes of a spiritual hierarchy of superior beings who make decisions for everyone else. That is what was in your vibration there.

Yes, the Ascended Masters idea.

Well, there ARE Ascended Masters, from your point of view! They just do not control your evolution!

OK. But someone had to make the decision about the blueprint for earth! Who or what were these beings? Some say they are called the Elohim, the builders–of–form.

The decisions for earth were made by those who wanted to experience there. You see, the accumulated experiences and knowledge of planetary construction is not hidden away, only for a specialized elite. Thought and knowledge is accessible to everyone. As we said before, we communicate with full sensory perception and completely accurate thought transference. Besides, as we said before, the evolution of a planet takes place gradually. We are in no hurry to rush one stage of development for the next. We want to savor the moment!

OK, good! We are making progress, but sometimes your answers are so general I don’t feel like I’ve increased my knowledge.

Well, that wonderful ‘wanting to figure it all out’ idea often is prevalent in your vibration, but we tell you over and over that the earth, like everything else in the universe, is a work in progress!

OK. Now, I have read that the human being was genetically engineered; in other words, there is no record of an evolved link in DNA from mammal to primate to proto-human to the present-day human. It is called the ‘missing link’ genetically. The biological record seems to indicate a ‘jump’ in evolution.

Also, what I have read shows that the races who engineered our DNA contributed their DNA to the mix. I have noticed some bird–like human body types, some insect–like human body types. In Europe is the white man, in North America the red man, in Asia the yellow–skinned man, in Africa the black man. It sounds like a board game! It just looks too planned out to be a result of evolution.

Who ever said evolution was continuous? It looks continuous when you take the long view, the billions or millions of years view. In other words, thought evolves within the consciousness of a species, and then a decision is made in the consciousness of the species and the DNA therefore changes quickly within a few generations, and there is a new type of human.

OK, but why are there many species of other life forms and only one species of human?? If there was no outside influence?

Well, there again you use outside influence. We assure you the consciousness of the human species attracts unto it those very situations and changes and the beings to help you make the changes that are decided upon by the consciousness of your species. Everything that manifests for you is as a result of your invitation of it, as we have said over and over. Those ‘outside influences’ are simply responding to that which is in your vibration that are being created by the consciousness of your species. So there is never any influence that is not invited on a free-will basis. Do you see? Humans refer to off–worlders as aliens, but we assure you, no one can have access to your space without your express invitation of them.

We understand that you often do not believe us when we talk about ’vibration’ and the power of thought. That is because your physical environment, and your biological sensors, are designed to limit your perception of thought. Nevertheless we tell you that physical humans operate under the same laws as we do. You get to decide what your experiences will be.

Your message is, if anything, consistent. But what about the fact that there is only one species of human?

Each species gets to decide for itself how to evolve. Your classification systems arbitrariliy categorize species. You say, ‘the primate family has X number of species,’ and ‘the human species only has one type.’ However, the mandrill and the baboon and the gorilla and the chimpanzee do not classify themselves in such a way. Each species decides for itself their own evolvement. Physical biology is the product of consciousness, not the other way around! It may seem absurd to a physical human to hear such a statement, but we assure you it is true.

So what do the fossil records of primitive humans tell us? There are a number of different species which then evolved to only one kind of human. That seems odd since all other species have different branches.

The answer is simply that the consciousness of those branches or species that are no longer around, decided to move on. In your attempt to explain every detail, you get lost in complexity. Consciousness is not biological in origin, consciousness is non–physical. A change in thought will be reflected in the biological evolution (or discontinuance) of any species. You seem to want to assign a clump of consciousness to a species, and assume that this clump will forever become attached to a clump of biology.

And then you say, ‘this species has disappeared and is gone forever.’ And then you get sad and find yet another way to disconnect from source. Well, the consciousness associated with that species is alive and well, we assure you! Consciousness celebrates its physical existence and celebrates when it re–emerges back into native state. The consciousness of the Neanderthal and the consciousness of the Cro–Magnon is not different from the consciousness of the present day human. This idea is reflected in the matter and energy that make up your world. As we said before, the energy that composes the elements in your Periodic Table is the same energy, with different internal geometric arrangement. This energy is the animating principle itself. The universe and everything in it is the product of consciousness .

OK, I see. I always look for big explanations and outside influences and more evolved spiritual hierarchies directing the show. I guess I still haven’t gotten over the ‘humans are inferior to other more advanced beings’ concept.

Yes, but that is alright. Remember that the human race can change the conditions of its experience at any time.

Good! Now one more question. Scientists say that ‘junk DNA’ is 95% of the human genome. In other words, only 5% of our biological blueprint is useful, the rest are remnants left over from the evolution of our species. Or something like that.

(big laugh). Yes, this is very amusing. Let us say (dryly) that we do not make inefficient blueprints. What your scientists do (what they always do) is start from a box of thought and perception, and extrapolate from that box. And that is understandable, for it is not possible to perceive outside the box if you are not equipped to do so! Again, the human experience is designed to be one of limited perception and intense focus and experience. On a planet where the existence of consciousness is thought to reside in a lump of matter called the brain, such a conclusion is inevitable. Your scientists are correct, however, when they say that the human being is only utilizing a small portion of DNA. What is perceived as ‘junk DNA’ are the capabilities of the human that are not recognized.

And these capabilities are?

Complete health and vitality of the body without illness, much longer life spans, communication with full sensory perception (as opposed to symbolic communication via language), telepathy, the alteration of the atomic structure of matter. To name a few. As we have said over and over, the present civilization of humankind has no idea what it is capable of. The status of your DNA activation reflects the present state of self–limiting thought upon your planet.

That’s exciting!


Atlantis and Lemuria Our science and history books tell us that the present human civilization is the first human civilization on planet earth, the culmination of hundreds of millions of years of planetary evolution. Is this true or were there other, more advanced human civilizations that came before us?

There were other civilizations prior to this one. Their focus was different from the present human race, however.

Was there destruction of life upon the planet earth in the past? Did Lemuria and Atlantis exist? In other words, were there land masses in the Pacific and in the Atlantic associated with these two (supposedly) ancient cultures?

Let us say that your civilization is not the first to exist upon your world. The two societies you speak of were very different from that of present day earth, but not so different from each other. They existed almost contemporaneously, and met their end in a similar fashion. The location of these civilizations is unimportant –– let us just say that there is no physical evidence of a sunken continent in the Atlantic Ocean. The present civilization upon your planet is completely different from that which went before –– and markedly different from those in the rest of your galaxy.

The themes of planet earth are extreme volatility and change. Your planet has a history of discontinuity –– major civilizations come and go and are replaced by others of a completely different nature. Often these changes are accompanied by natural disasters, but not always.

When you contemplate the universe you do so from a completely skewed viewpoint –– you have no idea how unique your planet is. It has a long and storied history that is far beyond the scope of these conversations.

All right. Can you tell me how Atlantis and Lemuria were destroyed?

Almost all of your major civilizations have ended with some natural cataclysmic event. The rising of sea waters, the melting of ice, the shifting of the magnetic field, sudden changes in climate, geological movements and even collision with celestial bodies have all been a part of earth history. Your planet is legendary, and is far older than you think.

The planet earth is extremely susceptible to changes in consciousness. In other words, a mass change in consciousness can greatly affect your planetary weather, your geology, and the magnetic field that cocoons life. We do not know of another place where the planetary consciousness is so affected by the decisions of its inhabitants.

That is why we said earlier that humankind was a like a virus in the body of earth. And what is really interesting is that almost no one in your present civilization has any understanding of consciousness –– you think you are biological beings existing on the surface of a rock where life sprang forth randomly. We have to say that we find this idea amusing in the extreme, for there is no place in which consciousness is less understood, but which has a greater affect on your environment.

That is interesting, but I have heard that Lemuria was a totally peaceful and harmonious society! How could they have caused a sinking of their continent?

We are not going to discuss this topic in great detail. As we said before, it is far beyond the scope of this dialogue. And we do not spend our time investigating the past. It is the present moment that interests us!

OK, that was pretty definite! Were there any societies before Lemuria and Atlantis?

Yes. Humanity has a much longer history on earth than is thought. As we said before, major civilizations upon your planet occur between episodes, or convulsions, or changes in the planetary environment. Your planet is known for these sudden and volatile adjustments; it even has a wobble in the rotation about its axis, somewhat like a spinning top gone slightly out of control.

Now you approach yet another change – – and where it will lead is anyone’s guess. The potentials that surround your planet at this time are enormous, and magnificent. All eyes are upon it, for it is a gigantic vortex of energy that is moving and changing at an astonishing rate. That is one of the reasons every one of you couldn’t wait to incarnate during this time.

Consider the billions of humans and the many more billions of other species. Consciousness is shuttling in and re–emerging (being born and dying) at an astounding rate. To observe the patterns from our vibrational vantage point, to see the energy shift as thought changes and creates new vibrational patterns is so fascinating that many make your planet their full–time occupation!

To answer your question, there have been many civilizations on the surface of your planet, but we are not thinking in your terms. You are thinking ‘if we could find out more about ancient cultures we might learn something about our past, in which case this would be valuable information for us.’ We say this is not the case at all. Those other societies were a completely different vibrational experiment and what manifested for them has no relation to what you are living now, do you see? In those older societies, the consciousness was different and the cultures were very different.

Every major civilization upon your planet has been characterized by difference, and every one of them was unique (unlike the cultures on almost all planets, whose lineage is unbroken). Humans want to apply what was in the past to the present, forgetting that understanding requires a matching of vibration. You recall your perusal of the Voynich manuscript, a book which has been undecipherable for decades even though it clearly contains a handwritten message.

The symbols should be translatable, but they are not! In other words, from your present vibrational platform it would not be possible for you to understand these ancient cultures. Just look at how much trouble you have deciphering your own Bible! It is not possible, for example, to gain wealth from a consciousness of poverty, and this also applies to anthropology and ancient civilizations. It is impossible to fit a square peg into a round hole. It is not possible to directly apply what was valid in a past vibration to the completely different vibration that exists today! What has occurred in the past is unique and will never occur in the same way ever again.

There is a very storied history upon your planet, made possible by the conditions here. We have discussed this before when talking about the evolution of your planet –– it has become a place of exaggerated change, of growth, and of dissimilarity, which has come to such a culmination that at present it is one of the furthest or highest places of physical contrast in the entire universe!

Most of you bemoan the state of affairs on earth but here is where the action is, as humans say. There is such a variety of possibilities for creation and new experiences! It is wonderful, and believe us, you couldn’t wait to come here. You said: let me go to earth and experience the diversity. I will find beauty, joy and prosperity amidst it all; I will experience the ecstasy of creating my life amongst others who think and act differently; and it will be glorious! Like the guy traveling to the South Pole we mentioned earlier –– to discover who–you–really-are in the midst of this apparent (but perfectly balanced) chaos, to create a world to your liking from you place of personal power despite all reasons not to, now that is good beyond our capability to express it to you in words. You can feel it, but it cannot be expressed in words!

Wow. I don’t know if my question got answered but the flow of energy is just incredible! I feel –– elated, excited, enthusiastic, powerful –– it’s amazing!

Yes –– you are living on the leading edge. You understand the laws –– now go and create a life for yourself that is full of everything you want for yourself. It is all before you, waiting to be manifested!

Thanks (whew!)

Second postscript

In looking over your reply I noticed you said that it is useless to dwell on what has happened in the past, because nothing of value in the present can be learned. But this seems backward. If we were to find out, for instance, how energy was used in Atlantis, we could stop burning fossil fuels and perhaps develop clean energy devices. We could change our consciousness and so alter conditions.

You do not need to research the past to find that out! All you have to do is, in your now, ask the question and receive the answer that will be appropriate for the present. Some of your inventors are doing just that and have come up with prototype devices that tap into the energy of source. Soon these devices will be perfected and available, so long as humans keep asking for it.

OK, I get it. But it IS fun to investigate the past.

Fun indeed, and if it is fun, we are all for it. We just do not want you to get so serious about it! You do not have to know about what went on in Atlantis in order to develop clean abundant energy sources in the present. Besides, the physical records of these societies have been destroyed.


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