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The Leading Edge of Thought

The Leading Edge of Thought

Session 31

Is there such a thing as mathematics in native state? In other words, in the creation of a planet, say, is it engineered like we would engineer a bridge? On earth, we need mathematics to help us build a bridge properly.

In our non–physical environments there is complete communication of what is being attempted, therefore there is no need for mathematics. Mathematics is a substitute for creative thought. In non–physical we communicate with complete and total understanding, so there is no need for symbols. A symbol is a representation for something real, or something that can be experienced. Since the entire experience of something can be communicated flawlessly, and directly, there is no need for symbolic communication.

Right. So mathematics, on earth, is necessary because we are too disconnected from each other to fully communicate conceptually and with full sensory experience?

Well, we do not want to be so harsh. You are in a box of perception as we said before, but this box has been deliberately designed by you to create a certain way of experiencing. The advantage of your biological box is the thrill of discovery and the brilliant conception of a totally new idea.

Because in native state there is complete ability to communicate and understand, there is less incentive or need for fresh original thought; whereas on earth there is a lot of duplication of thought and a lot of rehashing and relearning the same old stuff, but always there is the completely new thought. And that is your gift to the universe at large, the completely new idea! Because there is so much understanding of what–is in non–physical there is comfort and joy within that.

But on earth your conception that you are separate and your zeal for creativity drives thought in completely unexpected directions. Lines of thought that in non–physical would never even be considered are undertaken with zest and originality. On earth you are pushing the envelope of thought, opening up new avenues of concept and expression and creation.

You see, the original intention of the human experience was that of a child. A child comes forth eagerly and joyfully, intending new experiences. But the child is ignorant. He or she can’t wait to explore the world from his or her limited viewpoint. Of course the child does not consider himself limited or stupid. It is just eager to jump in!

Give me an example of the new idea or thought that has come from earth.

Well, it is not so much the idea coming from earth as being shared with the rest of the universe. As soon as you get the idea, we get it, because from our point of view, there is no separation. It is the same as if 6 people at a party all had the idea at the same time to go into the pool for a swim. You could not say that this idea was originated by anyone, but that it occurred to everyone at the same time.

OK, but what are some of the leading edge ideas that humanity on earth has thought up? It seems to me we live in a very primitive society, dependent on inefficient, filthy, fossil fuels and in a society that has no understanding of self.

Yes, it is glorious, is it not? We assure you that every being on earth is having an experience that is simply not possible in native state. That is why you came here –– for the leading edge experience!

We would say the idea of democracy is one. Rule by a majority, now that is something that would never occur to anyone in non–physical, because of our knowing that all needs can be perfectly met in a universe of infinite abundance. The idea of democracy is that some must agree to go without for the good of the whole. This provides much contrast and excitement for those on your planet.

Yes, but this idea comes from disconnection, and is wrong. What really new valuable idea has come from this place?

Well it is not like that! Any new idea is valued. There is no wrong or right idea. The new thought adds to what–already–is, in such a way that it inspires new decisions, agreements and ways to play, new personalities to assume. For instance, the idea of democracy leads to the identity of judge, legislator, citizen, lobbyist, attorney, plaintiff…the list is practically endless! These identities would simply have never occurred to any of us, and we assure you that we have great fun with them.

We are very enamored of the concept of ‘safety in numbers’ and no matter how far we stretch our intelligence we cannot figure that one out. It goes against every law of the universe that we know of, and in fact is a complete non–sequitor and self–contradictory. Yet we see many on your planet wholeheartedly playing this game. We observe some of the games that are played on earth with some amusement, amazement and sometimes, awe.


Yes –– the stock market, for instance. That is a game organizing trillions of thought forms and billions of decisions and millions upon millions of transactions every day, on a global scale. Now that is a game to be proud of!

So we are basically a source of inspiration, then, not necessarily for specific ideas.

We look to see what form human creativity is taking, and we sort of feed off of that. From our point of view there is no separation. To us, it is us thinking up new ways for us to be. Your idea of the ‘black hole’ is also very interesting to us.

Do you mean to say that there are not really black holes?

Black holes are a creation of your scientific theory. But it is interesting that since you have conceived of the idea of black holes, and have been giving your attention to them, you are beginning to find them. That is all we will say on that subject. Within that process is the secret of creation itself.

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