> The Design of Bodies

The Design of Bodies

The Design of Bodies

Session 32

Lets talk about the design of bodies. On earth the dominant species is human, but I assume there are different types of bodies on other planets. Is this true, or is life everywhere designed along the lines of 2 legs, 2 arms, one head?

Well, look around on your planet at the incredible diversity of species. This is no different in the rest of the universe.

So there are differing body types out there with free will and intelligence as great as humans?

What do you mean by intelligence? By this we feel you mean intelligence in human terms. Do humans consider spiders intelligent, whatever that means? We define intelligence as that blending of consciousness and physical body for the benefit and advancement of the species. According to that definition, humanity is one of the least intelligent species on your planet!

OK, but a spider is not going to solve Fermat’s Last Theorem, or design a rocket ship. It takes quite a bit of smarts to do that.

The consciousness of a spider would consider a rocket ship, and especially Fermat’s Last Theorem, to be an idiocy, and any ‘proof’ of it to be even more ridiculous! What does a spider care for such an abstruse mental concept? The spider would say: how does one prove something? By marshaling arguments which seem reasonable in support of it. A spider marshals plenty of reasonable arguments in support of its species, and so it is intelligent.

You see, each species is directed by the consciousness of that species. That consciousness is an aspect of universal consciousness, which created the universe. So all species are equally intelligent, because the consciousness which directs them is an aspect of universal consciousness. So it is pointless to get involved in debates about which species is most intelligent. All species act to advance and enhance the experience of their species. Since each species perceives differently, this will be different for each species.

OK, so what about my question about human-like quality intelligence existing on other planets in different bodies (like the bar in Star Wars) . Do such intelligence’s exist, or is the universe basically populated by different variations on the Adam Kadmon body type?

There are many variations of human–type life forms out there, as well as non–human type life forms. We would not say that any of them are more or less intelligent than the others.

So you’re saying an amoeba is as smart as a human.

(smiles) We do not consider the question to be important. You can tell our lack of enthusiasm from our responses.

Yes I can feel the disinterest.

We say that all species have a distinct purpose for being and perceiving the way they do. That is why there are different body types with different sensors and therefore different ways of experiencing. We see infinite variation in physical vessels throughout the universe, to allow consciousness to express in infinitely varied ways. Just look at all of the variety on your own planet!

It’s so much fun to experience in different ways, that’s the whole point of playing the physical game.

OK, as usual I feel perfectly content, but I really don’t know if my question got answered! The energy that comes through from you guys is always one of complete confidence and perfect understanding.

Let us say that there is a lot of variation out there and from your viewpoint in non–physical, you get to decide to experience as much of it as you want. Incarnation and death, for consciousness, is a very easy thing!


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