> The Benefit of Difference

The Benefit of Difference

The Benefit of Difference

Session 33

I am concerned about the direction our government is taking. It seems that those in power, in their fear, are determined to dismantle our fundamental freedoms, and I am wondering about the validity of your message. You seem to be saying that all is well, but the actual political situation is becoming more and more intolerant of opposing points of view.

A government cannot take away your personal freedom. Your freedom, like your integrity, is a state of being.

That is all fine and well, but it is hard to maintain a sense of freedom if the environment round you is completely different.

The only reason you would perceive an environment not to your liking is if you began to give it your attention. As we have already said, what manifests in your life is a result of what you resonate to within your own consciousness.

So you are saying that I can still live a peaceful and abundant life even if my country becomes a dictatorship?

Not if you think like that!

But I could!



First of all, let us say that you have no idea how powerful you are. The universe is set up to support every single one of your choices. It automatically lines up vibration, and places you in time and space near to those who think and believe as you do. If this concept were fully understood, all of you would be very mindful indeed of your thoughts and beliefs. You would scrupulously focus only on those things that make you feel good, and avoid that which causes you discomfort. We tell you with absolute certainty that the universe provides an interface to consciousness that responds instantly to every one of your choices.

The government of a nation is a direct mirror, or reflection, of those who live in it. Therefore, it is not accurate to refer to “those in power,” as you are wont to do, for they can only exist as a result of the choices of each and every one of you. Such a mindset is an indication that you have given away your power! The universe will respond to you individually, no matter what the others are doing. Even if there are policemen on every corner, you may wave cheerfully to them, or rant and rave and cause yourself upset.

You cannot control the actions of another! You can, however, control how the universe, and the people in it, respond to you. We tell you that you can find happiness and prosperity no matter the conditions! (big wave of love here, and complete certainty)

Wow, that feels good. I’m beginning to get it! What’s hard for me to grasp is the idea of a universal interface. It isn’t visible, or obvious to me.

That is because you do not know yet how to work with it. Once you begin to focus exclusively on well–being, you will find your life changing for the better in magical ways. We tell you that there are millions upon your planet who understand this instinctively and who lead lives of abundance and joy far beyond what you have yet experienced.

Wow, that feels really great! So it is possible to find and live exactly what you want amidst all of the chaos and unwanted conditions?

Yes! Not only that, but when you change your focus exclusively to well–being, you influence the environment around you. You become a lighthouse, a beacon shining your light into the world. The way to truly change the world for the better is by setting an example. You have no idea how powerful your light can be! One person broadcasting a powerful signal of well–being is more powerful than a million disconnected ones. Believe it or not, one person shining his or her light may influence the million and do so much more quickly than you can imagine.

We know this because we perceive the full vibrational spectrum, whereas you only see that which is brought to you by your human senses.

Cool! So my attention to politics and current events is really not serving me.

Well, like so many, when you give your attention to this subject, you seem to automatically gravitate toward the idea of stratification, of greater and lesser. This has been a theme of the current civilization on your planet, and the one previous to it as well. The idea of greater or lesser makes no sense to us, for we understand that focus, or attention to a subject, will result in greater knowledge and ability. There is the idea on earth that if another demonstrates great ability, it means those who have not yet learned to do so are inferior.

Instead of celebrating the other’s accomplishments and becoming inspired to your own creative process (which is how we do it in native state), you have been taught to think of yourself as less–than. This generates a feeling of inferiority and unworthiness, and leads to a victim mentality that supports hierarchical political structures. All of this is unnecessary, however! All of you are divine beings, temporarily having a physical experience. Where you get tripped up is comparing your doing to the doing of others. You categorize your BEING by your doing!

In other words, you downgrade yourself as a spiritual being by looking what another has manifested in the physical universe, and assigning yourself a grade based upon the comparison to yourself. We do not need to tell you that this is backwards. DOING FOLLOWS BEING, but you have allowed being to become dependent on doing! You have placed yourselves, as powerful, eternal and divine beings inseparable from universal consciousness, as subject to what you observe in the physical universe, even though it is you (and us) who have created that universe! Do you see how silly that is?

Holy moly, I do see it!

(smiles) Well, we have the advantage of perceiving on a much broader level. But we understand that you are immersed, on earth, in an environment of tremendous diversity and divergence and it is sometimes difficult to find your way. But we are here to tell you that you can always find your way by paying attention to how you feel, and keeping your attention placed on things that feel good.

Getting back to your original question of politics, we say do not turn your attention to it if it lowers your sense of personal freedom, because you cannot look at something unwanted without resonating to it. By definition, if you are looking at something and considering it ‘dark’ you are vibrating there and so it will come to you, do you see? That which your attention is on will become activated, regardless of whether you want it or not! If you look at the establishment of a totalitarian society in your country with perfect nonchalance, it is not ‘dark’ for you, and so you do not experience anything negative. It is your perception of what you are looking at that determines what you experience. You get to decide where you want to vibrate and what you want to experience.

For example, you may decide to only experience beauty and prosperity, in which case you will find yourself at a beautiful lake, or in that house in the woods you have been longing for, OR, you may decide to experience joy in the midst of contrast, in which case you may find yourself in the middle of a battlefield, feeling perfectly safe. Whatever you decide to experience is exactly what you will experience!

That is the value of difference –– each may find his or her own desired experience, choosing from such a great smorgasbord of possibilities.

OK, it again comes down to the decisions a person makes.

That’s right! This is a free will universe based upon Law of Attraction. You are beginning to see the value of consciousness. By that we mean aware and awake and consciously creating. You have only within the past two days begun to truly realize this. It is so easy to let your thoughts drift, and pick up upon the ideas floating around in mass consciousness. Soon you find yourself on some negative side–trip of contemplation and you do not know how you got there! This is creating your life by default. By deliberately and consciously deciding where you place your attention, , you get to consciously increase the flow of life force energy through you, and you begin to draw to you the things you desire to have.

So many think: ‘I will think and feel in my old habit patterns of resistance, and what I want will still come to me.’ Can’t happen! In order to create the life you want, you first have to create a state of being that precisely matches it. This lines up your vibration to what is wanted, and you begin to see evidence of it in your experience. The greater is your intention, the more attention you devote to it, and the more your energies line up to that which is desired! The purer you line up your energies to that which is desired, the faster it comes into your experience. The process of manifestation always begins, must begin, with an activated vibration aligned precisely to what is wanted.

Right. But I am wondering: why are so many choosing to give their power away, choosing fear and hatred instead of joy?

There are many more awakened now than before. By ‘awakened’ we simply mean, focused upon life–giving subjects and thereby letting in the feeling of their own life force.

We want to say something here that might offend, but we say it anyway: there is no ‘dark.’ The all–that–is benefits from all of the experiences of physical beings, regardless of what they are. We are excited just as much by war as by the beautiful painting, because we know that the death you are all so afraid of is a glorious and complete rediscovery of self. Death is an opportunity to experience again, in a completely different way. Imagine a being about to incarnate on earth like a Christmas tree with dozens of presents underneath. There are millions of species and life forms from which to choose your physical experience! You do not open one present and play with it forever, neglecting the others. You get in there and rip apart every package to see what is inside! That is the feeling you have regarding incarnation, life experience, and death from native state. Death is a wonderful opportunity to open another gift.

Yes, but if all acts are celebrated then what you’re saying is that Hitler was cool, nazis were cool, torture is cool, depravity and inhumanness is totally cool. That makes no sense to me.

We do not want to imply that, in a physical plane/lifetime, acts of depravity to those who experience them are not horrible. But we do say that when you again perceive and experience from native state, you will look upon all such activities with love and acceptance. It cannot be any other way, because consciousness itself is love, is eternal, and cannot be harmed. And as we keep saying, the universe is designed to support your choices. No one need experience anything uncomfortable. What you activate within you will be precisely what you experience in your physical environment.

OK, I can see that. But why does one come to earth anyway, if so many experience misery? Is there such a thing as a disconnected native state being?

Disconnection occurs when one denies self. That is impossible when one is truly connected to self, as occurs when one returns to consciousness in its native state. The return to native state is always accomplished fully, with no exceptions, as one transitions out of the body. There are never any ‘holdovers’ or disconnected spirits.

Look at it this way: the earth experience is an adventure!

When you go on an adventure, you sometimes have experiences you would not choose sitting in the comfortable chair in your living room. You immerse yourself temporarily in the experience for the excitement of it, like going white water canoeing on a difficult river. Once you are in that canoe, you are going to experience whatever happens, like it or not! One always has the choice whether to have fun or to wail and bemoan the situation. Many on earth decide to do the latter.

Your earth life is only temporary!! When you entertain yourself at an amusement park, do you get sad when there is a ride you don’t like, or do you find another, better one? And when its all over do you mourn? Of course not! You just get in your car and go home, and the same thing happens in the physical earth experience. Lighten up. Have fun. When it’s all over, you will return in blissful awareness to the fullness of you,.

I can feel the love. It’s awesome. Thank you.

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