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Session 34

What about astrology? Scientists scoff at it but persons with genuine psychic ability say it is valid.

Astrology deals with those factors that are pre–incarnation. In other words, those decisions which you made before you focused into the physical. Astrology charts can be a way to help your physical aspect understand the decisions you made from native state. But we do not emphasize astrology as a way to direct your life. You have free will and the law of attraction will be the great manager in the sky for you in this attraction–based universe. All you have to do is decide what you want, and focus upon it!

The decisions of consciousness determine how it is focused and how the template of the physical body will be modified to suit that focusing (all bodies, even within the same species, are different). Of course each astronomical body will have been in a certain position relative to the earth at the time of birth, but it is not the position or influence of those bodies that is the important factor in the incarnation! Any good astrologer knows this.

Some astrologers make too much of their extrapolations from the position of celestial bodies at the time of birth and then saying: ‘The movement of the astronomical bodies will determine the behavior of the conscious being inhabiting the body, according to these rules.’

We are not saying that astrology is invalid. We say, in fact, that astrologers are quite correct for the most part in their charts and predictions of the energetic signatures from stellar bodies as they move about relative to the earth. What we are saying is that the influence of these bodies is in the background, in comparison to a being’s free will conscious decision making.

We cannot emphasize enough that this is a free–will universe! Consciousness is directing the show. There is no outside influence that can have any effect upon you, unless you begin to believe that it does.

That is the power of all predictive disciplines or arts – as long as the practitioner can get you to believe that so and so will happen, your thoughts will begin to coalesce around it and you will begin inviting it into your experience.

Good. Thanks.

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