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Session 35

In order to reproduce the species two different body types were designed. Why?

The two body types mirror the idea of attraction. This is an attraction based universe, as we have said again and again.

Well there must have been more to it than that! For example, why was birth given only to one of the sexes? There could be attraction with both sexes able to give birth.

The idea was to produce desire by providing contrasting body types –– the qualities of the female are intensely attractive to the male, and vice versa. Since form often follows function, this could not be accomplished if the bodies were identical.

Sex is a wonderful way to induce even more focusing, or attention. When you fall in love every ounce of your being is focused on only one thing! In this way, perception and experience is further intensified.

We have to say that the sexual desire among humans is very powerful –– very powerful indeed. Think about, feel, the sexual desire you have had when in the proximity of a woman you consider beautiful and desirable. It is very strong, is it not?

Yes, very strong indeed! There is something about a beautiful woman… What is that ‘something?’ Scientists say it is pheromones, and they even have pheromones you can buy to make you more attractive to the opposite sex.

It is more than just pheromones. Pheromones are a trigger, just one of many. For instance, when you see a desirable woman in a movie, she is not present to transmit a chemical signal, yet sexual desire is stimulated in you anyway. A better explanation is the law of attraction –– vibrational attraction. Male and female bodies are vibrationally different, and attract, somewhat like the poles of a magnet. Remember, physical objects are ultimately representations of vibrational content. The desire of one sex for the same sex is an altering of the vibration of that body by the consciousness present in the body, to be attractive to the same sex.

Interesting. Ultimately all your answers boil down to the decisions of consciousness.

Yes, consciousness designed the universe to play in it, consciousness can change its vibration by changing thought and since the vibration of consciousness and the vibration of the body it is merged with are so intimately connected, the decisions of a conscious being can affect cellular health and even alter cellular growth. That is why some people can be healthy all of their lives while others are often sick. That is why two patients can have the same disease, receive the same medication and respond differently.

That is how tumors can go into spontaneous remission, and even disappear. Usually the latter only occurs when there is great necessity, for the thought stream on your planet is very definitely biased toward biological explanations and answers. But occasionally, even on earth, consciousness is able to assert itself, even though standard medicine dismisses these events as anomalies. And of course they are correct –– for such events are rare. But they are rare only because most people have no idea of the power of consciousness, and have no idea of the power of thought.

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