> Playing Around (A Mischievous Dialogue)

Playing Around (A Mischievous Dialogue)

Playing Around (A Mischievous Dialogue)

Session 37

(In which there is a happy ending to a complicated and esoteric dialogue)

Wait! We are not done yet. There is something profound that you are the edge of.

I can’t think of what it is! Give me a hint.

What is it that creates the what in what– is?


What is consciousness?

Source energy that closes in upon itself and becomes self–aware, according to what you said before.

Right. So how is this done by consciousness?

Consciousness cannot be aware of itself unless the circle has been closed. So it cannot do something to itself unless it itself is already conscious.

Yes, but how did it originally get conscious?

You’re asking me? I thought we’d already gone over that!

(laughing) Yes!

I haven’t the slightest idea.

There is the NOT, the potential, that must give birth to the IS. The NOT is the Unbounded Infinite, which conceives of and creates the IS. From IS NOT comes IS. But this potential is a quality, right?

That is what you said before.

OK, then this potential cannot have a beginning and an ending. It cannot be created, by definition, right?

It sounds like you are groping for answers.

This is a cooperative effort. We are not your conception of God, as we said before. We are using you as our sounding board. We are coming to an understanding of the NOT.

The NOT ––> that which does not exist, that which as yet cannot be, therefore it cannot know, for knowing requires self awareness (We use ––> because we cannot say ‘the NOT is that which does not exist,’ for IS indicates being).

Sounds good so far.

Preceding self awareness ––> the impulse to BE, and only after the First Thought is self awareness is born. Preceding the physical creation is the conception or visualization of it, and preceding knowing–ness of self is the conception or inkling of it: the utterly new idea or conception of something that has not yet been brought to fruition, but is becoming. Therefore, knowing–about is senior to knowing itself!

Hmm, knowing–about is below knowing, not senior to it, else it could not know–about. First there has to be know, then know– about. A person who knows how to play the piano is more competent than a person who merely knows about the piano. That is why we say, ‘those who can, do, those who can’t, teach.’

In order to know the piano well enough to play, one must first know–about the piano. The impulse or idea of the piano must come first before you can even approach the piano. Knowing is associated with a thing, existence. Knowing–about is the potential to know.

Wow this is deep.

The concept is know = completion of the circle. Know–about = creation of the circle which is being completed. Know–about = unknowable, until consciousness/self–awareness, then the knowing. Unknowable is more profound than know, even though we cannot imagine it, because in order to imagine it, we must know, but knowing cannot fathom knowing about.

OK, we are just playing word games. We’re not any further along….

To figuring it all out! Right? We are not trying to figure it all out! We are just playing, do you see? This little exercise is a fun playing–around with ideas. This is what we do all the time in native state –– we play around and have fun and devise new ways to experience. So we wanted to give you a little taste of that, because you are so serious, and always approach things from the idea that we have to figure it all out. That can never be done!

I think I’m getting it. You’re just having a little bit of fun with me, and trying to get me to see that what we have been doing in these dialogues so far is just playing around, having fun, and fun is what we do for its own sake, not because there is some deep, deep, profound intellectual mystery at the bottom of it all.

Yup. We are all like little children, but if we say that, we are not taken seriously. So we have to assume an air of importance and wisdom, but we want to say we are just as dumb as you!

Or just as smart!

Yes! Do you feel the little child energy coming through?

Yes I feel it. Its mischievous too.

Yes!! Ha Ha ha!!! we feel like levitating your chair off the ground and scaring the crap out of you!! (metaphorically sticks out their tongue)

Boy you guys ARE like little kids aren’t you?

Yes! Lighten up and have some fun!

(end of transmission )

Well that was weird! The impression I got from them is that I am so serious and so are most humans and that I would feel a lot better if I just lightened up and took the attitude of a child…. OK, I get it…..

I see what they are trying to do: get me to realize that my continual, probing questions as to the ultimate nature of time, consciousness, and reality itself is just an attempt to define and limit these things for all time, to get a final answer that will be true for all time, when this is not possible. I see that the inherent nature of consciousness, and reality, is eternal, ever expanding, ever changing, and cannot possibly be boiled down into The Answer!

In their wisdom they have played with me long enough so that even I can understand this through my obscuring intellectual and analytical fog. They have allowed me to come to this conclusion in my own time, without forcing me. They have been very patient in answering my (what seem to me now) mostly stupid questions, so that I have finally been able to clear away the smog of my confusion and understand that the answer I need for any question about life the universe and everything can be found within me. I am an extension or an aspect of the universal consciousness of the Whole, or the One; eternal unto myself, and so any question I might have about anything can be answered by simply consulting my own understanding, for that understanding is the understanding of all-that-is.

Reading over this stuff I am almost embarrassed because of my confusion; but I hope that any who read this can benefit from it. Perhaps these dialogues have helped to clear up some mysteries for the reader as well. I feel like I have reached an entirely new level of understanding about myself, life, and my fellow human beings.

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