> Metaphysical Conclusions, so far, from the Dialogue

Metaphysical Conclusions, so far, from the Dialogue

Metaphysical Conclusions, so far, from the Dialogue

Session 39

I am coming to the realization that a purely intellectual approach to Truth is sterile, and can never result in true understanding. True knowing is a feeling, a certainty, accompanied by data. I understand now that it is the feeling that is more important than the data, for there may be many data paths to source. Your transmissions are always accompanied by an uplifting, positive energy. It is this feeling that I am now regarding as Truth.

I see now that my questions about ‘who creates consciousness,’ and others like it, are off the mark!

You are beginning to understand on a deeper and more profound, but necessarily simpler and elegant level. You see, these sorts of metaphysical questions indicate the asker is apart from true knowing and experiencing. Such questions must come, first of all, from a separation from source, otherwise there would already be true knowing, and the question would not need to be asked!

That is why we always tell you to lighten up and relax. Once this is understood, the questioning of it and around it is unnecessary.

But we see great benefit in this unfolding, for there are many like you who will read this and begin to connect more strongly with their inner knowing. The sequence of queries and answers, and the evolvement of your understanding, will provide for others the same realizations you have had about yourself.

I see dimly. The very asking of the questions about the creation of source, etc, come from a disconnect from source.

Ultimately, yes! Once one simply releases the questioning which comes from a not knowing of who you are, one relaxes, that is the best word we can use, into a feeling place of utter serenity, power, joy, well-being. All of those wonderful feelings are the knowing of source, which is who you/we are.

I feel the simplicity, power and elegance of your words, and the knowing that is coming to me. So in fact, ‘deep metaphysical questions,’ far from being closer to source, are actually farthest away from a true understanding of it! I always felt that questions about relationships, for example, were trivial compared to these ‘deep’ questions, but now I am knowing that relationship questions can come from a true understanding and connection to source.

Not necessarily, it is just that some need to travel that path to find the knowing. We assure you, there are many who ask questions about relationships that are very far from an understanding of themselves as pure positive source energy!

It is all about the unfoldment of thought, and this thought contributes to the expansion of the universe, since the universe is just all of the thoughts that have ever been thought.

Good! We are making progress and I feel that I am clearing the muck from my eyes and beginning to see clearly.

That feeling is what experiencing is all about! It is the reason for being itself –– the feeling of expansion of awareness and knowledge ALWAYS comes from an unsullied connection to life force, to who–you–really–are. It is a powerful allowing or letting in that results in true knowledge of Self and of the One.

I can see myself asking many different questions now. Now that I have cleared all of this up, I am not sure where I will be going, but I am sure that we will be having more conversations.

We are looking forward to being with you!

End of Conversations with My Higher Self (Part 1)

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