> The ‘Earth Plane’

The ‘Earth Plane’

The ‘Earth Plane’

Session 5

So basically what you are saying is that there is no RIGHT answer.

That is correct! A right answer would be defined by many humans as something that has manifested, or that will be true forever. But it is possible to manifest anything from the potential. So everything has the potential to be right.

OK, I am beginning to see now. When we say someone is wrong, what we are saying is that he or she has not yet manifested his idea.

Or, that he has not gotten broad agreement from other humans upon that idea.

As more and more beings agree on ‘A,’ the more powerful is the drawing forth from the potential. The more who manifest ‘A,’ the more it is agreed upon as valid. Anything at all can be manifested, and is being manifested, in worlds and dimensions totally beyond your understanding! The universe is so vast and so wonderful! (Here I felt a powerful sensation. I can only describe it is a fresh breeze –– an exciting feeling of creative power).

So we can sum up by saying that life exists in a vast ocean of infinite potential, and that we can experience anything we want.

That is a good way to describe it. As a final thought, we would like to say: do not limit yourself! Use your creative power to joyfully manifest your dreams.

And also we would like to say: the universe is a joyful place! It is a place of indescribable beauty. If it were not, there would be no point in experiencing it. Humans love to struggle, but we assure you, that is not a concept shared throughout the all–that– is. But of course that is why this place is so interesting!

You are not here learning lessons. You came here to joyfully create and manifest!

I respectfully disagree. The earth is a place of pain and struggle! What’s the point of having a place like earth in a universe which you claim is one of joy? I have heard it said that earth is the dumping ground for negative stuff from everywhere in the universe, because no one knows what to do with it. I have also heard it said that human beings are like Barbary Coast pirates sent here to work off our bed karma. Both of these explanations make some sense.

We see you modified your thought from ‘I see so much pain and struggle’ to ‘there is so much pain and struggle.’ We know why you did this, and so do you: because when you begin to connect with the powerful energy of creation you begin to resonate more and more with joy, and in your life you begin to see more and more joy, more and more prosperity, and less and less struggle and pain. If the universe were a place of pain, this could never happen. The default condition everywhere in the universe, in all dimensions of perception, is joy, beauty, and love. These feelings are woven into the very fabric of existence.

‘Negative energy’ does not exist. What feels negative is just resistance to the positive life force.

When you get into trouble it is always because of your attention to it. Thoughts of unworthiness or self denial are not in consort with the true nature of consciousness. Life force energy is pure and positive and comes with a feeling of well– being. The feeling of ‘negative energy’ is just the inherent nature of your very being screaming to you that your thoughts and beliefs and ideas about yourself are inconsistent with your very nature.

Yes, that’s very good, but why do so many struggle? A famous writer asserts that a controlling group of entities manipulate the thought–space around earth from a higher dimension. It does seem that mass consciousness is composed of mostly negative ideas and limiting beliefs.

The answer to this is that you may manifest anything you would like from the potential, and the Law of Attraction will bring to you beings, energies, and conditions to match your thoughts, beliefs and feelings. The state of affairs on planet earth is always an exact match to the collective consciousness of the beings upon it.

Yes, but if that consciousness were to be affected by others? By the insertion or ‘implantation’ of negative ideas in order to facilitate control and domination?

Again, only those thoughts, beliefs, energies and beings that have been invited can come to you. That is how the universe has been designed. The universe has been designed to allow all experiences, all thought, all feeling. This is a universe of free– will and attraction.

So you are saying that IF there are hostile beings from other planets or dimensions, we have invited them?

That’s right.

But do these off-planet beings exist? Are there beings (whom we invited) who are wreaking havoc with the potential around our planet?

Every being that is on, in or around the earth is here according to a ‘mix and match’ of vibrational intent. It is all in perfect balance, and in a constant change of flux. If the people of earth would like to change their collective experience, all that is necessary is to change thought, to choose differently.

What if I want to change my experience and the other 6 billion don’t?

Then your experience will change and theirs will not. Life is not a zero–sum game. You have touched on that in some of your essays. There is an infinite sea of potential which can be accessed from anywhere in the universe. Your prosperity is dependent upon how much you ask for it, and how much you allow it. The predominant belief on earth for most is one of scarcity. Most do not ask for prosperity, thinking that it is not possible.

As we said to Esther, if you are healthy, do you deprive another of health? If you become ill, does the health you would have had transfer to someone else?

If you are intelligent, does that mean someone else must be stupid? Do you say, ‘I will be confused for a few weeks and allow others to be smart?’ It just doesn’t work that way! The universe is infinitely abundant in all things and in order to enjoy that abundance, all you must do is ask for it, and allow it to come to you.

OK. So the ‘earth is a prison and humans are the inmates and higher dimensional beings are the wardens’ is not true?

There are beings of all types and energies on, in and around your planet. There is no jail and warden scenario, because all of you have free will and can ask and receive anything you want. If you find yourself in prison, you have voluntarily committed yourself!

OK, I am really getting the idea. There is just free will. Every time I say a negative, you turn it around and put a positive spin on it.

(Laughing) Well that is because the universe IS positive! Your negative ideas are just resistance to the natural, inherent, benign state of the universe!

(Here the thought forms, energy, inspiration, whatever you want to call it, stopped, so I will end off for now).

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