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Session 4

If the universe exists as a potential energy from which conscious beings manifest, then what is matter and energy? What are matter and energy composed of?

Thought. Every thought is energy and adds, ever so slightly, to the expansion of the universe, and to it’s gradual evolvement. For example, your science says that the chair you sit on is composed of atoms and atoms are composed of smaller particles and those particles are composed of still smaller particles. Eventually you reach the level of thought.

A thought is a direct creation of consciousness and so it is the most fundamental perceivable unit or quanta.

Each thought can be considered to be a ‘vibration,’ or combination of ‘vibrations.’ We use the word vibration because it is the closest word you have in your language to describe the essence of aliveness. In your scientific model, atoms and the particles that comprise them are constantly moving, oscillating within themselves, so the word ‘vibration’ is a good one. Thoughts are vibrational because they are alive, and they are alive because they are vibrational. A circular definition, but accurate.

OK, but then what is consciousness? Is it energy?

Consciousness is that which creates thought and perceives what it has created. Consciousness creates vibrationally, and the universe of its creation is perceived or interpreted vibrationally. Vibration is intimate to perception; and all things physical, or perceivable, are vibrational in nature. Consciousness, like a radio tuned to a specific station, has the ability to focus vibrationally and perceive.

So then, consciousness and thought are the same thing?

Essentially, yes. You are trying to differentiate and separate things that are not really separate, but which must be differentiated, otherwise you would not have a universe at all! You see the whole thing is reflexive, coming back in on itself. Existence is the creation of consciousness, and reflects the eternal and self–reflexive nature of consciousness. Existence is simply perception. Perception requires something to perceive, and that ‘thing’ is thought, in all of its unimaginably complex and beautiful patterns! The reason for consciousness, for self– awareness, is perception; for without something to look at, awareness is pointless.

There is an intimate connection between everything in existence and consciousness itself. Space is just the creation of consciousness via thought. An object is composed, ultimately, of ‘organized’ thought. Therefore, space is not empty. It is filled with the vibrations that consciousness has created. It is alive! Matter and energy are simply different combinations of thought into various geometrical arrangements.

So you see, from your point of view our explanations are always circular. We always wind up saying essentially the same thing, over and over, in different words and by taking different routes. For your understanding, the truth is a circle: begin and end are at the same point, yet once the circle is completed there is no begin and end.

Is the universe closed, open, or saddle-shaped?

It is whatever you are perceiving from your vibrational vantage point. You see, it all depends upon your point of view/level of consciousness. Have you ever noticed that when you increase your awareness you perceive differently? When you were a child, the street you lived on seemed like the whole world; everything that happened was contained within it. When you entered school the world seemed to expand radically, and it took you a while to adjust. As you change your ideas about the universe you expand your awareness of it, and it in turn changes to match your preferences.

Are we merely observing the universe, or creating it?

Both. Remember that from your human viewpoint, your conception of the universe must be limited. That is because consciousness, when it becomes associated with physical bodies, perceives through the body’s limiting senses. Therefore, you are only perceiving a miniscule portion of the universe.

OK. What is this potential you keep talking about?

The potential is the virtual ‘soup’ of vibration, or potential energy, out of which anything you desire to experience may be called forth. It is –– we will say in terms you can understand –– the combined thought from consciousness since the beginning of the universe.

It sounds like magic.

It IS magic! But humans limit themselves to a tiny fraction of their true potential. This is because of the habit you have of wanting to only consider valid that which has already manifested and that which is observable; also, your habit of wanting to label everything and get it figured out for all time. Humans are fond of proposing laws of nature (and human behavior) that must be fixed for all time. If someone changes his or her behavior patterns, you call that person ‘inconsistent,’ or ‘impulsive,’ but the ability to change your mind is a quintessential property of consciousness. Consistent behavior is often robotic, or unmindful behavior.

If only you could realize the true potential of human nature! You would all be astounded at what you are potentially capable of.

But of course this is understandable since you are all out here on the leading edge of experience. You are limited greatly by your human sensors. So you are able to perceive only a tiny fraction of everything-that-is, as we have mentioned before. But we are here to remind you that you are far more than you have led yourselves to believe.

Yes but what you are saying is that we are capable of anything. That’s ridiculous. We can’t instantly manifest out of this potential anything we would wish. If that were true I’d have a couple billion dollars!

Not with your present state of consciousness.

Are you saying its possible?

Anything is possible. But first you must change your state of being.

OK, I get your drift. You can’t just snap your fingers and get what you want. You actually have to work for it.

Well, your work is the alignment of your own energy to what you desire. The vibrational matching property of the universe assists you, and it is very powerful assistance, we assure you. That’s a lot different than running around like a chicken with your head cut off, engaging in actions that are not aligned to the goal.

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