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Session 3A

Science attempts to figure out the laws of the universe. From your point of view, what is science?

As humans have defined it, science is based upon observation of what has already been manifested from the potential. It is a very good way to determine the history of thought, and the design of the universe FROM YOUR HUMAN PERSPECTIVE, but hard science is based only upon observation of what–already–is. According to science, only that which can be perceived and/or demonstrated right now is valid. In other words, a scientist says: ‘I have an idea about X. I will do an experiment to test whether my idea is valid.’

What the scientist will do is to conduct an experiment to see if X can be manifested, or has already been manifested (i.e., can it be observed). If the scientist cannot observe it, he then considers that idea X is invalid!

However, what the scientist is missing is his conscious connection to the potential. If a scientist originates an idea and tests it, he begins manifesting immediately from the potential. The universe begins to respond to his intent, through thought, and matches him up with data, energy and people of like vibration. To then say that since he has not yet observed idea X in manifested form, therefore idea X is invalid is like saying the water will not come out of the garden hose because after 2 seconds the water has not been observed! When the scientist sits before his experiment he is co–creating in a sea of thought, an ocean of potential energy. The scientist’s ideas for the outcome of the experiment, along with the previously organized and agreed–upon thought everywhere in the universe, form the possible potentials and direct the eventual manifestation of it.

This is how the evolution of science occurs, by gradually coming up with new ideas, agreeing to them, and then either rejecting them, thus preventing their manifestation, or manifesting them.

The more agreement on an idea by more conscious beings, the stronger the vibrational signal sent to the potential, and so the bigger is the resultant manifestation, which is always an exact match to the sending signal.

Observation is perception of what–is (already manifested). A thought is by definition a creation because it is a packet (albeit very tiny) of energy. A thought adds to the total energy of the universe. Therefore, conscious beings contribute to the evolvement of the universe. You see, humankind has it mostly backwards. Consciousness created the universe to play in it. The universe was designed so that beings could alter it at will and so experience new things. That’s the fun of it! If the universe were just a static place, an environment where everything has already been figured out in advance, there would be no point. It would be like a hamster on a treadmill, continually doing the same things over and over. We are here to tell you that the universe is not like that. It is an eternally expanding playground.

So trying to figure everything out is pointless?

It is not pointless if it gives you joy. But as soon as you think you have it all figured out, some new idea occurs to you and new experiences result from that new thought. Look at what happened in science at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, with the ideas of relativity and quantum mechanics. That resulted in a whole new world–view and the possibility for new experiences based upon the change of consciousness that resulted form those ideas.

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