> More on Time, Part II

More on Time, Part II

More on Time, Part II

Session 3

( I am back to the time thing again. I am fascinated by time travel and I don’t want to hear that it’s not possible!) OK, if there is a universal potential of infinite energy, as you have mentioned, then it seems to me that 1233 and 2002, any time in fact, can exist in this universal soup of energy and be accessed. If that is true then time travel should be possible.

(smiles) You are certainly persistent! However, you fail to distinguish between a potential and a manifestation. Imagine you have the ability to see the all–that–is in its entirety. You will discover a constantly changing tapestry of thought, of thought form, and manifestation. You see the tapestry in a constant state of flux; it is never, can never be the same twice. You perceive the tapestry as eternal and know every sensation and experience that has ever occurred; but you also know that the poignant moment of any perception, sensation, or experience is unique. The tapestry is in a state of continual modification. It is easy to take snapshots or impressions of the tapestry and know it in fullness, but it is not possible to ever rearrange the tapestry to conform to an individual snapshot; that is because consciousness universe–wide has free will and the decisions it makes are always different.

Your conception of a parallel universe is simply another way to organize thought and to perceive. You may label that a ‘parallel universe’ or an ‘alternate reality’ or a different ‘dimension,’ whatever makes you feel better!

You see, it makes no difference what you call it. By labeling something you do not increase your understanding of it, you simply limit it. In trying to understand something you must also limit it, because you must confine it to a bundle of thought that makes sense to you at your level of perception and awareness.

A label is a definition of something. It is a fixing of vibrational intent to a certain pattern of frequencies, which will then manifest that way for you out of the potential. So by labeling something you define it. Then you get confused because you attempt to extrapolate the whole from the place of limitation. It is not possible to fully understand what we have said until you release your very strong association with the physical experience. As we said before, the intent of a physical incarnation is the intensifying of experience. Accompanying a physical experience is an (almost inevitable) loss of understanding of the whole. In human form you simply do not have the ability to perceive the fullness of all–that–is.

OK I see that I am asking a question from a limited viewpoint, and that I am never going to get an answer that is satisfying.

Of course not, for you are trying to get The Answer which will be true forever, and that cannot happen. Rather than trying to figure it all out, try just enjoying the experience of living!

The universe is eternal and can never be whittled down to a few fundamental ideas or elements. It is growing and expanding and dynamic.

You are never going to figure it all out.

If the universe ever got to the point where it was all done, all explained, everyone in it would turn the lights out and leave! If you ever figured it all out, it wouldn’t be growing anymore.

The universe grows because consciousness is continually creating new thought and manifesting new experiences from the potential. That’s what makes it so fun! There is far more ahead of you than behind you.

OK we have come full circle. I still have the same questions I have before, especially, about time.

That is because you are writing your script as you go along. If you believe that time is like another spatial dimension, and enough of you on earth agree to that, then you may define whatever you want to manifest out of the potential, and call it anything you want, and experience it. The thing we want you to understand is that YOU ALL ARE CREATING YOUR OWN EXPERIENCES. As physical beings you cannot recreate the entire universe, but you have the ability to modify what is already there. You may call forth out of the energy soup anything you would like. You are in control, you are the designers of your experience. No one else is doing it to you or for you. God is not imposing itself into your experience. There is no RIGHT answer! There is just the opportunity to call forth new experiences, eternally. And you get to decide what those experiences are.

Thank you.

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