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Session 2

Let me get back once more to the idea of time, and time travel. Let’s say a being has a lifetime in 1233 where he was known as ‘Joe,’ and another lifetime in 2002 where he is known as ‘Pete.’ Both of them are equally real, and both must exist. It seems that in order to reconcile the two physical existences then parallel universes must exist. If, as some say, time is just an illusion and everything is happening NOW, then both ‘Joe’ and ‘Pete’ must have an independent existence. They must both be living out their lives at the same time!

While it is true that all things happen NOW, it is not true that everything that has ever existed is experienced simultaneously! That is not quite true, for the NOW moment is outside of time. It is therefore eternal in the sense that when you have an experience it is possible to remember everything about the experience. It is alive within you forever. But the events can never be experienced/replicated in quite the same way, for all events are unique, and will be unique, never to be repeated.

To understand this it is necessary to comprehend the NOW as something eternal, instantaneous and outside the perception of time. It is an intellectual contradiction.

All events are perceived NOW. In other words, your remembrance of the experience occurs NOW, just as your experience of the events did. In one sense there is really no difference between the experience of an event and the remembrance of it, for the re–living of an incident can be as real as the actual experience! Yet there IS a difference between experience and the remembrance of an experience. That is why we/you created the physical universe –– to live the experience more intensely, and not just dream it. In other words, THE PURPOSE FOR THE PHYSICAL UNIVERSE IS TO INTENSIFY PERCEPTION AND EXPERIENCE. That is its primary function.

‘Joe’ and ‘Pete’ both had experiences in the physical universe. Each was an aspect of a larger consciousness, and each contributed to the physical conditions that existed at the time of their incarnation. Each moment of NOW draws forth a different manifestation from the potential; physical reality is the combined co–creation of all beings who participate in it.

‘1233’ was a continuously changing thing, as the thought of all consciousness evolved and changed. In 2002, the thoughts of consciousness are different, and so the face of your planet has changed to match this new thought.

The year ‘1233’ and the year ‘2002’ are, in actuality, the same time. That is because ‘the year 1233’ is an artificial designation that describes consecutive moments of NOW. ‘The year 2002’ is also an artificial designation, for the experiences that occur in ‘2002’ are actually occurring NOW. In other words, how do we define ‘the year 2002?’ We say, ‘there was now, and then another now, and then another now…’ and then we say ‘because the planet earth orbits about the sun and returns to approximately the same relative position to it, we will designate this as a period of time and call it a year.’ This is a very convenient physical designation, but the fact is that every sensation, every perception, every experience in the year 1233 or the year 2002 or the year 8936458 happens right NOW! Therefore, it is impossible to physically re–experience something that is always NOW. The ‘past’ is an artificial designation for an impression of a NOW experience. It does not have a physical reality, other than the fact that a memory is itself a perception in the NOW.

So all that has really changed from the artificially designated series of experiences called ‘1233’ and those we call ‘2002’ are the thoughts of the conscious entities which are associated with your planet, in all of their billions upon billions. As thought changes, conditions change. First there is thought, then comes action and manifestation.

Wait a minute! If 1233 and 2002 and 8936458 all happen at the same time, then Joe and Pete ARE experiencing their lives at the same time!

You’ve just contradicted yourself!

(smiles) What we are saying is that Pete and Joe experience their lives in an eternal moment called NOW, but that it is not possible for a physical Pete to travel physically back in time and meet a physical Joe. The body of Joe has retuned to the potential! Pete and Joe, as aspects or expressions of a universal consciousness, may of course share, relive and relate their experiences. But this sharing and reliving is itself occurring NOW.

OK, I think I see, sort of. What you seem to be saying is that there is no independent time dimension, but this is in disagreement with relativity and quantum mechanics, which rely on time as a 4th dimension to explain what we perceive in our universe.

Well, we are not trying to tell you what you should believe! We are attempting to answer your questions as best we can. What you have manifested upon your planet and in your societies are an exact match to the thoughts and beliefs in those societies! We assure you, the society of the Bushmen in Africa are much different than the society in the United States. And the society of the academic scientific community is much, much different from that of construction workers. You could certainly say, if you went to Africa and visited with our friends the Bushmen, that they lived in a different time, could you not? You might then say that there are different ‘time dimensions’ coexisting within and upon each other all over your planet!

Time as you refer to it is just the decision to organize thought in a different way, which results in different observable conditions.

What has manifested has been experienced, and remembered, and it is known. Those who focused in 1233 experienced what they experienced, and there would not be thought organized in such a particular way, ever again. Do not make the mistake of believing that there are separate lumps of consciousness here, and separate lumps there. There is a stream of consciousness that you have been calling universal consciousness, which decides to BE in many different ways, and which focuses aspects, or extensions of itself into human bodies on earth (and many other places as well). All is intimately connected!

The experiential reality called 1233 has been thoroughly ingested and digested, as it were, and so it is not necessary to repeat it, ever again! We like variety, you see.

Humans might find it fascinating to think about traveling in time to some place that has already been experienced, but from your broader awareness you decided to experience now, in this energy, and you did not wish to rehash old experiences.

But traveling in time would be a wonderful new experience!! It is just a possible potential reality, isn’t it?

(smiles) Indeed it is! But you must remember that humans are not the only life forms that exist! What about the birds and the rocks and the insects and the fish and the grains of sand, where are all of these life forms and things? In order to travel in time you must have thought organized exactly the way it was, in every instant that you experience this old time, and so must have the agreement of all to essentially recreate the same patterns of thought and vibration. We assure you, thought has evolved since 1233 on your planet, and it would not be possible to organize it in exactly the same way again.

Yes, but I can imagine time travel and an independent time dimension, and if it can be imagined, it should be possible. That’s what I have read from other channelers, anyway! It should be possible to travel back to any time that exists in the potential of thought, if all is as you say. I guess my question is, is there a universal record of all that has been experienced, so that it can be re-experienced?

There is the experience and there is the impression of the experience that can be recalled. All that has ever been experienced is recallable. In that sense time travel is possible, for it is always possible to relive an experience. And it is possible to recall the experience in perfect detail and change the circumstances of the experience. So it is possible to change the past, as it were.

Is it possible to recreate (recall or dream) an experience and perceive it as intensely as you can when in a physical body? Sometimes it is! (Recall the nightmare you had last week). How ‘real’ can a dream be? These questions are exactly what we/you asked ourselves when we considered the question ‘How is it possible to make experiences more real, more exciting, more intense?’ The answer was the creation of the physical universe!

If you ask yourself, ‘why was the nightmare so real?’ the answer is, ‘because it was based on an actual physical experience.’ Dreams are powerful experiences, but not so powerful as the carefully constructed configuration called ‘physical universe.’

In discussing time travel there is the difficulty that consciousness does not WANT to re-experience! We want to grow, evolve, become more! We don’t want to go back to 1233 and relive that old stuff, and you, in your broader awareness, would really not like to do so either, we assure you! That is why you are experiencing now, right where you are. Enjoy yourself!!! You see, many humans think fondly about time travel with the idea that it would be nice to get away from their troubles. The idea is ‘oh, it would be so nice to go to 1233, I wouldn’t have to worry about money or that jerk I have for a boss, or my father–in–law, or all of my problems.’ But consider; when you are feeling wonderful, you would not like to be anywhere else than where you are right at the moment. Because it just feels so wonderful to be alive! It is that delicious feeling of loving life in the moment that is the reason for all experience.

We see you objecting that time travel, if it were possible, might be undertaken from an orientation of excitement and adventure, and of course this is true, but we want to say to you that there is plenty of adventure to be had right where (and when) you are now.

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