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Time and Higher dimensions

Time and Higher dimensions

Session 1

Does everything that has ever been since the beginning of the universe still exist? In other words, could I go back in time and see my grandfather? Scientists are speculating that time travel may be actually be possible. I guess I’m asking you if there are parallel universes.

Your communication is a little fuzzy. We will respond in general by saying that there exists a potential from which you perceive and which then becomes your reality in every conscious moment. Surrounding every conscious being is a set of possibilities that may manifest from the potential soup of universal energy. Reality is manufactured when you activate one of the possibilities. In other words, with your conscious choices you are grabbing a potential and making it ‘real’ to you. The possibilities for your future experience actually exist energetically and can be measured. Every one of you is a vortex of transmitting and receiving energy.

The matter and energy of the body of your grandfather, for example, and all of the things that have ever existed, has simply changed its form. You know this as the law of conservation of energy. Energy is simply recycled, that is all.

Hmm…but what happened to the earth that my grandfather lived in? Did it just melt back into the potential?

It has been transformed. New possibilities have manifested from the potential. The things that existed in your grandfather’s time have been re–arranged to conform to the new thought that exists in your time. There is new thought because there are newly incarnated beings upon your earth, who come with different intentions. New intentions generate new manifestations and so the face of your planet changes. All of it results from the changing thought of the consciousness inhabiting your world.

What is this potential you speak of?

The potential is a field of consciousness, invisible to your scientific instruments. It is alive, it interfaces directly with consciousness and it responds to every thought, every decision, every preference you have ever had. That is why we say that every human being is a walking vortex of constantly changing possibility. You have the potential to change your life with every new decision you make.

Wow! How come I am not aware of this vortex or these possibilities?

Because you have been taught to ignore who you really are. Because your limiting beliefs block your perception of your own potential. And because the nature of your physical existence focuses your attention so strongly on the world around you. We will have much more to say on this later.

All right. I am not quite sure I understand the manifesting from the potential thing. You’re saying that we create everything we observe? That all 6 billion of us create a different world from the potential?

You don’t so much create as mold, invite, and change an already existing potential energy which is, for all practical purposes, infinite.

Yes, but there are such complex processes that keep the earth in balance. Who sees to the proper operation of the geology, the atmosphere and weather, the magnetic field, etc. that keep life on earth cocooned so precisely and within such defined parameters? It doesn’t seem likely that 6 billion humans who can’t stop fighting, arguing and killing each other, and who usually can’t remember what they had for breakfast three days ago, can accomplish that.

That is correct. Human beings incarnate into a physical universe that is set up to be experienced in a specific way. The set–ups have been prepared for you before you arrived.

By whom?

By you! You are an aspect of a universal consciousness that has created the universe and everything in it! Remember that although it was your intention, your human perspective is severely limited. The evolution of a planetary environment is a cooperative effort of consciousness. The planet itself is also conscious. Just as a human may affect the body’s systems through thought, so too can the earth affect its own systems.

So we exist in a very complex matrix which has been provided for us and which creates the ‘default earth’ which we then, on an individual basis, modify with our own thoughts and actions?

Yes. The matrix of creation exists, and the interaction between all of you modify the common space you live in, and each of you modify that to suit your needs. The Law of Attraction manages the interaction according to the vibration, or frequency, of your requests and your choices.

And realize that humans are not the only consciousness on the planet. Humans are like viruses in the body of a very complex earth with many, many life forms, many of which you cannot perceive, or do not consider to be life forms at all.


Viruses in the sense that a virus can mutate, change itself and affect its environment.

That still doesn’t answer my original about time. I want to know if there is an independent time dimension that contains all of the moments of existence there ever was, which would enable us to go back or forward in time and relive them.

The question of time is a question of potential unmanifested, and potential manifested. At each point in space/time there are different potentials manifested, among an infinity of possibilities.

Physical humans can only interface with the manifested potentials within the ‘window’ that their sensory equipment allows. Your eyes and ears, for example, only receive a very limited amount of information.

Time results from the movement of objects in space. Your perception of that movement is dependent on the physical body you are associating with. For example, a very small organism with a short life span (relative to humans) might ‘sample’ much more quickly than a tree, which can live hundreds of years. The birds you observe from your porch have a much different perception of the world, even though you sit not ten feet away. Therefore, the sensory equipment of the body largely determines how time is experienced.

However, consciousness itself is also a factor. You say ‘time is dragging’ or, ‘I can’t believe it’s 3 o’clock already.’ That is consciousness itself re–interpreting time. Let’s say you take your wife to a football game. For you the whole thing is over much too quickly but for her, the experience was interminable. So time may be experienced differently depending upon the organism which is experiencing, and the consciousness associated with it.

You regard time as a fixed continuum, but it is not fixed. Time is always subjective to the perceiver.

You seem to be saying that humans, and science, are only aware of a very small portion of a much vaster universe. You also seem to be saying that it is impossible to really know how it all works objectively.

Yes. That is the intention. A limited range of perception stimulates curiosity and desire, and allows for a diverse range of experiences. If all is known there is nothing to learn, nothing to investigate! The physical body automatically filters perception of the all–that–is. You will discover this very powerfully when you release your association with the body.

OK. Back to my question. Do parallel universes exist? Can we travel back and forth in time? I’d really like to go back in time and give my father some helpful parental advice about bringing me up.

A parallel universe might be defined as a potential that may or may not have manifested. Your idea considers ALL potentials as having manifested!

So all potentials do not manifest?

What manifests is what is experienced! What is not experienced remains a potential. For example, you apply for a new job and do not get it. What is the manifestation, and what is the potential? The potential was for you to get the job, or not to get it. What manifested was that you did not get the job. So you continue to live your life in your present job. You cannot say that what manifested was both that you got the job, and that you did not! What manifests is what is experienced! If your experience is not getting the job, that is the reality for you. The idea of parallel universes says that you got the job and you did not get the job, and that the universe in which you got the job is just as real as the universe that you are experiencing, and you are in both of them, consciously self aware in two separate universes. But you are you, not someone else! You are an aspect of universal consciousness that exists right now, and you are aware of yourself experiencing where you are right now. The parallel universe concept requires not only a bifurcation or branching of universes, but also of consciousness. You cannot be experiencing in a universe where you experienced something, and also in one where you did not! Otherwise, you would not be you, because what is real to you is what you experience, do you see? The universe in which you got the new job was just a potential that did not manifest, and so was not experienced.

A manifestation is just a conscious being experiencing something, feeling something, perceiving something, and a potential is something that had a possibility of being experienced, but wasn’t.

That’s pretty definitive. You’re saying parallel universes do not exist. However, if the universe is infinite, I don’t see why not. You’re also implying that time travel is impossible.

Time travel in the sense that you mean, a physical transfer to a physical universe location in space/time that has been previously experienced, is impossible.


It involves understanding of the idea of NOW. All experience occurs NOW, and can never be duplicated or replicated. Here is an example we gave you earlier that you included in your novel.

OK, that clears things up a little, anyway. Now for my next question!

Are there more than 3 spatial dimensions? Or does the all–that–is just contain a vast amount of energy that is not detectable to our human senses and the instruments of science?

Define more clearly what you mean.

Height, width and breadth are 3 dimensions. A 4th spatial dimension requires one added direction (a ‘hyper’ dimension) in addition to length, width, and height, just like a 3rd spatial dimension involves an added direction (height) from length and width. If higher spatial dimensions exist, they could contain an infinite number of 3 dimensional universes, and so the idea of parallel universes might be possible. Some scientists say that in order to account for the total mass of the universe, energy has to be stored in ‘higher dimensions’ that we cannot perceive from our 3 dimensional perspective.

You cannot talk about dimension without talking about perception. A ‘higher dimension’ is just another way of saying: ‘I am perceiving differently.’ From your physical perspective you have a limited view of the all–that–is. Things you cannot physically perceive but can imagine are naturally placed in imaginary dimensions.

When consciousness associates with a biological body on your planet (or any planet), you give up some of your broader awareness. From your physical viewpoint you may call this broader perspective another ‘dimension’ if you want to. You may call it a spatial dimension or another ‘plane’ of existence or label it in any way you wish. No matter what you call it, it is just a different way of perceiving.

What we really want to get across to you, is that IF YOU CAN PERCEIVE IT, IT IS REAL. And if you cannot, it isn’t real! That should take care of a lot of other questions on the subject of dimension.

Placing a label on something and attempting to quantify it and explain it to death and pigeonhole it, is a very amusing trait humans have. Then when you think you have it all explained, you write equations to determine its relationship to all of you forevermore and then you continually create it that way, so that it becomes more and more real to all of you. Then you become the slave of it! Because it is being observed over and over, it must be true; but it is only true because you create it as true in every instant, which gets back to what we said before.

So there really is no 4th spatial dimension?

There can be, if you can perceive differently. You can call it whatever you like.

OK, then how do you change your perception to perceive a 4th dimensional object?

That is up to you. Anything is possible, if you desire the experience and allow it to happen. There aren’t very many of you who are willing to do that, and those that do either think they are crazy, or others label them as crazy or nuts, because they are perceiving so very differently from the rest of you.

You see, it is all up to you. That is the message we really want to get across to you. There is an infinite potential which can be manifested in infinite ways, it all depends upon your imagination and your desire and vision.

OK enough for tonight. more tomorrow.

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