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For many years, off and on, I would sit with a piece of paper and a pen and just write down questions, waiting for inspiration to strike. Sometimes I would just write down whatever came into my head. Often these efforts were rewarding, sometimes the results were nonsense. Then I saw the books from Neale Donald Walsch, and I saw that his very powerful questions generated answers of very high clarity. I figured that Walsch had done a definitive job of it, and that any efforts from myself would be redundant.

But for the past couple of years I have been trying to reconcile my understanding of science with that of metaphysics; I realized I had original questions which Mr. Walsch had not asked, so I decided to sit down at the keyboard and ask them.

I discovered what Mr. Walsch discovered; that is, the more intense the desire for clarity through the asking of the question, the clearer was the reply.

At first, I was not exactly sure who or what provided the answers. However, I felt a powerful, positive energy surging through me during the process of asking the question. The answers come in the form of what I can only refer to as a ‘packet’ of complete understanding.

(Later on in the Dialogues it became clear that what I thought was my “Higher Self” was actually a group of beings who are not, at present, physically incarnated in physical bodies).

I then translated this understanding as fast as I could into words. Most of the time I couldn’t keep up, but they have learned to slow down to my level of typing, which isn’t that great. I also learned that after I ask the question, I just have to allow the answer to come to me. I had to get over the resistance I felt to some of their replies. Sometimes their responses made no sense, or I just disagreed with them. So I had to learn to accept what was coming in, and, even more important, to not interject my own crap into the middle of their message. This was difficult at first, as you may be able to discern as you read the first pages. I had to get over the urge to sanitize or make logical sense of the replies. When I was able to do this, I was always surprised at what came out. Sometimes they would just remind me of stuff that was already sitting in my mind, but which I had not connected in the proper way to the question I had asked. At other times, there was a completely new understanding (at least for me) that came forth.

Sometimes the energy from them came through me so strongly it was like being in the middle of a gigantic rush of bliss. It feels like complete excitement, exhilaration, and it is totally positive. The common denominator of this energy is utter and complete well being. That is the only way I can state it in words. Their certainty that all is well, not just well, but blissfully perfect, exhilarating, wonderful, (etc.) was at first, confusing and irrational and then, as I became used to it, incredibly inspirational. As a result of these dialogues, I know now what an amazing experience death will be. Actually, they just laugh at death, for them it is a ludicrous concept. They say that there is no death, just a transition to another way of perceiving. They say that we are never unconscious, because when we sleep, we dream, and so are perceiving in the dream state. From their point of view, death is like a scared cat in his first trip through the cat door. Coming in through the gate, going back out through the gate, that’s what its like entering and exiting the body, but they say the experience of exiting is so blissful, you will laugh at yourself once you get on the ‘other side’ at any fear you had about the death process.

I have a feeling these guys came to me in response to my desire for knowledge. I am the sort of bloke who does not care who or how I get information; if it makes sense, that is good enough for me. It is easy to trust the content of their messages, because, as I said before, it comes with a feeling of complete and utter certainty. The only uncertainty is my translation of it!

I call them ‘guys’ or ‘them’ because it feels like there is a consciousness that is responding to me, but not a single person. At first I didn’t differentiate between them, because I couldn’t, really, and also because it wasn’t important to me. It was only later that I was able to get the individual members of the group. Their emotions run from the sarcastic to the childish, but mostly I feel a sense of complete certainty, and of joy, when I am in full communication with them.

I cannot categorize them, because, as they say, any categorization is a label, and they do not want to be limited in that fashion. In some ways they feel similar to the beings who call themselves ‘Abraham,’ but in many ways they are completely different.

If it’s OK with them, its OK with me. All I care about are the responses, and that great rush of positive energy I feel!

I am not claiming that anything in this book is The Truth. I believe that Truth is something unique and personal to each conscious being, but I also believe that there are fundamental principles upon which the universe is based, and upon which it has been constructed; and I have found their responses to my questions to be quite enlightening on that topic.

There are those reading this who will understand more fully than I, the responses I am getting. So please forward to me your understanding if you feel you have anything profound or significant to add.

I hope that these dialogues will be helpful to you in clearing up some of life’s mysteries; or, at least, that you will find them entertaining.

Kenneth James Michael MacLean September, 2002

(Additional material added January 2005)

“When the solution is simple, God is answering.” — Albert Einstein

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