> Definitions of Some Jargon Words

Definitions of Some Jargon Words

Definitions of Some Jargon Words

I don’t like jargon words but unfortunately, I found myself using them anyway!

Allowing: Allowing is a letting-in of life force energy, without resistance. The default experience for a conscious being, in the absence of resistant or self–limiting thought, is a feeling of well–being. In life, one allows by avoiding self–criticism and self–judgment, as well as criticism and judgment of others.

Connected: By connected is meant a pure joining to life force energy, which always results in a feeling of joy and well–being. Thought, being a product of consciousness, interfaces directly with it. Thought precedes emotion; self–limiting thought causes a descent on the emotional scale; no–thought and self–supporting thought result in positive emotion.

Consciousness: Self–awareness; pure, positive, creative potential. Consciousness is the animating and directing principle of the universe. Consciousness is non–physical in nature; therefore, it is not measurable, only the products of consciousness are measurable.

Disconnected: engaging in resistant, judgmental, or self–limiting thought, which causes a descent on the emotional scale.

Focus: To focus is to center attention, or to pay attention to. Strong focus is concentration. In the dialogues, ‘focusing of consciousness’ means the intent for experiencing. A beetle has a different life experience than a human, and the intentions for such a life must be different!

Manifestation: Something tangible, something that exists; usually, a physical object, like a house or a car or money; but it also refers to a condition or situation, like health, or clarity.

Native State: A non–corporeal personality in its true form and appearance.

Non-Physical: Virtual, non–corporeal. Unable to be objectively measured or detected with physical instrumentation.

Source Energy: Pure, positive, life force energy. Thought energy, which proceeds directly from consciousness. It has also been called chi, prana, or Ka (and many other labels as well).

Vibration: Periodic (or non–periodic) motion through a medium. When you hit a piano key or pluck a guitar string, it begins to oscillate back and forth, moving the molecules of air around, generating sound waves.

An atom is vibrating internally, because atoms are 99.99% space with electrons that spin and rotate about the nucleus. In the standard scientific model, matter and energy is composed of atoms; therefore, matter and energy can be considered vibrational, even though the human senses perceive these things as solid and unmoving.

Thoughts are also vibrational, for they are alive, proceeding directly from consciousness.

Every thought has a distinct vibration, depending upon its content. When you strike the middle ‘A’ note on a piano, you hear a distinct sound (including the harmonics of that note). Every key on the piano sounds a unique note, and so too with thoughts. When you think a thought, make a choice, preference or decision, you create a vibration within the universal medium, which is postulated to be a field of thought energy that surrounds, penetrates, and composes all things. So every conscious being is a sort of broadcasting tower to the rest of the universe.

Thought is, in the vibrational model of the universe, the fundamental quanta, the building block of matter and energy.

Emotions are amplifiers of thought, and serve to boost the strength of your broadcast signal.

I will often refer to a person’s ‘vibration,’ meaning, the sum total of a person’s thoughts, beliefs, and feelings about life.

The totality of a person’s thoughts, beliefs and attitudes and feelings determine precisely what he or she experiences in life.

This is exactly the opposite of what we are taught; that is, it is commonly thought that beliefs and feelings are determined by the ‘reality’ around us, but this is backwards. Such a philosophy places effect before cause. Cause is consciousness! The horse pulls the cart, not the other way around.

This idea has been understood for millennia; the Buddha said, ‘what we are arises from our thoughts. With our thoughts we make our world.’

See the book ‘The Vibrational Universe’ for more details.

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