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The Human Body

The Human Body

Session 24

My question goes to the ‘seat of consciousness’ of a human being. I have noticed that when I am up in my head and operating intellectually I become almost emotionless and lose my feeling of well–being; but when I am focusing somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd chakra, I can receive your communications clearly. In fact, I cannot do this work unless a feeling of well–being courses through me. Where is the connection to source energy in a human being? Some say it is the heart, others the solar plexus, others the Tan Tien.

Connection implies two separate pieces coming together. That is not how it is at all. There is consciousness, some of it is focused into the body and some of it is not, similar to a beam of light on a sunny day, focused into a point from a magnifying glass. The collected light at the focus point is not separate from the other light that surrounds it, it is just experiencing more intensely!

OK, that was nice but it didn’t answer the question. Or are you saying that there is no one place of connection? What about the chakras?

When you feel great, do you feel great in only one place?

No, I guess not.

Of course not! Consciousness is not seated in just one place! When you feel fantastic there is an expansion of consciousness. The expansion of consciousness is what occurs when you ‘die.’

Yes, but consciousness is focused as you say, into the body. There must be some place for it to focus! I guess my question is, how is the body formed?

The human body manifests from a template that is designed by the consciousness of the species, and is continually evolving. Each body has a slightly different but unique template which is reflected in the DNA that structures the body’s physical systems.

Where does the energy that forms the body come from?

The energy that forms the body is the energy of thought.

The energy of thought? Must be a whole hell of a lot of thought that goes into the body!!

Yes, the origin of that saying is profound and prophetic. Humans say ‘that must have taken a lot of thought’ when talking about the accomplishment of a difficult project, and that is also how the body is formed. The body starts off as a fertilized egg. The process of cell division has the cell essentially moving things around in it to facilitate the process of the cell splitting into two identical cells. How does this happen? Science never bothers to tell you why all that stuff is moving around in the cell! It just describes the process. We assure you that this process is directed by thought! Consciousness is at the very core of WHY the cell material moves and behaves the way it does. That is why we say that the cell is conscious. It cannot be anything BUT conscious, otherwise, there would be no movement, no growth!

And note that this movement is not random. Obviously, random motion would never create anything but randomness – yet every seed, every larvae, every egg, every cell grows perfectly every time, according to the template set forth by consciousness, and every cell is conscious and grows by the direction of thought, unless interfered with by the consciousness co–creating along with the body.

The interference by the human ‘in charge’ so to speak, is what causes all human disease and illness.

Yes, but cell division is explained nicely by the DNA code. Biologists and geneticists have pretty much explained the whole thing!

No doubt, but who or what is responsible for the programming of the physical code? The components of DNA are themselves composed of the same energy that makes up the atomic structure of all things. Your science says that DNA is composed of atoms, atoms are composed of electrons, neutrons and protons, neutron and protons are composed of quarks…the energy within all subatomic particles is the same…continue this process until one reaches…thought itself. Thought is the product of consciousness, and consciousness is the designing and animating principle behind all physical things.

We will not argue with you, for we understand this with absolute certainty. Our explanations, of course, cannot be proven, for the measurement of consciousness and thought is not possible from your physical vantage point; therefore, it is beyond the reach of present scientific knowledge. We feel how this pains you, but for us, surrounded and immersed in complete well–being and joy, it is not disturbing at all, and completely obvious.

We will be blunt and say that the inability of science to detect and explain consciousness is the primary reasons for your planet’s…interest…to us. Such confusion breeds diversity of thought and creates contrasting belief systems. The amusement park with the killer and dangerous rides is much more exciting than the kiddie carnival!

Hmm…maybe. Our understanding is not complete, that is true…I have read the descriptions of cell division and seen the pictures and studied genetics and DNA, but of course what you are saying is pure speculation…

(guffaws) From a scientific point of view, which seems to be your concern, these conversations are nothing BUT pure speculation! We will say again, all biological processes are directed by consciousness. Every cell is conscious, unto itself.

Each cell eagerly allows life force energy to be drawn into it, according to the dictates of the ‘master plan’ for the body, the ‘etheric blueprint’ as you call it.

So how does a human cause disease within the body?

By blocking off the flow of life force energy to the cells. By changing the thought structure around the cell, interfering with the cells asking, and source energy answering. This causes a disruption or distortion of the proper directed flow of life force to the cell.

Does every single cell have a different consciousness? Or are physical processes directed by a separate genetic consciousness that runs the body?

Well, the body has a number of what are called autonomic processes that function automatically. When you go to sleep, your body still breathes, the heart still pumps, the blood still flows, all biological processes necessary to sustain life are still present. Remember that the physical incarnation is analogous to the envelopment of the particle by the amoeba. Although the incarnated personality senses and experiences through the body, it is surrounded by the consciousness of the ‘higher self.’ That higher self is you!

You may consider this a separate genetic consciousness, but the body as a whole is conscious of itself. Even when you are awake, for example, the blood in your body still flows without your conscious direction. The body itself, as a whole, and from every cell, is animated by consciousness. Everything in existence is conscious, do you see? Because everything in existence is composed of thought.

Thank you very much, that was enlightening!

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