> The Value and Purpose of Contrast

The Value and Purpose of Contrast

The Value and Purpose of Contrast

Session 23

Hi guys! Who are you? Are you part of my ‘inner being’ or ‘higher self’ or are you a separate group of entities that I am just communicating with?

We are what you would call ‘separate’ entities, although there is really no such thing.

Really? Then where is my own higher self? Could you guys contact him and tell him to get his butt over here? I’d like to ask him a few questions.

(Laughs) ‘he’ has been here all along. We are accessing the vibration within you that is blocking off that energy — the vibration that says ‘I am not good enough.’

Yes, I can feel that, but it seems residual now.

Then let it in!!!!

It feels like my father, and I just instinctively push him away.

Of course it feels like your father! You and your father are different aspects of the same life force energy. When you push him away you push yourself way as well.

Omigawd. I can feel it. So how do I release this resistance?

Recall the enjoyable qualities of your father. Concentrate on those, and you begin to let that wonderful energy come through you.

Is the ‘father’ energy a part of the energy of your group?


Is your group a big oneness of consciousness or a bunch of separate personalities that experience together?

Like–minded beings get together –– those whose choices and preferences match up. Our group is a blending of consciousness and vibration yet each being is distinct. We all revel in our diversity and different–ness and in fact, this quality of different–ness is the prime quality we strive for. The natural quality of this universe, and of consciousness, is a coming–together. that is why we value difference so much!

It can be explained simply in this way: when you play a game, it helps if each player has a clearly defined role. The more unique and different expressions exhibited during the game, the more fun it is. When you play hide and seek and Bob always hides in back of the car in Joe’s garage, that’s no fun! But if Bob finds new and exciting hiding places each time, everyone has a blast! Do you see?

When you played your board game of ‘mad marbles’ each of you named your marbles did you not? One was called the ‘assassin,’ one was called the ‘wizard,’ another ‘doctor death,’ etc., as you recall, and as each hit and knocked another off the board much fun was experienced by all.

And when you can continue your game and make up new rules as you go along, that is even more fun!

Yes, I get it. Nice energy of fun and playfulness coming through.

Yes, that is how we, and all those who we interact with, experience life.

Sounds great! I almost can’t wait to get back.

At this point in your life you would not want to unfocus out of the body. You came for the exciting game of ‘leading edge.’ Here you are at the very limit of the expansion of thought.

Yes, a little more about that please. I have heard talk of ‘inner planes’ and those inner planes being closer to the pure expression of thought or awareness of bliss. What does it mean to say we are on the ‘leading edge of thought?’

It means that thought is at its most concentrated. As an analogy, think of an essence oil. When you interface with the vibrations connected with your world, it packs a powerful wallop! You are almost overwhelmed with sensation and information. This has been taken to its (current) limit while still providing the opportunity to connect with source. However, that is what you wanted!

As a result, there is a culmination of the most unique and original thoughts.

OK, so it’s no big deal. We’ve heard that before.

No big deal??? We assure you all of us are focusing through you (and others) in this physical reality. For us it is like an immense building project, always under construction. We are always walking down the hallways, looking into rooms and giving our opinions to their occupants. But mostly, at least on earth, we are not heard.

Why is everyone so interested in earth? We’re just messing around and messing up, mostly. From the energy I receive from you, it seems that you experience far more intensely than I, and far more joyfully. Every time you guys get excited I get a blast of awesome energy and feeling. It just seems hard for me to understand why anyone would give that up to experience here. Focused or not, it seems you guys are experiencing far more powerfully than I.

We are experiencing source energy without resistance. That is very powerful indeed, and is an ability that all beings in native state have. However, you experience more powerfully on an emotional range that is not available to us. By that we mean, the intensity of your focus strengthens your experience in a way not possible in non-physical (unless we experience through you, which we do all the time, because it is so much fun).

We do not experience the ‘bad’ along with the good.

In physical bodies, the bad makes the good much more powerful. It is the contrasting of the ‘bad’ with the ‘good’ that makes this the leading edge of thought.

Aha!! So you guys came out and gave up your dirty little secret. We ARE here to be miserable! You just said it — it’s the experience of misery that makes the feeling of relief from misery so poignant.

That, to me, is insane. Definition of nuts: give up a joyful experience for one where it is essential to experience misery in order to feel joyful. Go to a place where one attempts to reach a beingness one already is in before one gets there, knowing that there will be a lot of disconnection and feeling crummy along the way. What have you got to say to that?

We cannot get through with our answer –– there is too much static.

OK, I will try to calm down. (I pause for a little while to get myself together).

You can play the game of hide and seek where everyone is guaranteed to win and have a great time –– arrange things so that each person will never experience the slightest trauma, disappointment, never go through any challenges, never be given the opportunity to create at the very limit of their potential. OR, you can have a game where hiding places are on top of 100 story buildings, 25,000 feet up a mountain crevasse, 2 miles underneath the sea, etc, do you see? That sort of a game involves tremendous challenge and in order to set up a game like that, one needs tremendous contrast and diversity.

One does not EVER need to experience misery! The misery comes about when you decide to deny self, when you become afraid of ‘losing,’ when you conceive that the result obtained from an action is a reflection of the nature of self, when you consider the silly idea that when you die you’re dead forever. Every one of you understands, even though many say they do not, that when you slip off the 100 story building, you will simply transition smoothly back to Source.

When one of your pieces gets ‘killed’ in the board game, do you weep and moan and hold funerals? Of course not! You may become upset when your rascal friend knocks you off the board, but you simply remove the piece and throw it back into the pile, knowing you can pick it up and use it again at any time of your choosing! That is similar to how you intended to experience in physical bodies, but humans have made such a big deal of death, thinking it is so horrible, that the game has become somewhat distorted. No matter, that has served to increase the excitement even more from native state, if that can be imagined, and there is so much eager and intense focus upon what is going on in physical, we can hardly describe it!

Yes, I got it! It’s like a really challenging game where all participants know that no harm can truly come to anyone.

Yes. Compare one of your professional football games to a game of catch between you and your wife; although there is a lot of fun and excitement in our non–physical games, the nature of the experience is much different. In our non–corporeal environments, a feeling of joy and well–being is always present; all participants know there is no possibility of harm. In your time/space earth environment, there is pain and suffering. The envelope has been pushed as far as it can go and still provide joy and a connection to self. Do you see??

Yes, I get it. When you guys explain it, it seems so simple I wonder why I ever had any questions about it.

(smiles) We are just reminding you of what you already know. And do you feel how wonderful it is?

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Yes, I can feel it. That connection to source energy, as you call it, is very poignant.

Yes, we/you live for experiences like that! Why do you think people climb Mt. Everest and take treks across the South Pole, risking death and misery? To get that feeling of incredible, poignant connection to source energy. That ultimately powerful, contrasting connection is only available (so far) in a physical environment like yours on earth.

Of course the feeling of misery is always a choice. We admit, it is harder to feel joy when your body is hungry and freezing its ass off, but it is just another opportunity to experience the incredible joy of connection to source from such a poignant place of contrast. We assure you, those who have done these things are valued highly by all of us. There is no more powerful place of experiencing/feeling than the allowance of true connection from such a place. Imagine yourself in a tent with the wind blowing 90 mph, amongst snow and ice 200 miles from the South Pole with no help available, totally, utterly and completely alone – and allowing your feeling of connection from that place.

Waking up the next morning, the temperature outside is 60 below zero, the sky is achingly, icily blue, there is perfect calm, no wind or breeze, the snow and ice seem to be magically throwing off the sunlight in a billion points of light, you made it through the storm, and you stand with frozen extremities in many layers of clothing, gaze up at the sky and feel the most powerful sense of who you are that has ever been experienced in the history of the universe, a powerful, deep, awesome, beautiful feeling of perfection, of excitement, of knowing that you are the one, so blessed, perfectly aware that you, in this moment, are God, with a feeling of connection to the entire universe!!!! Do you feel this from us?????

It is beyond description and utterly impossible in our non–physical environments. Such experiences add so powerfully to the expansion of the entire universe. We cannot express to you in words the power and value of these kinds of experiences, and how they benefit the whole of universal consciousness.

Holy moly – I can feel it so powerfully. Awesome. The words, as I type them, seem irrelevant. This just keeps getting better and better.

And you can feel how these events have been experienced by those of us not even in bodies. How can we know and have experienced all of this from our place of so called separation? This tells you, utterly, that there is no separation. You see, you have just FELT it. You know it, you have always known it. Everyone of your readers knows it!

Whew! Thanks. That was really good!

We thought so! We love you so much!

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