> The Nature of Consciousness

The Nature of Consciousness

The Nature of Consciousness

Session 22

I want to once more discuss the nature and composition of consciousness itself.

If consciousness is energy, like thought, even if it is very refined, then it can be scrambled and so our very awareness may be snuffed out. That would suck for me, I can tell you. I can imagine someone inventing a ‘personality scrambler’ that could alter your fundamental nature and turn you into a psycho or something.

I also wondered if there is a geometry to physically focused consciousness? Matter has a different internal structure that causes it to display different properties. Does consciousness also have an internal geometry? Perhaps this geometry determines the nature of individual personalities?

Your first statement reflects an ignorance of the basic laws of the universe. Remember, only that which is focused upon can ever be manifested. Therefore, if one wishes to be ‘scrambled’ as you say, only a strong desire or intention could bring that about.

So it is possible to alter the very nature of consciousness itself!

Of course! You do that all of the time, every day, with every thought you think!

Oh, I see. Jeez, it’s not such big deal. Consciousness is self-reflexive by its very nature.

It IS a big deal!!!! (Wonderful feeling of expansiveness here).

You see, as we keep saying, you are always in control. No one can change or alter your consciousness. Only you can do that.

Wow. That answers a very big question. Now, for the next one: if consciousness is energy, what kind of energy is it? How is the energy arranged (what is the geometry?)

As we said before, the energy of consciousness is thought itself.

Is there a specific geometry of thought that makes individual personalities unique?

You have it backwards! It is thought and preference that determines the vibrational patterns and the geometry! In native state, we see each other as complex and intricate patterns of vibration, but these are determined by the thoughts and decisions of consciousness. We will go into that later.

Yes, but if consciousness is energy, how does that energy get created? Who created the energy with which to form consciousness? How was consciousness itself created?

We love your insatiable curiosity and your eagerness to get it all figured out. Let’s put it this way: Consciousness is a knowing. Have you ever known something so deeply that there was just no question of the truth of it? There is complete certainty and confidence.

Consciousness is an utter knowing of itself. That is the best way we can express it in your words. The decisions of consciousness activate vibrations within the universal field of thought in which we all perceive and experience.

I see that this is a question that is bound to have an unsatisfactory answer for me as a human being.

Unsatisfactory, only by the way you look at it!! Is it unsatisfactory to say that consciousness is a confident, wonderful, joyful, powerful, awesome, beautiful understanding of the incredible nature of itself? How can that be unsatisfactory? (an unbelievable feeling here –– I now have an inkling of what it means to experience with no resistance to source energy)

Wow. You have blown all my circuits again and my questions seem…really trivial.

Yup! That’s you feeling the knowing and the certainty and the well–being of source. In the presence of source there is always the feeling of ‘all is well.’

OK, I think we actually got somewhere. However, I still didn’t get an answer to my question.

(sigh) We agree that the energy patterns of each being are different and unique. How that is different can be studied, but first one will have to admit the existence of ‘non–physical’ energy and be able to perceive it. And we assure you that when you are able to reach that level of consciousness, you will no longer care to ‘study it’ from a detached viewpoint, because the perception in fullness of each individual focused consciousness is so beautiful, so wonderful, so incredible that you are immediately immersed in experiencing it! Imagine a rainbow of colors so bright, intense and varied, that it just takes your breath away. Imagine sensations that you do not have in human form being available to you, and experiencing these sensations in a powerful and breathtaking manner!

While looking at or experiencing consciousness itself, it is impossible to describe the wonder of it! That is what happens when consciousness is ‘studied’ from native state. One is simply immersed in the wonder and pleasure of it, the feeling of it, and there is a total knowing, a total and utter understanding of beauty, love, anything awesome that you can possibly imagine, a feeling of exciting infinite possibility and the delicious reveling in who we are and what we can experience, and knowing that it will just get better and better, forever and ever!!!!

Are we getting through? (Oh, yes)

Wow. That’s it. I really got that question answered! Jeez, its all good isn’t it? I mean, it’s all perfect — how can anyone even conceive of negativity?

(Laughing) Well just ask yourself! This morning you have already experienced many moments of disconnection, have you not, even though you are powerfully desirous of never leaving your connection!

Yes that’s true. But at least I have learned (from our last conversation) not to dwell on the moments when I screwed up. Now I am just bringing myself back without pondering how or why I messed up.

That is very good, and when you can do this effortlessly then you will be manifesting so many desires you will have to have a warehouse to store them all!

Thank you. I am eager to read this over to see if it makes any sense.

(Note: this was the most powerful session so far. The sensations and feelings that were coming through were indescribably delicious. I was only able to feel a fraction of the energy, but even so it was just awesome. I can’t describe it in words, maybe you can feel some of it while reading)

Session postscript

I say that pure awareness, or a static creative potential, can know everything because it is beyond space, time, and even existence. I say that consciousness is a quantity (something experience–able) and that the creative potential creates the thoughts which create the energy of consciousness. In this way consciousness, or individual personalities, are a subset of a potentially infinite awareness of Oneness.

That is a level of complexity that will be understandable to humans, and we will not argue with it. We will just say however that it does not matter whether you call it pure awareness, or a quality, or a static, or consciousness. It does not matter what limiting labels you assign to who–you–are!

The essence of who you are is so vast, magnificent, and

wonderful that when you are truly aware of who you are, you would never even ask such questions or want to ‘figure it all out’ like you seem to want to do so strongly. Do you see what we are getting at a little bit? The intellect gets left behind when consciousness is experienced fully, in its native state.

Yes, I can feel it.

Good! That is very important. That feeling is the basis of everything that you are and is itself the ultimate understanding of your basic nature.

So feeling is the most important, not understanding in an intellectual way?

You cannot separate the two, do you see? With that feeling comes understanding, comes wonder, comes joy, comes delicious excitement, comes love, comes everything that is who and what you are and can experience! It is the intellect that leads you to question and investigate and leads you to new avenues of expression.

Wow. I get it. OK that’s it thanks!

You’re welcome. That was our funnest session so far.

Mine too!

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