> The Operation of Universal Laws

The Operation of Universal Laws

The Operation of Universal Laws

Session 21

In asking these questions and receiving your answers, it appears that you are saying, essentially, that every individual creates his/her own experiences, and that it isn’t possible for others to think, say or do anything that could affect anyone else. If this is true, then why do 99.99% of human beings believe exactly the opposite?

Well, in the first place, people influence each other all the time! What we are saying is that a conscious being must give his or her free will consent by aligning their thoughts toward any attempted influence by another. The alignment of thought causes an invitation of the experience. Even if somebody puts a gun to your head and asks for your wallet, you still have a free will choice to comply or not. You are the director of your life! You might say ‘that is not a free will choice. That is forceful coercion,’ but we say it is not!

In order for you and the robber to come together in such a way, it is necessary to align your energies toward the robber very strongly. We want to assert emphatically that there are no chance encounters of this kind! The law of ‘like attracts like’ matches you up with a robber only if your thoughts and feelings are aligned in that direction. Perhaps you are fearful of being robbed, or angry at thieves and criminals; there may be a million different reasons for your vibrational orientation. No matter how forceful the influence, you invite the experiences of your life based on the content of your thoughts. Thought activates vibration, and vibration responds by the law of ‘like attracts like.’ That’s the way the universe works.

The vast majority of humanity believes that the actions of others can have detrimental affects upon them because that is the way parents teach children, and this teaching has been ongoing for millennia.

Yes, but why? How did it get started?

Do you have several thousand years?

It is irrelevant why or how, for that focuses our attention on the thought stream that has created and perpetuated the unwanted condition. In a nutshell, it can be described in the following sentence: ‘He did it to me so I have to do it to him.’

We do not need to tell you that this idea is backwards!

It is only necessary to know for yourself that the creation of your experience is dependent solely upon your choices. The universe has the ability to deliver to you without harming everyone else. The universe is filled with an abundance of energy that can be used to create any experience you would like. We have gone over this before. Humanity simply believes in a shortage of resources, and this is reflected in the economics and politics of your planet.

If, as you said before, a planet or solar system full of conscious beings can actually change the environment in that area of space/time, even to the extent of altering the physical laws of matter and energy, then the universe must be a patchwork of different vibrations, energies, and properties, so that actual travel in space between stars must be almost impossible. How do beings from different star systems communicate, trade, or have relations between each other?

Well, the situation is not so dire as all that! There are a great variety of cultures and civilizations in your galaxy, but the pattern is for relative homogeneity on individual planets. You planet is much different, and your science fiction assumes that all planets are like earth, skewing your conception of the universe at large. There is agreement between sectors on the benefits of communication and travel, and a thriving interstellar society out there in the galaxy.

So the basic laws of the universe apply to larger sectors as well as just to planetary environments.

Of course! We again want to point out something about universal laws. When we say that you are the creator of your experience, whether that applies to an individual or an entire sector of a galaxy, we don’t mean that a regulating force ensures that the laws are enforced.

The laws are simply woven into the fabric of the universe; a natural and easy part of life experience. For example, a planet of what you would call scientists or researchers knowledgeable about the laws would never attract a hostile attack by a warrior culture, simply because the vibrations do not match. There are a lot of silly ideas among the belief systems of planet earth about this. For instance, it is said by some that a missile defense system is necessary to protect from attack by hostile countries, or a peaceful society is naturally vulnerable (because of its weakness) to attack from stronger warrior cultures. We assure you, this CANNOT happen, and has never happened unless the peaceful culture begins to focus on its own vulnerability. On earth, every instance of a peaceful society conquered by an aggressive one was the result of broad agreement by everyone in that society of its vulnerability.

This should be reassuring to everyone!

For instance, the country called Switzerland was not attacked in any of your 20th century global wars, even though it was right in the middle of the action. But the reason for its immunity was/is broad agreement by every Swiss citizen of the impossibility of being attacked, and there is no fear of it.

Some might say that it was never attacked because of the protection of stronger powers, or the presence of so many international banks and their affect on global commerce and politics. The banks settled in Switzerland, however, because of the vibration held by the people in that country.

That is how the laws work: there is always a physical explanation for any state of affairs in any location in space/time, but the consciousness of the beings in that area determines what manifests physically in that location.

It is not possible to ‘protect’ yourself from anything, because focus on the thing you are attempting to protect yourself from only makes you vulnerable to that thing!

Understanding of the laws makes creating and maintaining an enjoyable, smoothly running society or culture a much simpler thing to bring about.

That’s great! I’ll say one thing, your message is very consistent, even though others may disagree. I like the idea of the laws of the universe simply being a natural part of existence, without enforcement. I value my freedom and I don’t like the surveillance cameras installed downtown on the streets of my city, for instance. This is supposed to be a free country, but how free are you when Big Brother is looking over your shoulder all the time? The police departments of all major U.S. cities are linked with the Dept. Of Homeland Security, which is the U.S. equivalent of the former Soviet Interior Ministry.

You are as free as you conceive yourself to be! If the authorities put a policeman on every corner, you may rant and rail and grab your gun, or you may simply wave hello. Your sense of freedom does not depend upon what others do. Your freedom does not depend on physical barriers or lack of them. Your personal freedom is a state of being!

On earth there are so many beings (proportionate to the population as a whole) who do not understand the fundamentals. But an enlightened being may go anywhere with a sense of ease and well–being, we assure you.

OK, one last question: Is the universe out there generally peaceful, or full of hostilities?

It is not full of hostilities. There is, however, magnificent contrast and diversity of viewpoint; however, many more understand universal principles. This makes for an easier and smoother existence!


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