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Feeling Blue

Feeling Blue

Session 20

Last night I felt really great but today I have had a lot of trouble staying positive. What am I doing or resisting that is causing me to feel worse? I know there is something, but I am not aware of what it is…

Yes, and if you could just identify it, and talk about it and figure it all out, then you would feel better, right? (smiles). You see, that is a typical attitude of human beings. By addressing a problem, you place yourself in the vibrational range of the problem. You begin activating that vibration within you, or should we say, creating that vibration within you, so you experience it more and more. As we said before, you are creating everything you are feeling and experiencing.

If you do not want to feel bad, begin to take your thoughts to a place of greater well–being.

I’m trying to do that, but it sure would be helpful if I could just identify the thoughts that are bringing on these unwanted feelings.

Then you would not have to think them anymore or create them anymore. We understand. But in the process of trying to identify the unwanted thoughts, you create or activate an already existing vibration of the unwanted feeling within you. In an attempt to resolve a feeling of discomfort, you reinforce the habit to go to the place of discomfort, which can only stick you more in a feeling of discomfort!

We tell you it is never necessary to go digging around in your unwanted thoughts and feelings! If you want to feel better, place your thoughts on what feels better! Reach for feelings of well–being. You have a ton of them, why would you want to go digging around in your unwanted messes when you could be thinking about that beautiful forest, that big lake, the smell of the flowers, etc.

I am trying to think those thoughts and reach for those feelings, but it seems there is a block. It feels too difficult to even attempt.

So it is more comfortable to stay where you are. Yes, that is true. However, part of the reason you feel the block is because, in an attempt to fix it, you have continually exercised a habit of thought that places you in that uncomfortable place! Now you have the Law of Attraction working against you.

You have two choices: give up and continue to think the thoughts and feel the feelings which will keep you in that unwanted place of being, or reach for thoughts and feelings about things that are wanted. That is always what it comes down to. You see, many of you have just been thinking the same thoughts over and over again, and it seems easier to continue to do so. But it is taking a lot of your energy! You are creating the unwanted vibration that IS the bad feeling.

(sigh) I guess there is no way around it, is there? Why can’t I just think my crummy thoughts and feel my crummy feelings and have everything just the way I want it? After all, you keep saying that this is a universe of well-being, so I should experience well-being no matter what I think.

Well, you want the ‘high’ vibrations (those that feel good) to be accessible to you even when you are resonating to the ‘lower’ vibrations that don’t feel good to you. That is not possible in the vibrational design of this universe, which is attraction–based. That which is matching in vibration is drawn, as we have said over and over again through Esther.

Therefore, you cannot experience pleasure from an attitude of pain or discomfort. There is no matching vibration, and therefore, no perception of the wanted thing. There can only be perception and sensation of that which is activated within you. In order for the law of ‘like attracts like’ to work, in order to manage the infinity of universal vibration, there must be absolute consistency. There can be no exceptions, you see!

When you feel bad, you are simply disconnecting from the source of well–being that IS you! In your worry or anxiety you create or activate an unwanted vibration and experience it, in place of the well–being that you could be experiencing. You create your own reality!

A feeling of well-being is just a perceived and experienced vibration, feeling bad is just a perceived and experienced vibration. As conscious beings you have the choice of how to perceive anything. When you are feeling bad you are choosing to perceive in a manner that feels uncomfortable. It is your decision. If you could analyze all of your thoughts at any moment when you feel bad, these will always be self–limiting. The difficulty is that when you reach the lower emotions, you are not so bright or aware of your own thought. However, the only way to reach lower emotions is through conscious thought! As we say over and over, you may draw anything into your experience and perceive it in any way you would like.

I get it. Why do I get into these funks?

(sigh) there you go again!!!! Analyze it to death, stick yourself right back in the vibrations that will assure you will perceive uncomfortably!

Jeez, you’re right. (I just caught myself thinking yet again: ‘Yes but why did I do that again?’). The idea is then just to focus upon what is wanted, exclusively.

Correct. If you want to feel and experience exclusively that which is wanted, you must focus exclusively on that which is wanted. However. you are not required to think, feel or do anything, because you have complete free will.

Yes, but you keep saying we can create anything we want and have free choice, but then you say that the universe is designed in such a way that limits choice! In other words, we can’t perceive the way we would like, because the design of the universe prevents us from getting what we want when we don’t think or feel ‘correctly.’

The way you are thinking and feeling is the way you are creating. Let us give a crude analogy: If in your now moment of perception you have 50 thoughts of resistance to well being, then 1 thought of allowance of well being, you will get a ‘ratio’ of well being to discomfort of 1 to 50, because the preponderance of your vibration is one of discomfort. You are creating your perception and your experiences in every moment! You have total free choice, always.

Yes, but if I have free choice, why couldn’t I just decide to create a space where these laws don’t apply? Why couldn’t I create a space where thinking crummy thoughts results in feeling good, and thinking wonderful thoughts results in feeling good?

Well now you are talking about fundamentals that are simply outside the scope of one physically focused conscious being. You see, as humans you limit your consideration of yourself to a clump of consciousness in a human body, when in fact you are much more than that; you are an extension of universal consciousness. You have freely chosen to experience in a body on planet earth within a universe that has certain fundamental laws built into it.

So I don’t really have free choice! I am limited, really, and everything you said before about being able to experience in any way I want is bullcrap!

(smiles) We love how ornery you are!

Actually you DO have complete free will! You are limited only by your conscious awareness and that is always determined by your choices. You do not get to ‘cop out’ and say ‘I am just a human being and have no control over the circumstances of my birth.‘ You chose everything about your physical experience before incarnation, and you choose what you experience during your physical life. Copping out in such a manner is a little like the fellow who has just jumped out of an airplane. As he plummets toward the earth he thinks, ‘I have no free will. I am stuck.’ That is certainly one way to look at it! But the truth is that the experience our friend is having results from conscious decision making right down the line.

If you had the capability of universal consciousness and awareness you would have the ability to change the rules of the game any way you would like, do you see? But as universal consciousness you do not find yourself focused in a human body. As a human, you simply don’t have enough awareness to change the fundamental, universal, agreed upon rules of the game. The laws of the universe are woven into the fabric of ALL existence, everywhere.

When you get on the rollercoaster and it is shaking and rocking and you are going 100 mph and you want to get off, you just have to hold on and wait until it’s over! Sometimes that is what life on planet earth feel like, we know. But we assure you that from your perspective as a fully realized being, you would not have it any other way.

Another thing: we are not God, as you think of God. In other words, we are not the ones who proclaim the rules for all in the universe! When you ask questions, sometimes we think you are writing down the answers as though what we say is the final statement about everything. We have a much broader awareness from our non-physical position, but we are telling you these things from our understanding of them, although we feel we are pretty good at knowing what it’s all about!

That’s it, then. You have it all taped down and figured out. That means we have to shut everything down and turn off the lights!

(laughs) Far from it!! You may want to shut it down, my friend, but we are having a glorious time! We love you intensely.

Thank you. I am now going to focus my energies where I want them to be!

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