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Universal Consciousness & Physically Focused Consciousness

Universal Consciousness & Physically Focused Consciousness

Session 19

You have said that a physical human being is a focused aspect or extension of a universal consciousness, but that is a very general description. How does consciousness ‘focus’ into a human body? I assume you are talking about incarnation, or birth.

It is a conscious decision, but we see you are thinking that somehow your physically based consciousness is separate from consciousness in the non–physical, or native state. There is no separation.

OK, but why am I aware of being separate? Why do I not perceive the broader awareness of my greater self? Why can’t I see you?

What do you think you are doing during our conversations? Becoming aware of the fullness of yourself, and of us!! You are aware of being separate because you have decided to participate in a physical experience, and that is where your attention goes in every waking moment, for reasons we have already described.

You have access to your greater self at all times. You can tell by how good you feel how much of YOU you are letting in! As the saying goes, ‘when you feel good, you feel God.’ It is only your conscious decisions to block off that awareness that causes you to think that you are cut off from your broader self.

OK, how does a being incarnate or focus from native state into a physical body? And how is that focusing ‘unique’ for each human?

You extend into, or occupy, a physical vehicle with sensors that interpret and feed you with vibrational impulses, somewhat like an amoeba envelops another particle, and you learn to perceive from that limited viewpoint. In this sense, your physical personality is just an aspect of a much larger consciousness with broader awareness.

Who or what determines the basic personality of the incarnating soul?

Here you must realize that as extensions of universal consciousness, YOU decide! You are a loved and valued personality with your own interests and preferences, developed from the extraordinary experiences you have chosen, both physical and non–physical. Therefore, you come to earth as a physical expression of a much greater being, with the opportunity to develop your own physical identity and personality. When you return to your greater self, these experiences are assimilated, cherished, and add to the collection of the whole. Just as there is no separation between an incarnated expression and a native state (non–physical) being, so too is there no separation between the native state being and the One. We are all choosing to focus differently, however!

Imagine a one–way mirror. We can, from our non–corporeal and broader awareness, perceive you accurately and experience through you vibrationally, but you naturally have a harder time seeing us as we truly are.

So there are really no differences between beings? If there is only one consciousness, then we are pulling the wool over our collective eyes by pretending to be different.

(Laughs uproariously — HO HO HO HO) We are all having a REALLY good belly–laugh!!! Try telling that to one of us!! We are all completely different and we REALLY REALLY LIKE IT! (We hope you got that). You see, there is not an external force directing things to be a certain way. There is free choice, wonderful, expansive, joyful choice in everything that consciousness does!

Oh it is so wonderful (feeling a really cool feeling of expansion and excitement here).

Wow, I really did get that. So there are different personalities in non– physical as well as the physical.

Of course! You, right now, are YOU associated with a body. You are you now, before you incarnated, and will be you after you ‘die.’

Our natural personality differences result in a unique basic personality for every incarnating human being. Even identical twins have different interests, sometimes, very divergent! Every being in the universe has a unique vibrational ID, so to speak.

The variety here is amazing, and even more pronounced than on earth, where beings are encouraged to conform. Allow yourself to feel the energy as we send it to you, you will be amazed at how wonderful it is. Your language cannot express it (really feeling it).

Wow that is awesome. I’m getting a feeling of what it’s like out there in native state. Jeez, why would anyone come here then! It’s so amazing where you are.

You came here for the adventure and to be in the most amazing creative workshop in all the universe. There is much value in creating while in physical bodies. Unfortunately, for many of you, it is an experience you appreciate more when you are not there than when you are there.

Yes, it’s so amazing. I’m beginning to doubt this whole conversation is real!

Yes, we can feel you pushing against us.

So you’re real, then?

We are beginning to feel insulted! (just kidding) How would you feel if you were talking with someone, and all of a sudden they left the room and told you that you did not really exist? You would probably think they were crazy (teasing).

OK I get it! A funny thing happens when I have these questions –– a lot of them get answered as I think them up, but I can only type so fast as to get about 1/3 of them on paper. Then when you answer I feel such a knowing and completeness that I can’t even remember what the questions were.

That is how communication occurs between beings –– thought packets of knowing.

One of the benefits of being in a body are the physical sensations combined with the knowing –– if each of you could stop resisting your broader awareness and live as you intended, there is such a delicious experience to be had in your physical bodies. Just the communication aspect –– imagine, communication not merely by language but with complete sensory information –– audio, touch, smell, sight, etc, the full perceptions of the being experiencing the event –– it is beyond description. In previous civilizations on your earth, physical beings were able to communicate in this way.

(I am feeling awesome right now – uplifted). Amazing. Can I feel like this all of the time?

If you like! You will notice there is complete allowing, no resistance within you. Complete allowing, combined with the intention for a certain experience, will bring those incredibly fulfilling feelings to you every time.

I can feel it. Thank you!

(a fleeting thought…)

Now, don’t disconnect! What you have tendency to do is allow your connection for the duration of our little chat, then close down! You assume that the only time you can do this is when you are sitting at your computer. If you will do this allowing business in all of your waking moments, think how more wonderful your life will be!

Yes, I’ll do that! (Feeling really great…)

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