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This question pertains to our last discussion about the body: if everything is conscious, does that apply to a book? A bottle of beer? A chair? I am looking around my office and see a lot of things just sitting there, doing nothing. I look out the window and see a bunch of decorative rocks in the garden lying like lumps. They sure don’t seem conscious to me, or even alive.

Consciousness is not doing, consciousness is being. Everything you see is being what it is.

Being doesn’t make a rock a rock! A rock is a rock because it has material substance arranged in a precise atomic structure.

But how does the atomic structure form? Consciousness, the animating principle of the universe, creates movement. All things that exist are in motion relative to everything else, and internally. The rock that sits in your garden is upon the surface of the earth which is moving on its axis and around the sun and the sun and the solar system is moving as well…inside the rock the atomic structure vibrates because the electrons rotate about the nucleus of the atoms, which are themselves vibrational.

Thought creates motion and vibration in the subtle ocean of life force energy that permeates and composes everything in the universe. Therefore, anything that exists is a result of thought, and thought proceeds from consciousness. You may not be aware of this thought, but it exists. You see (or more accurately, interpret) the vibrational patterns of the rock, but cannot perceive the causative influence animating it. We assure you that everything in existence has its own ‘personality,’ or ‘feel,’ that results from its unique vibration.

I suppose so. Or does it BE at all? If it’s just a stream of energy interpreted by me, then how is it conscious? I can’t communicate with it!

Well, you CAN communicate with the rock. But in order to do this you have to be aware of the rock! When humans see a rock they see a lump of stupid and inanimate stuff, and dismiss it as irrelevant. In other words, there is nothing on the other end to communicate with –– when you talk to your wife while she is reading a book, she does not hear you, for she is engrossed in her story. Just because you have launched a series of sound waves in her direction, have you really communicated? If you want to communicate with something you have to get its attention!

We see the rock as a pattern of vibration with a certain feel, or taste. In other words, when we perceive the rock, we receive sensations from it that are unique. We can be ‘on the same wavelength’ as it is!

These sensations are outside the range of your human senses. Therefore, what we say may seem ridiculous. Nevertheless, you may understand a little of what we mean by simply feeling, touching, tasting the rock from the outside. If you do this with all of the rocks in your garden you will see that each is different. It is easier for us because we can look inside the rock.

Any object, anything perceivable, is vibration. Vibration is thought, and thought is the product of consciousness. Therefore, all things are conscious.

It just seems hard to believe that the rock is just thought, because it all seems so real.

We’ve been through that before! Reality is what you perceive. Reality changes when your thoughts and feelings about something change. When your vibration changes, you perceive differently.

Grrrrrr….If my thoughts and feelings change about the bottle of water in front of me, it’s still a bottle!!

(sigh) It all depends what you mean by ‘my thoughts and feelings.’ If your thoughts and feelings always stay within a specific vibrational range (and that is what the physical earth experience is designed to do), you will always perceive in that range. Therefore, the stuff of your world is solid and real and unchanging, and the only way you know to make new substances is to force their amalgamation using heat, pressure, etc. In other words, the present human civilization has decided that consciousness does not exist, or that the origin of it is mud, that when you die you’re dead and that if something cannot be observed, it does not exist. We assure you that this vibrational orientation prevents you from unlocking and manipulating the world of matter in a much easier and elegant fashion.

It all depends upon how conscious you are! Just as you say you cannot identify those yucky feelings that come up for you sometimes, therefore you are not conscious at a deep enough level to identify what they are. And so too with your thoughts about the bottle. We assure you that if you were conscious enough to perceive the vibrational interaction inside the bottle, you could change its form.

We already have talked about the human who could ‘bend the spoon.’ This is only partway along this process. We are talking about things that to us have little relevance, but we continue because we eventually see a positive outcome.

So you say you could actually alter the nature of the objects themselves if you were conscious enough?

That is what we have been saying all along. When you repair a machine, you must look inside. You take the cover off, get the schematic and at first you have no understanding, even though your eyes receive all of the information necessary to identify the parts. It is only when you really look at it for a while that you can understand how it works. In this manner you become more conscious of the machine and what it really is. The next time it breaks down, you look inside and immediately identify the problem. Soon you know the machine so well that when it begins to make a funny noise, you have immediate understanding of the difficulty. Soon you become an expert and are able to redesign the machine, improving it. This is not possible until you can become conscious of the machine for what it is! So too with material objects.

You see, you have no idea what you are capable of, as conscious beings. There is so much self–limiting thought upon your planet, but that is, paradoxically, what makes it such an interesting place.

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Well, that was pretty good. If I just push you guys hard enough you eventually come up with something worthwhile.

Oh you are so…pugnacious! And that is one of the reasons we love you.

(I receive a feeling from them that all is well) It’s all good, in other words, entirely consistent with your positive message.

That’s right! From our place of perception, we see no reason to ever allow yourself to feel rotten. But we do admit, it is much easier to be who we are, completely, from our broader perspective. But it is also delicious to experience from such a focused viewpoint. That is why the entire universe is excitedly watching what you do next! We are not only watching, we are participating through you.

Now that’s a question to which I have never gotten a satisfactory answer. How can you guys participate through us? What the hell does that mean?

(laughs) It means we see with you, feel with you, sense with you, are aware of everything that is you, from the most intimate thoughts and feelings you have.

And just how do you do that? We’re here and you’re…up there somewhere! I am not aware of you guys unless I specifically bring you in.

But we are aware of you!


(laughs mischievously) Because we ARE you! You see, as you live your lives you engage in more and more self–limiting thought. When you first come into your physical bodies, you are fully aware of yourself and ‘us.’ As you become more and more used to perceiving through the body’s senses you naturally separate yourselves from the awareness of the fullness of yourself –– we admit, the physical reality in which you are immersed is very compelling –– and so therefore become less and less aware of the aspect of ‘you’ that is ‘us.’ But we never do this!

OK, I guess this is another question I am not going to get a satisfactory answer to.

Well, all you have to do is continue on your process of becoming more conscious, if that is what you choose, and you will become more and more aware of who you really are. The more conscious you get, the more you can expand your awareness to include the broader aspects of consciousness. When you do, you will find that you become more you and at the same time, become more aware of us.

How do you do that?

The conscious unfolding of the process of finding of self and expansion of self simply involves reaching for thoughts and states of being that feel better. Some make a great mystery of enlightenment, but we assure you that the process of enlightenment has much more to do with how you feel than how much you know! However, the intellect and the emotions are inextricably linked, for the process of intellectual discovery can itself be very exciting.

That is the glorious thing about your physical existence. Because of your limited focus, you have an almost infinite potential to discover more and more, and open up more and more. Every discovery leads to an ‘aha!’ moment of wonder, of new and fresh discovery of self and of the world around you. The process of discovery is a beautiful and awesome unfolding of life itself, and the beauty and the power and the magnificence and the deliciousness of it can continue forever, and does continue forever, on and on and on eternally. And we enjoy every delicious moment of it right along with you. You see, you not only have the rest of your life to look forward to, but eternity as well!!

OK, thanks!

And by the way, it is not necessary to become more aware of self in order to experience profoundly. Some have a contempt for those who do not have a quest for ‘inner awareness,’ as you call it, but we assure you that those persons are experiencing just as poignantly as you are. There is simply a being-who-they-are, a much simpler but no less profound or worthwhile existence than those like you who want to figure it all out! In fact, simply being–and–experiencing is much closer to our own non–physical existence.

Thanks for that. I suppose some of us do get arrogant from time to time!

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