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‘Polar Shift’

‘Polar Shift’

Session 17

What would you like to talk about? I have been hogging all of the questions!

We would like to say a little something about the ‘polar shift’ as it has been called. There is much debate and confusion in some circles about this. We know you never even think of it, but we would like to say a few things to those who might read this.

OK, go ahead.

The magnetic field of the planet earth is nearing the time when it may reverse polarity. The strength of the magnetic field is weakening4, and if the strength of the field goes to zero, it will shift. This is a naturally occurring cycle on your planet, brought about by the shifts in consciousness and the peculiar rotation of your planet. This rotation has a little wobble in it, called precession, which completes once every 25,000 years or so.

Why should the magnetic field shift, and the changing strength of the magnetic field be related to a shift in consciousness, OR the precession? I don’t see how the wobble would have anything to do with the magnetic field.

We don’t want to get into this too deeply, because that is not our message here. Briefly, we see the planetary magnetic field changing whenever there is a mass shift in consciousness. Right now there are 6 billion humans and billions of other life forms on the planet, all of which are going through a change in consciousness. This is most profound in humans, because humans have been resisting the most and many are now, in their millions, finding connection again. The magnetic field responds to consciousness, as we have said before. Also, the earth herself is conscious and, like any conscious being, has a periodic life cycle of change and growth.

The planetary wobble is the result of the character or personality of the earth itself, which has been designed for contrast and volatility. Just as all horses are not the same, so too with planets! Some people like to ride upon a slow–moving cob, others prefer to tackle the bucking bronco! Let us say that the personality of your earth is of the latter type, and all beings that incarnate here come for a more exciting experience.

If the magnetic field shifts, there is a possibility of a ‘jolt’ in consciousness. The effect of the magnetic field shift will be different, depending upon the individual’s connection to source energy. We just want to say that there is no danger, as long as you do not begin to resonate to the fear of it.

We assure you, those who are in their connection will experience a feeling of intense pleasure, a sort of psychic orgasm! It will feel wonderful. Those who are resistant, however, may feel like they are turning inside out; it may be a feeling of terror (‘Armageddon’). It is nothing of the kind! We say this not to scare anyone, but to assure everyone that if one is in his or her connection, it will be a joyful and exciting experience!

Thank you.

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