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Altering Matter and Energy with Consciousness

Altering Matter and Energy with Consciousness

“From our point of view, matter and energy is vibrational in nature, but to your physical senses it seems very solid. It is possible to alter the vibrational patterns of energy that compose the spoon, even from your physical vantage point, but it requires a fundamental vibrational shift of perception.

It’s not so much a matter of doing as it is a matter of believing! A belief is a thought or pattern of thought that is continually offered. It is a vibrational signal that is responded to by other energies in the environment around you. If you are able to offer that pattern of energies clearly, purely, and match the vibration of the thing you are trying to shift, you will then be able to ‘ask’ those energies to shift.

When the energies shift, the object is perceived in a new way. In essence, the vibrational pattern of the object is altered so that it is perceived in a new way.

We can tell you that you cannot accomplish it by ‘mental effort.’ It must be done in a relaxed state, a state of complete knowing and clear intent. There can be no doubts or counter–intention in the vibrational signal.

It cannot be ‘serious’ work! It must be done in a relaxed, lighthearted manner. Essentially you are getting the energies that form the object to ‘relax’ and then molding them differently, somewhat similar to the glass blower who first softens the glass, then re-works it. We cannot tell you any more than that! If you want to do this, you will have to figure out the rest for yourself.

The difficulty will lie in your thoughts and beliefs concerning it. If you believe that a larger object will be more difficult, then it will. Also you must take into account the thought forms which have attached themselves to the object. These play a part in the unlocking of the energy signature of the object. All we can say is, have fun!
You will be bucking a very big current of thought upon your planet that says it is impossible, so you must clear out a very clear ‘thought space’ in the vicinity of the object. That is our only hint.”

- Excepts from the book: Conversations with My Higher Self

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The Law of Attraction vs. The Laws of Matter

As we said before, matter and energy are composed, ultimately, of thought. Therefore, the energy in your subatomic particles is the same, which means that the elements in your Periodic Table are composed of the same energy, with different internal geometries. In other words, ‘copper energy’ is not different than ‘iron energy!’

The physical interactions that are observed are the result of the collective agreements of consciousness at the present time. In other civilizations on earth, long before the present earth civilization, other cultures had different ideas about matter and energy and their conscious relation to the world around them. These civilizations were able to manipulate matter and energy with far more ease than your present civilization. You may attribute that to superior understanding of already existing universal forces, but we prefer to say that their understanding drew forth from the potential, different relationships between matter, energy and consciousness, different programming for the local space/time which establishes the laws of matter and energy (physics).

Q: “So you’re saying that consciousness can actually alter the physical laws of matter and energy?”

Of course! That is what we have been saying all along!

- Excepts from the book: Conversations with My Higher Self

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You could ‘Bend the Spoon” with Your Mind

Q: “Apropos of our discussion of consciousness being able to affect matter and energy: there’s a guy named Uri Geller who used to bend spoons. Even though I know that a conscious being should be able to do this, I cannot. What makes Geller so special? How does one alter the physical laws in a local area of space/time?”

It is not that difficult to explain, but much, much harder to do. The person you are talking about has convinced himself without the slightest counter–intention that it is possible to ‘bend’ the spoon.

Q: “So the idea is that there must be a pure vibrational intent before this can happen.”

That is correct.

- Excepts from the book: Conversations with My Higher Self

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Be More Conscious of Vibrational Interaction to Change Form

Q: “If my thoughts and feelings change about the bottle of water in front of me, it’s still a bottle!!”

It all depends what you mean by ‘my thoughts and feelings.’ If your thoughts and feelings always stay within a specific vibrational range (and that is what the physical earth experience is designed to do), you will always perceive in that range. Therefore, the stuff of your world is solid and real and unchanging, and the only way you know to make new substances is to force their amalgamation using heat, pressure, etc. In other words, the present human civilization has decided that consciousness does not exist, or that the origin of it is mud, that when you die you’re dead and that if something cannot be observed, it does not exist. We assure you that this vibrational orientation prevents you from unlocking and manipulating the world of matter in a much easier and elegant fashion.

It all depends upon how conscious you are! We assure you that if you were conscious enough to perceive the vibrational interaction inside the bottle, you could change its form.

We already have talked about the human who could ‘bend the spoon.’ This is only partway along this process. We are talking about things that to us have little relevance, but we continue because we eventually see a positive outcome.

Q: “So you say you could actually alter the nature of the objects themselves if you were conscious enough?”

That is what we have been saying all along. When you repair a machine, you must look inside. You take the cover off, get the schematic and at first you have no understanding, even though your eyes receive all of the information necessary to identify the parts. It is only when you really look at it for a while that you can understand how it works. In this manner you become more conscious of the machine and what it really is. The next time it breaks down, you look inside and immediately identify the problem. Soon you know the machine so well that when it begins to make a funny noise, you have immediate understanding of the difficulty. Soon you become an expert and are able to redesign the machine, improving it. This is not possible until you can become conscious of the machine for what it is! So too with material objects.

You see, you have no idea what you are capable of, as conscious beings. There is so much self–limiting thought upon your planet, but that is, paradoxically, what makes it such an interesting place.

- Excepts from the book: Conversations with My Higher Self

“All you have to do is continue on your process of becoming more conscious, if that is what you choose, and you will become more and more aware of who you really are. The more conscious you get, the more you can expand your awareness to include the broader aspects of consciousness. When you do, you will find that you become more you and at the same time, become more aware of us.

The conscious unfolding of the process of finding of self and expansion of self simply involves reaching for thoughts and states of being that feel better. Some make a great mystery of enlightenment, but we assure you that the process of enlightenment has much more to do with how you feel than how much you know! However, the intellect and the emotions are inextricably linked, for the process of intellectual discovery can itself be very exciting.”

- Excepts from the book: Conversations with My Higher Self

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“We will say only that the effortless manipulation of matter and energy is possible, for the matter and energy you observe comes forth from a universal sea of vibration. You will eventually discover the fundamental relationship between vibration and matter. You will discover that it is possible to uncover the secrets of atomic structure and see clearly within it, and you will be amazed by the powerful simplicity of its internal organization.

Geometry and vibration. All matter has a precise internal structure. Elements differ because of the geometric arrangement of an energy that is the same throughout the universe. It is possible to alter the structure of matter using vibration and geometry. That is all we will say right now. When you make the discovery you will be amazed that you didn’t think of it before. The knowledge exists in your species consciousness, for it has been achieved before in earlier civilizations.”

- Conversations with My Higher Self (A book channeling the same entity known as “Abraham Hicks”)

“How does a Native State being accomplish the vibrational alteration of self? By the attunement of the entire sphere of consciousness, or lightship, if you will. We are masters of change; shapeshifters of the highest order. Change is a necessary component of success for a physical being, but for us it is absolutely essential; otherwise, we would be, as you say, ‘dead in the water.’ In order to visit and experience different environments it is therefore necessary to change the vibration of your entire being, and in order to do this, you must alter yourself, completely, from the inside out. For us this process can only be described as exquisite; it is comparable to a really great orgasm for a physical being, because the feeling that was you is now different.

In Native State, the vibrational alteration of Self is entirely natural and experienced as joyful freedom to go anywhere and do anything. This is the reason why many of us choose not to have a physical experience. Those of you who do so are experts in the vibrational shapeshifting, and are considered Masters. It takes a Master to focus so narrowly and intensely into a physical box of vibration, especially on a planet like yours. All of you are highly admired, respected, loved, and yes, looked upon with awe.”

- Conversations with My Higher Self (A book channeling the same entity known as “Abraham Hicks”)

“There must be complete understanding of the creation before it can manifest. A physical creation is just a representation of thought. There is no difference in creation in the physical realm and in the non–physical realm. In the physical universe you just have some added steps. It is not possible to think vague thoughts and have something manifest. You have to know what you are doing! Full understanding of what is to be created is necessary, just like on earth. You must have a correct blueprint!

Some think it is more fun on earth because there one has to learn how to mold the material one is working with to a greater degree than with us. There is often more skill required. That is why Michelangelo’s Pieta is celebrated throughout the universe! To be able to chip away at a solid stone and make that stone look like soft flesh is a remarkable achievement. There is more persistence needed on earth to create something than is required here, although the process is the same: the organization of thought into a precise vision of what is wanted.”

- Conversations with My Higher Self (A book channeling the same entity known as “Abraham Hicks”)

“Your scientists are finally learning what philosophers have known for centuries – that mind can influence matter. They still have to discover the fact that mind creates and forms matter.

Now your closest environment, physically speaking, is your body. It is not like some manikin-shape in which you are imprisoned, that exists apart from you like a casing. Your body is not beautiful or ugly, healthy or deformed, swift or slow simply because this is the kind of body that was thrust upon you indiscriminately at birth. Instead your physical form, your corporeal personal environment, is the physical materialization of your own thoughts, emotions, and interpretations.

Quite literally, the “inner self” forms the body by magically transforming thoughts and emotions into physical counterparts. You grow the body. Its condition perfectly mirrors your subjective state at any given time. Using atoms and molecules, you build your body, forming basic elements into a form that you call your own.

You are intuitively aware that you form your image, and that you are independent of it. You do not realize that you create your larger environment and the physical world as you know it by propelling your thoughts and emotions into matter – a breakthrough into three-dimensional life. The inner self, therefore, individually and en masse, sends its psychic energy out, forming tentacles that coalesce into form. (9:23.)

Each emotion and thought has its own electromagnetic reality. completely unique. It is highly equipped to combine with certain others, according to the various ranges of intensity that you may include. In a manner of speaking, three-dimensional objects are formed in somewhat the same way that the images you see on your television screen are formed, but with a large difference. And if you are not tuned into that particular frequency. you will not perceive the physical objects at all.

Each of you act as transformers, unconsciously, automatically transforming highly sophisticated electromagnetic units into physical objects. You are in the middle of a “matter-concentrated system,” surrounded, so to speak, by weaker areas in which what you would call “pseudo-matter persists. Each thought and emotion spontaneously exists as a simple or complex electromagnetic unit – unperceived, incidentally, as yet by your scientists.

(9:27.) The intensity determines both the strength and the permanency of the physical image into which the thought or emotion will be materialized. In my own material I am explaining this in depth. Here, I merely want you to understand that the world that you know is the reflection of an inner reality.

You are made basically of the same ingredients as a chair, a stone, a head of lettuce, a bird. In a gigantic cooperative endeavor, all consciousness joins together to make the forms that you perceive. Now, because this is known to us, we can change our environments and our own physical forms as we wish, and without confusion, for we perceive the reality that lies beneath.

We also realize that permanency of form is an illusion, since all consciousness must be in a state of change. We can be, in your terms, in several places at once because we realize the true mobility of consciousness. Now whenever you think emotionally of another person, you send out a counterpart of yourself, beneath the intensity of matter, but a definite form. This form, projecting outward from your own consciousness, completely escapes your egotistical attention.”

- SETH (Seth Speaks)