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Psychic Influence to Cause Spontaneous Orgasm

Psychic Influence to Cause Spontaneous Orgasm

“I always sat near the rear of the bus, and I would pick some target near the front, of whom I had a clear view.

I would visually concentrate on that person, watching their every move. If they moved their head, or an arm, I would visualize that I was moving that head or arm.
After a short period of such concentration, I gradually built up a resonance with the mind of that person.

Once rapport was established I would then imagine an outside event such as a fly had landed on the back of their neck. The reaction was astounding. They would reach back to brush away the imaginary fly.

For reasons that I have not yet been able to explain, I found it somewhat easier to manipulate women than men. Children were more difficult, although at times when rapport was well established with a child, they became almost like little robots.

I once influenced a woman into getting off at the wrong bus stop. After we pulled away I could see her standing there scratching her head and no doubt wondering why she got off the bus.

I caused another woman to build up to a spontaneous orgasm, for which she seemed quite embarrassed, but was not able to control.

I think almost anyone who is capable of a fairly focused concentration, can learn the technique quite easily.

The key is mental imagery. You must be able to visualize imagery well, and imagine feelings. The most difficult period is in the beginning. You must watch for every small indication that you are exerting some influence on the other person, and then build upon that.

After you have become proficient, you will find that you do not need to see the person you are trying to influence, nor do you need to be in the proximity of that person. In fact distance seems to have no effect on the phenomenon, just as it has no effect on paired quantum particles.”

- From a Physicist Researching in Remote Influencing (The Super Mind Evolution System)