> The Spiritual Domain Transcends Karma and Destiny




The Spiritual Domain Transcends Karma and Destiny

The Spiritual Domain that Transcends the Domain of Karma and Destiny

In this world, Man’s Fate is influenced by the Forces of Karma and Destiny. The Chinese are able to predict events by studying the patterns of Destiny in Feng Shui, Bazi, etc. The Buddhists say that Man’s destiny is completely influenced by his Karma and there is no escaping it.

But yet, there is something beyond the realm of destiny that the Devil wants to blind most men from seeing.

The Realm of Destiny does Not create events on its own. The Realm of Destiny and Karma is like a holding pattern. People can predict events by observing the holding pattern. But it requires activity from the spiritual dimension to manifest it into events.


1. The Bagua on its own does Not create events. A car number may have a Gua that has a pattern of a driver being angry and banging other people on the road. But that event is never going to happen until Evil Spirits use the Gua as a Doorway in Time and Space to influence the driver with angry thoughts and impulses to bang other people on the road.

2. Karma on its own does Not create events. A person may have Karma to have someone do something evil to him. But that evil event is never going to happen until Evil Spirits make use of that Karmic Pattern to go and influence somebody out there to go and do an evil thing to that person.

Even in high level Buddhist teachings, it reveals that there is something that goes beyond Karma. But Satan will never fully reveal what that something is. The thing that goes beyond Karma and Destiny is the Domain of God and Satan.

Satanic New Age teachings want to put the Domain of God and Satan as under the Domain of an Impersonal Law Based Universe. But by observing the Word of God, and observing reality as much as possible, one will notice that there is a Personal God and a Devil that operates above an Impersonal Law Based Universe.

You can observe very clearly in the Word of God that Karma works very differently for people of God compared to people of the world. In the Word of God, there are many cases where God has preordained His people for a great destiny. And in the process of good and bad events, God’s Hand is guiding all things to work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His Purpose. It goes beyond whatever Karma the person has.

For people of the world, the events in their lives are completely under the control of Karma and Satanic influence. There is no higher plan of God’s Kingdom for them. Their Fate is tossed around by the forces Time and Space and Self Effort without a Higher Guiding Hand to shape it in a certain direction. But God is always seeking to win people towards Christ to deliver them out of the Power of Satan and into the Kingdom of His Dear Son.

Satanic New Age teachings may acknowledge that there is a Higher Guiding Hand which they call your “Inner Being”. But they present your Inner Being as being subservient to you, and being there to help you fulfill your personal dreams and wishes. It is Satan’s doctrine that you are God. But yet in the Word of God, and in the lives of God’s people, it is revealed over and over again that all things are subservient to God’s Purposes and God’s Will.

There is a domain that goes beyond Karma and Destiny. The Buddhists call it Man’s “Mind”. But no it is not Man’s Mind. It is the domain of God and Satan. You don’t have to “believe” it. You can know it by observing, and observing, and observing, and observing as much of reality as possible in order to see God and Satan operating beyond Man’s Mind.

Satan tries to trick people into believing the Many World’s Theory where there is a Universe where God and Satan is Real, and there is a Universe where God and Satan do not exist. But the two worlds are actually One World. It just looks like Two Different Worlds because Satan has seek to control the world with his “Indra’s Net” or “Buddha’s Palm” and make it difficult to see what is beyond it. God’s revelation of His Kingdom is like a different world altogether. But the more we can find the doorways and holes leading out of “Indra’s Net” and “Buddha’s Palm”, the more we are able to see that there is actually just One Reality that belongs to God. Satan is only controlling a small part of it which will eventually be reclaimed.

Although I learn about the Domain of Destiny, something deep down within me refuses to accept the limits of destiny. God wants me to know that I am not alone in an Impersonal Law Based Universe with Karma, Destiny and all kinds of strange spirits. There is someone who is my Shepherd. There is someone who is watching over me, guiding me, leading me, supplying me, helping me, protecting me, blessing me. There is a Personal God who loves me with a deeply personal love. And He is not just any nonphysical entity but the One True God of the universe who opens my eyes to see Truth and Grace.