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The Whole Game of Life Revealed

The Whole Game of Life Revealed

There is a game of life being played and it is about being God and not being God. Being God is being the Player. Not being God is being a pawn used by a Player to play the game. There is a game being played between God and the Devil, and Man is a pawn in the game. Right from the very beginning, the Devil played the game with Man by telling Man that they can become the Player instead of the Pawn by eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The Devil said God does not want Man to eat from that tree because God knows Man will become like God and become the Player and take away God’s ability to make use of Man as a Pawn.

To become God is the one thing that the Devil has used to tempt Man with all along in the game of life. It is the very same temptation the Devil used to tempt one third of the Angels to fall. The Devil tempted the Angels in Heaven with the temptation that they can become God. The Devil tempted himself with that very temptation in the beginning of beginnings when he wanted to exalt himself above the stars of heaven and be like the Most High. The Devil knew God was the Player and he wanted to become the Player himself, he wanted to be God. There are teachings and philosophies in life that tempt Man to be God such as occult knowledge, esoteric teachings, New Age knowledge, etc. This gives Man some degree of Metaphysical power which makes Man think he can become God. But as Man go through life ups and downs, during the ups, Man thinks he is God, Man thinks he is in control of his own destiny, Man thinks he is master of the universe, etc. And during the downs, Man realizes he is not God, he is not in control of anything, etc. The ups and downs in life is the game being played with Man in being God and not being God.

The Truth is that Man is not God, although the game of life presents the illusion of Man being God during the good times, and shatters it during the bad times. The whole game of ups and downs, good fortune and bad fortune started when Man ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Man doesn’t realize he doesn’t have real control over his destiny even if he possesses metaphysical knowledge and has some metaphysical power. Man is still a pawn in the game, and the only real control he has is in choosing his Player, which means choosing whether to serve God or serve the Devil. The control of the game depends on which Player that Man chooses in his game of Life, but Man himself is not really in control of the game.

God and the Devil have provided the solutions to the game of life. God offers the real solution whereas the Devil offers a counterfeit solution.

The solution to the game of life is to realize that we are not God, to give up control, to surrender, to let go.

God offers the true solution by giving His Son Jesus Christ for us to receive as our God and Savior.

The Devil offers the counterfeit solution of cultivating “emptiness”, letting go, in order to achieve “Buddhahood” and free ourselves from all suffering in the world of phenomena.

The counterfeit solution seems like the real thing and that is why many follow it. But it will ultimately end in delusion and real emptiness because it is not choosing the right Player which is God’s way of salvation and redemption.

The devil’s way of enlightenment is cultivating emptiness and attaining the “Tao”. God’s way of enlightenment is the knowledge of Jesus Christ our God and Savior.

It is for the reason that there is One Truth and One Game being played all throughout existence is why you can see the same patterns being played in different ways and in different paths and at different times.

Now that you know what the whole game of life is about, you also know what the solutions are and which to choose.

This is how the Devil plays the game of life with Man:
1. Firstly he offers Man the false solution that he can become God through learning knowledge that can make Man become God (occult, esoteric, metaphysical knowledge, etc).
2. Secondly, when Man becomes disillusion with the lie about being God through the game of life’s ups and downs and circumstances that prove Man has no real control of anything, the Devil offers Man the next level false solution of cultivating emptiness, letting go and attaining the “Tao”.

But the true solution has been found in God’s way all along where if you have Jesus, you have everything.

Jesus has real control over a Man’s destiny although the devil seeks to control Man’s destiny as much as he can. Man’s freewill in controlling his own destiny is actually very, very limited and much of Man’s destiny is actually governed by forces beyond himself. Some possess the real wisdom to understand this whereas many who are “achievers” are living in a deep illusion without noticing the tides and forces of fortune changing over time in a span of years, decades, and even centuries that show nothing is really in the control of Man, and all temporal reign are merely part of the tides.

Man’s freewill has real control in choosing their Player which would then have the real control over their destiny. Apart from that, Man has to let go of all else and let God (or Devil).