> Are We in An Artificial World by An Artificial Creator?




Are We in An Artificial World by An Artificial Creator?

Are We in An Artificial World by An Artificial Creator?

I watched The Truman Show. It is about someone born in an artificial world created to make him the star of a TV show. Everyone else in it are actors. Everything in the environment are just props. He fell in love with one of the actress which is not the one intended for him to be with, and she tried to reveal the truth about his world but was taken away and fired. He was told that she was taken away by her father to another country. He ended up being married to the lead actress that Christof (the creator of the show) wanted him to marry.

Eventually, Truman discovered more and more clues that there was something very wrong about his world. At one point he manage to find out a certain area he wasn’t supposed to go and saw the backstage setup with props and staff in it. He was quickly forced back out and was told they were doing renovations in that area. He was programmed since childhood to stay and not leave the world he was in. His fake geography teacher says there was nothing else that has already been discovered. His fake father was “killed” in a boat accident so he would always be afraid to leave by water. When he tried booking a flight, he was told there were no vacancies. When he wanted to take a bus, the bus driver would cause the bus to breakdown. He noticed that the people around him operate in a certain routine which was predictable and artificial. Whoever he talk to tells him he is crazy to think those thoughts and tries to misdirect him back to normal life.

Finally, he tried to drive out of the country but there is a spontaneous traffic jam that develops. Then he pretended to change his mind and start to drive home. But then he suddenly change his mind again and drive back to the same road and saw the traffic jam had disappeared, and so he drove out and even across the water through the bridge. On the other side, there was a sign that says forest fire. He ignored it and continued driving. A fire was artificially started across the road but he drove right through and was fine. But he met other obstacles that were artificially created that made him fail to leave.

In the end, he managed to get to the end of the world after almost being killed by artificial weather manipulation by the creator. He found that the boundary of the world was fake and he found an exit out of it. The creator spoke to him from the artificial sky through the PA system and told him that there was no more truth out there than there was in his world, but he would have nothing to fear by remaining in the creator’s world and by the star there. Truman chose to leave and the audience who was watching the show cheered, and his lover in the outside world came running to look for him.

- Noctis Enoch (17 July 2018)