> Is Our Fate Manipulated by False Controllers?




Is Our Fate Manipulated by False Controllers?

I watched The Adjustment Bureau again. It is about the human race being watched over and manipulated by beings who can adjust fate and minds, and they serve the Chairman according to His Plan for them. One human managed to discover this truth and tries to escape his fate to create his own life. He has to outsmart those beings and manages to have the help of one of them. That “rebel angel” tells him the truth about how they operate as well as the fact that water can block out their ability to read people’s decisions.

Similar to the Truman Show, The Adjustment Bureau tries to stop him from being with a girl that he loves (but not according to The Plan) and they create obstacles and “accidents” that make him decide to separate from her to keep her from being harmed. In the end, he manages to defy fate and be with her at the risk of being reset (artificially made mentally crazy). Then the Chairman rewrites The Plan to exclude them out of it so that they can live their lives according to freewill.

- Noctis Enoch (17 July 2018)