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The Past, Present and Future Interact with Each Other

The Past, Present and Future Interact with Each Other

“Every action changes every other action. Therefore, every action in your present affects those actions you call past. Ripples from a thrown stone go out in all directions.”

“Therefore, it is possible to react in the past to an event that has not yet occurred, to be influenced by your own future. It is also possible for an individual to react in the past to an event in the future which may never occur in your terms.”

“No event is predestined. Any given event can be changed not only before and during but after its occurrence. The individual is hardly at the mercy of past events, for he changes them constantly. He is hardly at the mercy of future events, for he changes these not only before, but after their happening.”

- SETH (The Seth Material)

“Let us consider the following. An individual finds himself with a choice of three actions. He chooses one and experiences it. The other two actions are experienced also, by the inner ego, but not in physical reality. The results are then checked by the inner ego as an aid in other decision-making. The probable actions were definitely experienced, however, and such experience makes up the existence of the ‘probable selves’ just as dream actions make up the experience of the dreaming self. There is a constant subconscious interchange of information between all layers of the whole self.”
- SETH (The Seth Material)

“Suppose you have a particular goal in mind as a youngster, toward which you work. Your intent, images, desires and determination form a psychic force that is projected out ahead of you, so to speak. You send the reality of your self from your present into what you think of as the future.”
- SETH (The Nature of Personal Reality)

“Your acceptance of yourself and your own integrity can, at any moment in your present, alter your past and future.”
- SETH (The Nature of Personal Reality)

“Your beliefs, thoughts and feelings are instantly materialized physically. Their earthly reality occurs simultaneously with their inception, but in the world of time, lapses between appear to occur. So I say one causes another, but all are at once…… At once” does not imply that all things have been done, for all things are still happening. You are still happening – but both present and future selves; and your past self is still … experiencing events that you do not recall, that your linear attuned consciousness cannot perceive on that level. “
- SETH (The Nature of Personal Reality)

“Often you inadvertently use [your imagination to prolong "negative" circumstances, as you think of all the things that could go wrong. Yet you can employ it very constructively, altering past, present and future. To do so in your present, freely imagine a situation in which you are happy... If you are elderly, poor, and lonely, it may seem highly ludicrous to think of yourself as twenty, wealthy and surrounded by friends and admirers.... You are to realize that this imaginative world does exist - but not in the world of facts that you know. To some extent, however, according to your freedom within it, such an exercise will automatically rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit, and begin to draw to you whatever equivalent is possible for you within the world of facts that you know.“
- SETH (The Nature of Personal Reality)

“The nerve pattern's activity... causes the illusion of a present... In certain terms 'future" events exist now, but they are too fast. They jump over the nerve endings too quickly, and physically you cannot perceive or experience them as yet. [Nerve] impulses possess a far different reality than physicists or biologists suppose. As you think now, “past” is still occurring. The “drag” still leaps the synapses, but again, is not physically recorded. Past events continue.”
- SETH (The Nature of Personal Reality)

“In such a way the cells retain their memory, though you do not perceive it, and the body is aware of so-called future occurrences, though as a rule you do not consciously perceive it.“
- SETH (The Nature of Personal Reality)

“I am not speaking symbolically. In the most intimate of terms, your past and future are modified by your present reactions. Alterations occur within the body. Circuits within the nervous system are changed, and energies you do not understand seek out new connections on much deeper levels far beyond consciousness.”
- SETH (The Nature of Personal Reality)

“The present is your point of power in your current lifetime, as you think of it …. For an exercise, sit with your eyes wide open … and realize that this moment represents the point of your power, through which you can affect both past and future events. The present seen before you… is the result of action in other such presents.”
- SETH (The Nature of Personal Reality)

“To look backward for the cause of current problems can lead you into the habit of seeking only negative episodes from your past…. Those given to such practices – constant examination of the past in order to discover what is wrong in the present – too often miss the point. Instead they constantly reinforce the negative experience from which they are trying to escape. Their initial problems were caused precisely as a result of the same kind of thinking. A great many unsatisfactory conditions result because individuals become frightened at various periods in their lives, doubt themselves, and begin to concentrate upon -negative” aspects. A person may begin to doubt his ability to get along with others, so he may begin to look into his past – with that belief in mind – and then find within previous conduct all kinds of reasons to support that idea…. If he … [looked for a] different kind of proof instead, then in the same past he would also discover instances when he did relate well with others.

The question, ‘What is wrong with me?” will only lead you to create further limitations, and to reinforce those that you do have. “

- SETH (The Nature of Personal Reality)

“There is a difference between spiritual time, spiritual space and spiritual energy and physical time, physical space and physical energy. Physical time is linear and measured by vibrations or movements of atoms or the rotations of heavenly bodies. Physical space is linear and measured by physical distance. Physical energy is linear and measured by velocity or frequencies or vibration. In order to understand spiritual concepts, we need to understand that there is also psychological time (where events can seem short or long based on our interest), psychological space (where distance can seem near or far based on our awareness) and psychological movement or velocity (where we seem to be moving even if another object of our attention is the one that moves – backwards or forwards – or the reverse where something else seems to be moving – like the sun around the earth – when it is actually we who moved).

The spiritual concept of time, space and energy is similar to the psychological concept of time, space and energy. The spiritual world experiences time through events, experiences space through thoughts and experiences energy through the spiritual life vibrating or pulsating from the spirit heart (which has its life origin from God). All of the Spiritual Universes still experience the concept of time, space and life but not in the same limited earth manner.”

- The Spiritual World (Peter Tan)

“My dreams and memories are now being put together in different ways than I once experienced them. They exist in my mind now like children’s blocks in a playroom, which can be made to form more than just one castle, bridge, or village at a time. It is as if those blocks of memory can fit together not only one on top of the other, or sideways, buy each can fit inside the other, and the sizes of the blocks themselves can change, growing or shrinking. So, I am encouraged to play with my own memories in such a fashion, being intrigued at the different patterns they form, but more – being astonished at the various meanings that can be quite legitimately read from any one block. This is something like a psychological alphabet in which images, words, and feelings undergo strange transformations, so that I understand that no memory is ever a finished thing, but an ever-changing and ever-creative element that actually alters the concept of past, present and future time.”

- William James (The Afterdeath Journal of An American Philosopher)

“There is no four o’clock in the afternoon or nine o’clock in the evening in my environment. By this I mean that I am not restricted to a time sequence. There is nothing preventing me from experiencing such sequences if I choose. We experience time, or what you would call its equivalent nature, in terms of intensities of experience — a psychological time with its own peaks and valleys.

This is somewhat similar to your own emotional feelings when time seems speeded up or slowed down, but it is vastly different in important ways. Our psychological time could be compared in terms of environment to the walls of a room, but in our case the walls would be constantly changing in color, size, height, depth and width.

Our psychological structures are different, practically speaking, in that we consciously utilize a multidimensional psychological reality that you inherently possess, but are unfamiliar with at an egotistical level. It is natural, then, that our environment would have multidimensional qualities that the physical senses would never perceive.

Now, I project a portion of my reality as I dictate this book to an undifferentiated level between systems that is relatively clear of camouflage. It is an inactive area, comparatively speaking. If you were thinking in terms of physical reality, then this area could be likened to one immediately above the atmosphere of your earth. However I am speaking of psychological and psychic atmospheres, and this area is sufficiently distant from Ruburt’s physically oriented self so that the communications can be relatively understood.

It is also in a way distant from my own environment, for in my own environment I would have some difficulties in relating information in physically oriented terms. You must understand that by distance I do not refer to space.”

- SETH (Seth Speaks)

“Psychological time is a natural connective to the inner world. As you can experience days or hours within its framework in the dream state and not age for the comparable amount of physical time, so as you develop, you will be able to rest and be refreshed within psychological time even when you are awake. This will aid your mental and physical state to an amazing degree. You will discover an added vitality and a decreased need to sleep. Within any given five minutes of clock time, for example, you may find an hour of resting which is independent of clock time. You can look through psychological time at clock time and even use clock time then to your greater advantage; but without the initial recognition of psychological time, clock time becomes a prison.

A proper use of psychological time will not only lead you to inner reality but will prevent you from being rushed in the physical world. It provides quiet and peacefulness.

From its framework, you will see that clock time is as dreamlike as you once thought inner time was. You will discover that ‘inner time’ is as much as a reality as you once considered outer time to be. In other words, peeping inwards and outwards at the same ‘time’ you will find that all divisions are illusion and all time is one time.”


“The past and future are part of your Ever Present Moment. The various nonphysical realities are all part of your Ever Present Moment. Your dreams are part of the Ever Present Moment. All the probable actions you did not manifest from your past and all the probable actions you may manifest in the future are part of the Ever Present Moment. If you think about it, these non-apparent things contain a heap of ‘raw stock’ that you can manipulate and change to suite your own needs. Right now, you probably ignore many of these aspects of your Ever Present Moment and are only now realizing that a big chunk of reality creating power is going untapped.

When you ignore a part of reality (even a hidden one), you withhold from yourself the benefits and knowledge that can come from that particular part. For example, if you were in a room but unaware that the room contained a light switch, you would be unable to control the light. Being in the dark can be quite a loss, especially if you need to see where you are going. These other hidden areas of the Ever Present Moment work similarly. Once you know they are there and how to access them, you will surely use these hidden parts to create your world more effectively.”

- Reality Creator 2 (Tom DeLiso)

The Future changes the Past

“The future conceived in the mind brings about the desire to change the present using all the tools of the past. An architect conceives a design for a building. Once he completes the entire drawing and blueprint, the contractor uses the blueprint and constructs the physical building. Now if we acknowledge that what the architect conceived is a vision or perception of what he sees the future of the plot of land or old building site can be, then the future has created changes to the present.

From the Spiritual World perspective, every single idea or thought that has ever come to all humans arises first in the spiritual realm of thoughts. This realm of thoughts is heavily manipulated and activated by spirits from the Spiritual World in the struggle between light and darkness over the planet earth. From this pool of overall direction and confluence of thoughts, mature spirits can predict the future outcome even before they happen on the physical plane. As humans on earth pick up these thoughts, they become the instruments for bringing to pass on the physical plane that which is conceived in the spiritual realm. The whole spiritual battle is thus always in the thought realm (2 Corinthians 10:4-6).”

“Now as God retains control and supervision over all His creation to ensure that His plans and purposes are ultimately fulfilled, God releases His flow of thoughts and wisdom upon this realm of thoughts both directly and through His angels. He releases just sufficient so that it does not overpower the free will of His creation but it keeps the balance of forces in check so that the overall direction is always towards His eternal plan. These are the revelations of His works which He has prepared beforehand and finished before the foundation of the world (Ephesians 2:10; Hebrews 4:3).

Men and women, who are on earth and whose lives and nature are sensitive and predisposed to various types of thoughts, pick up these thoughts in their minds and when they finally receive comprehension of them in time, begin to act upon them thus bringing them to pass. In vision and conception, these thoughts are seen as completed (finished works) but as far as the physical world is concerned still something in the future time.

The reception of those thoughts which are from God result in living works and the reception of those which are from darkness result in dead works (Hebrews 4:10-12; 9:14). Words and thoughts from God produce a union with Him which results in a fruitful life (John 6:63; 15:1-8). Words and thoughts from darkness cause bondages (strongholds), trespasses and sin (Ephesians 2:1-3; 2 Corinthians 10:4). The seed of the future within us is the only force that is moving us forward. We only need to ensure that it is the seed of God to guarantee success (1 John 3:9; 5:4). The engine of the whole human race is hope and faith. Where hope and faith dies, everything dies and reverts backwards. It is the future (received in us) that changes the past and the present.”

- The Spiritual World (Peter Tan)

The Energy from Past and Future Influences the Present

“The past and future, like the present, are two stations of the Ever Present Moment. From a physical perspective the past and the future are very important in that what you did and what you will do will create physical reality’s moment-to-moment framework. In other words, your present reality is composed mainly of the energy coming from your past and the energy coming from your future. Needless to say, if you were to change either of these, your present would change as well. Changing the past or the future is a very powerful reality-creating tool that you can learn to use.

Each future moment (and past moment, for that matter) stands on the brink of the next moment. However, those moments only lay down serially after you’ve decided what probable version you wish to materialize. The Ever Present Moment contains all the probable versions of any event, be it in the past or future. One moment an action remains hidden within the Ever Present Moment, a moment later that action becomes the reality you are experiencing. Becoming aware of probable moments before you materialize them can be very helpful in building your world. Instead of just visiting the future in a dream or meditation or out of body travel, you can visit alternate versions of this future and then choose which one you want to experience in physical reality. Now that is directly altering your destiny in a most exquisite manner!”

- Reality Creator 2 (Tom DeLiso)

“Dreams and the Dream Dimension are also accessible through the Ever Present Moment. When you fall asleep and begin dreaming, your consciousness switches its now-point and point-of-power from the physical moment into the Dream Dimension. Your consciousness is able to do this switching by jumping from one point to another where these realities intersect. This intersection point of course is within the Ever Present Moment. Also, the other various planes of existence (etheric, astral, mental, spirit) intersect in a similar manner. Your consciousness can make the jump to these other planes of existence just as easily as it does to the Dream Dimension. However, you have more experience in making the change from the physical to the Dream Dimension and less experience in making the shift where these other planes are concerned.

Now you may think this is a bit dramatic in saying that all these elements (physical, dreams, past, future, probabilities) exist within an all-encompassing moment. Why not just say you travel to the future and the past and see what is there and return? Changing how you view these elements of your reality to the “I am the center of my universe” idea makes it much easier to travel to other dimensions and planes. It is much simpler to go someplace that exists within you, than it is to travel someplace that appears external. Also keeping in mind the idea that you are at the center of your universe is a very real and powerful reality creating idea. The center of your universe is your only point of view, and it is the only point from which you can effect changes in your reality. ”

- Reality Creator 2 (Tom DeLiso)

“Your past, your present, and your future exist NOW, simultaneously, within the Ever Present Moment. The Ever Present Moment is your intersection point to all the aspects of your being. Each present moment is a doorway to the moments that came before and the moments that are to come. If this doorway did not exist, the present moment would not exist either. For example, it is logical to assume that for you to get to the moment you are in now, you had to go through the past moment that led up to your present moment. Let’s take this idea one more step. If past moments exist (because you had to pass through them) than the future moments must exist too. How can you move into or from something if that something does not exist?

Think of the past, present, and future as three rooms. You are in the center room. This room’s name is the present. Directly behind you is the past room; you just came from there. Ahead of you is the future room; you are going there. If that future room did not exist, you would have no place to step into, and if the past room did not exist, you could not have stepped into the place you are now.

Because you think you cannot peek into that future room or back into that past room, you feel they can’t exist. Yet you walk easily from one physical room to another, and you don’t think twice about it. So, with simultaneous time, you effortlessly walk from moment to moment, without a second thought about where you have been or where you are going. Obviously the carpenter built those physical rooms for you to walk through, and because he built them, they exist. Well, the carpenter for your past, present, and future is you. Are you going to deny the existence of yourself? Then don’t deny the tangibility of your past or future.

What I am doing here with this room to moment analogy is breaking down those barriers that may have been erected. In actuality, there is no difference between walking through rooms and moments. Both items are energy through which you move. However, the difference between them is in the patterns that the energy takes. Once your consciousness tunes into a particular energy pattern (an Ever Present Moment station), that energy pattern becomes part of your conscious moment and becomes your now-point.”

- Reality Creator 2 (Tom DeLiso)

“Because your past and future are accessible from the Ever Present Moment, you can check on, alter, and even communicate with those moments! Think for a minute how powerful and advantageous that can be for you. Imagine calling on a future self to help solve your present dilemma! Imagine going back into your past so that you could warn a past self of a potentially dangerous event. What would those actions do for you? The potential is infinite – and awesome!

No longer will you hang on an unknown future or a disturbing present event. No longer will the past haunt you. The answer is simple! Go back and change those past moments or go forward and see what you can do. Your past and future, as well as your present, exist together within the present moment because time is simultaneous. Your now-point shackled with your point-of-power is your key to access those other moments. With both properly focused, you can change what was and what will be, or look into what was and what will be, or even talk to what was and what will be.”

- Reality Creator 2 (Tom DeLiso)

“By shifting your now-point and point-of-power and traveling backward in time to change some undesired event, there are things that are not going to change, as far as your current moment is concerned.

For example, if you changed into a job that you regretted and you go back to that past self and stop that self from changing jobs, that change is not going to alter the fact that you changed jobs in your reality. However, what will change are your present feelings that accompanied that mistake. You will no longer feel regret for that past action. You will have helped another part of yourself make a wiser move.

Furthermore, the changing of your past, through the Ever Present Moment, will influence the future you are drawing toward you. The past you have changed will cause other conditions to spring about that are more suited to your present needs. Eventually, your present moment will change into conditions similar to what you would be experiencing, had you not made the erroneous decision. Also, if that is not enough, simultaneous time dictates that once you begin to reach to your past selves to help them through difficult times, your future selves will come to your aid when you need it.”

- Reality Creator 2 (Tom DeLiso)

Karma is energy from the past that affects the present. Forgiveness clears karma by releasing that energy and allowing the present to change in ways free of the past. This is why Jesus said “Your sins are forgiven you. Rise, take up your bed and walk” and the man who could not walk was healed miraculously. The people asked “Who is this man who could forgive sins? Only God could forgive sins.” It is true that only God could forgive sins, but Jesus was God in the flesh. God Himself has paid for our sins through Jesus Christ on the cross. The forgiveness of sins is God’s answer to the clearing of Karma and causing miraculous transformations in the present. We can forgive ourselves, and forgive the situation and let the Grace of God renew, restore and redeem things, relationships and situations in our lives. God can even turn your mistakes around and cause you to prosper. God can work all things good and bad for The Good of those who love Him and are The Called according to His purpose.”

- Enoch Mind Reality

“In forgiveness lies the stoppage of the wheel of action, or what you call karma.”

- The Law of One (The Ra Material)

“You can create your personal reality any way you want. Right before you fall asleep is a powerful time to create a new reality. Think of the day ahead. Visualize your ideal day, and imagine yourself waking up full of energy. These thoughts will go out to the future and meet up with you the next day. Challenge yourself to imagine having even more abundance than in the past, more energy, good feelings, clarity and focus, self-love, and compassion for others. As you master creating your ideal day, start visualizing even larger things. Allow yourself to daydream and fantasize, feeling the joy and good feelings you will have when you create the reality you want. Even five minutes two or three times a week can create enormous changes in the reality you experience.”

- ORIN (Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self)

“The natural extension of future selves, in a reality that is simultaneous in nature, brings me to the idea of your higher self. You’ve heard people talking about that all-knowing self locked away some place. Well, your higher self is a future self of yourself that has learned all the human lessons and lived all the human lives. Simultaneous time unlocks this elusive higher self and brings that wisdom right into your present. Your higher self knows what is best for you because in your higher self’s Ever Present Moment, your future is his past! Simultaneous time is one reason your higher self cares and loves you so much. Your present moment is his past. Your higher self knows the all-important lesson of simultaneous time: to make the present the best it can be, you must make the past and future the best they can be. Your higher self loves you dearly – for without you, he would not exist. Likewise, without your past, you would not exist. Therefore, when dealing with a past self, use only love, kindness, and compassion. Remember! It’s you that you are reaching out to.”

- Reality Creator 2 (Tom DeLiso)