> Subconscious Programming Works Only with Conscious Beliefs




Subconscious Programming Works Only with Conscious Beliefs

Subconscious Programming Works Only with Conscious Beliefs

“No idea slips insidiously past your awareness to affect your involuntary system unless it fits in with your own conscious beliefs.”

SETH (The Nature of Personal Reality)

“Morry said that most of the mind programming technologies don’t produce *CONSISTENT* results is because they only address the subconscious part of the mind and totally ignore the conscious part of the mind, which is the decision maker. If the conscious mind does not agree with whatever you want to put into your subconscious mind, the programming will NEVER work. I suddenly realized this is probably the BIGGEST mistake in self help literature to ignore the role of conscious mind plays in the process of mind programming. Morry’s new technology addresses BOTH conscious mind and subconscious mind to make the programming happen effortlessly.”

- Song Chengxiang (The Morry Method Team, Founder of Quantum Mind Success International PTE. LTD)

“If you are sick … there is a reason. To recover thoroughly without taking on new symptoms, you must discover the reason. You may dislike your illness, but it is a course you have decided upon. While you are convinced that the course is necessary you will keep the symptoms. An illness may be used as a method for achieving another constructive end. Such a person would have to believe that an unhealthy condition was the best way to serve another purpose…. The belief in illness itself depends upon a belief in human unworthiness, guilt and imperfection. When you believe that only glasses will correct poor vision then only glasses will. Instead you must find the reason for the belief behind the … nonfunction, and if this is done the condition will automatically clear up. Now for most people it easier to get glasses.”

- SETH (The Nature of Personal Reality)