> The Illusionary Partner that Men and Women Desire




The Illusionary Partner that Men and Women Desire

The Illusionary Partner that Men and Women Desire

“Men are schizophrenic when it comes to women. They actually desire two separate and mutually exclusive things from their potential partner:

1. A nymphomaniac, randy tart who wears miniskirts, high heels and stockings, and who is prepared to make herself sexually available at any time of the day or night, preferably bent over the kitchen sink scrubbing vegetables at the same time!

2. A ‘perfect’, spiritually pure virgin. A delicate, drifting angel dressed in white flowing gown who is kind, supportive, understanding and caring! (OK, the white gown is optional, but the rest is essential).

These two images, are, of course, mutually exclusive (i.e. you can’t have both in the same woman!). No woman can be a sexy tart and a pure, untouched virgin – this is a contradiction in terms and cannot happen.

Now the important point for you to grasp is this:

This schizophrenia results from the fact that normal men have not realized that they want many women for many different things. The image-making machine (romantic love-myth), leads them to believe that they will actually achieve these disparate characteristics within one woman! So they vainly seek these elusive (actually non-existent, by definition) women, before finally settling for third or fourth best. They then become more and more disillusioned with life, because the image makers continue to convince them that they have been short-changed. They actually believe that everyone else is getting this kind of woman, and it is only them who have drawn the short straw in life.

This leads to extreme unhappiness and dissatisfaction – even anger at the rest of the world.”

- Inner Circle Philosophy (Stuart Goldsmith)

“Women are also continually bombarded with the images of the type of men they are supposed to find desirable. This image is of a man who will either exploit her vulnerability, or protect her vulnerability. I call this the Black Knight – White Knight syndrome.

The Black Knight comes along on his jet-black steed and sweeps the woman off her feet, and takes her away from home and security. He carries her off to some distant, mountain castle and ravishes her in endless nights of passion. He won’t take ‘no’ for an answer and forcefully overcomes her token resistance. She is completely helpless and unable to stop his advances (not that she really wants to, anyway!)

The White Knight comes along on his milk-white charger and rescues the helpless damsel from distress (possibly even from the Black Knight!). He carries her away to safety, security and ‘happy ever after’ romantic love. He is steady. He is secure. He is boring, but has a great salary and prospects. He’s the boy next door. Cue doves, cue sunset, cue violins…..

In other words, women are just as schizophrenic as men. They actually desire two mutually exclusive things:

1. They desire to be forcibly ‘taken’ by a strong-willed, handsome man (black knight) who will not take ‘no’ for an answer. The basis of this desire is the abandonment of responsibility for initiating the sexual act – just as it is with the man and the ‘tart’. He can abandon responsibility. It wasn’t his fault, she practically raped him!

2. They desire a strong but gentle, protective father figure who will love them, cherish them, and protect them from all harm. This is the ultimate desire of all women – the need for security. Women crave security.

These are mutually exclusive ideals. You cannot find both within one man! Women eventually settle for the White Knight ninety nine times out of a hundred, because this satisfies their basic craving for security. But any woman with any kind of sexual ‘history’ has had an affair, fling, encounter with the Black Knight. This is the ‘absolute bastard’ who just charmed her off her feet, promised her the earth, took her to bed, and then pissed-off! But oh how fondly she remembers him…… You ladies reading this just know I’m right! In fact, a name has just popped into your mind as you read that paragraph. I wonder what he’s doing now?”

- Inner Circle Philosophy (Stuart Goldsmith)