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Complete Sexual Freedom for Growth and Pleasure

Complete Sexual Freedom for Growth and Pleasure

“Sex is one of the most superbly enjoyable, wonderful, life-enhancing, incredibly pleasurable things in which two human beings can indulge. Therefore it follows that it is laughable to restrict such an incredible experience to just one partner – for life! It is rather like agreeing that food is really wonderful stuff, but restricting people to eating cheese sandwiches, three times a day for seventy-five years!

I am not going to get involved in a discussion about Aids or other sexually transmitted diseases, as these are wholly irrelevant to the points being made. If I were writing a ‘joy of food’ book, you might expect me to mention, in passing, that it is possible to get food poisoning if you don’t take suitable precautions like washing your hands, and storing food at correct temperatures. So there, I’ve mentioned sexually transmitted diseases in passing.

Now then, since sex is such an amazingly wonderful thing, does it now come as any surprise to you that this is the first thing we restrict our partners from enjoying? From the very first day you get married, you immediately clap heavy manacles on the person you claim to ‘love’, in order to prevent them from further growth in this area (sex with different partners). Furthermore, your partner is expected to be completely fulfilled by having sex with you for the next thirty years! As I write this, I find myself laughing out loud at such a stupid, ridiculous concept. And yet the sheep lap it up. They actually believe this nonsense and consider it normal and even morally correct!”

- Inner Circle Philosophy (Stuart Goldsmith)

“If you allow your partner complete sexual freedom (not that it is yours to allow, or disallow in any case), then if your partner returns to you after an affair, you can be completely one hundred percent sure that they are doing this because they want to – they want you. If you try and prevent them from exploring other sexual partners by using one of the weapons to manipulate and control them, then that person will react in one of two ways:

1. They will succumb to the weapons, do what you want, and eventually become a boring, lifeless, unfulfilled shell of a human being.

2. If they are strong enough to resist your weapons, they will leave you for good (‘go off’ with someone else), and you will have lost them forever.

Which would you prefer? They both seem equally unpalatable options to me.

This is a very big subject (sexual freedom), and one which I do not wish to pursue at length. We are totally hung-up about sex, and have enormous problems with it. This is what makes it particularly empowering if you can follow the route I have indicated, and shatter all of the sexual and romantic love-myth illusions.

But it is highly likely that you will have trouble accepting the concept of an open, honest, loving and mutually supportive relationship, because for centuries, we have been brainwashed into believing that closed, deceitful, insular and mutually depressing relationships are ‘normal’, ‘decent’, ‘moral’, ‘God’s will’, and basically good!

Then again, compared with Inner Circle teaching, almost everything believed by the average person is completely incorrect!”

- Inner Circle Philosophy (Stuart Goldsmith)